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Insiders Club - 7.16.2015 Bookmark


Morning all, welcome to another day of global lunacy....

Insiders Club - 5.15.2015 Bookmark


NOTE>>> There will be no afternoon update today. I have a meeting scheduled at 1 pm, and it's a full two hours away, so once I post up at 10:40 I've got to get ready to leave.

Insiders Club - 4.10.2015 Bookmark


Good morning all, we've made it to Friday and not a day too soon.

Okay, so they did it. After trying for two weeks to get over the March 30 "day high", they pulled it off yesterday afternoon. The key level for them to surpass was 2086 and yesterday the S&P closed at 2091. 

Now all they have to do is "hold it" and it's a pretty good guess we'll be 2108 which was the March 20 high. If they get past that...then it will be challenge time at the March 2 market high. (2117)

Insiders Club - 4.2.2015 Bookmark


Okay folks, this is the last trading day of the week. Are they going to ramp us up for the long weekend and make everything look better? It would fit the plot for sure.

We are probing some market lows here, and it isn't terribly clear if they're going to hold. But if you look back at enough long weekends over the last few years, you usually see that they do come in and buy things up.

The futures are a bit soggy, but nothing in the range of scary. The DOW off about 26, the S&P off about 4. 

Insiders Club - 2.26.2015 Bookmark


Good morning all... Sorry I'm late, but..well you all know the situation. In fact, tomorrow I will only be able to do a morning update ahead of the open, as I'll be heading to the airport shortly after. But things will return to normal for me by the weekend and I can get a bit more focused.

The market put in a soggy session yesterday, not able to draw the firepower it needed to really make a big follow on up day. Yet when you look at the big picture, you see that the NASDAQ is almost being "drawn" to that all time high level around 5000 almost like they want it so badly it has to happen.

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