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Insiders Club - 10.1.2015 Bookmark


Good morning all, and a good morning it is. Why the joy? Having gone through Hurricane Sandy and having our house washed away, and the lives of so many of our friends disrupted for years, I was feeling pretty sad for the folks from NC up to Long Island because the Hurricane Joaquin spinning in the Bahama's was looking to land somewhere along our coast.   But there was "one" model that suggested it would be pushed out to sea and not make landfall. That was the European model.

8.6.2015 Challenger layoff's Hit 4 Year High Bookmark

The Challenger-Grey lay off report hit this morning and it was the biggest number in over 4 years. But while that would be a horrible number if taken on the surface only, the fact is the bulk of the layoffs actually came from Uncle Sam. They did a lot of cutting in their military/civilian employment, as they've scaled back some centers of operations.
That said however, the real number of importance is going to be the non farm payroll report on Friday. In a twist only Wall Street could create, if the jobs number is strong, they'll whine about it because it gives the Fed's ammo to hike rates. If it is outright lousy, they'll probably push the market up towards the highs. Go figure.

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