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8.10.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Almost Impossible
No one wants to read ( or write) about the election every few days, however there’s no question that the person that inherits the White House will have a profound effect on our economy. Likewise it’s almost impossible to not hear something about Trump or Hillary on every news cast. So we need to look at things from the view of “Who’s going to make the economy better or worse?”

1.9.2016 - financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Truth Hurts

I’m going to get a bit more ugly in this letter than usual, but it seems that laying things out nicely, just doesn’t have the same impact as some real high level ranting.  So first I want to post a couple paragraphs from Bill Gross, who just posted up a letter named  “it’s a Xanax world’

The Romans gave their Plebian citizens a day at the Coliseum, and the French royalty gave the Bourgeoisie a piece of figurative “cake”, so it may be true to form that in the still prosperous developed economies of 2016, we provide Fantasy Sports, cellphone game apps, sexting, and fast food to appease the masses. Keep them occupied and distracted at all costs before they recognize that half of the U.S. population doesn’t go to work in the morning and that their real wages after conservatively calculated inflation have barely budged since the mid 1980’s. Confuse them with demagogic and religious oriented political candidates to believe that tomorrow will be a better day and hope that Ferguson, Missouri and its lookalikes will fade to the second page or whatever it’s called these days in new-age media.

10.11.2015 Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

The Big Picture

For a few weeks now I’ve been talking about big picture issues, instead of the daily grind of individual earnings reports, or economic releases to trade upon. The reason is sort of simple really, we are accelerating towards “something” and what that something is, can sure take on a lot of flavors.

There’s enough people now that understand that debts that “can’t be paid, won’t be”. Something along the way of a “reset” is in the works. How it all works out is way beyond my comprehension, but suffice it to say, things are “broken”

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