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2.9.2015 Jobs, Greece and the Global Mess Bookmark

Sunday's edition of the Free Newsletter is posted at investyourself.com and we invite you all to take a look at it. On Friday we got the big non farm payroll report and all we wanted to do was to show you all how it really isn't quite as lovely as they said it was. Their job is to make things look wonderful and they tried that by comparing our current jobs market to the late 90's. I simply wanted to show you the difference.

2.6.2015 Jobs Galore? Bookmark

Today the BLS released the monthly "non farm payroll report" for January. On the surface it was quite a report with everything from jobs count to wages pushing higher. But like usual when you peel back the corners of that rug, you find some dirt. So that's what we're going to discuss in Sunday's letter.

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