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12.22.2016 Bookmark


Mornin' all, welcome to another day. 

One thing that has always kept me in the game here is that each day brings new absurdities to chat about.  It's pretty darned rare when I snuggle down into my office chair, and I'm not instantly slammed with some headline that is either amusing, infuriating, or blatantly false. I guess that's what drives me to try and connect the dots in this crazy world.

11.7.2014 Jobs Report Illusions Bookmark

I would love to see a good solid jobs report where it truly showed strength and wage growth. But unfortunately we don't ever seem to get those kind. Take today's report for example. The headline number of +  214K isn't bad. On the surface, you could say to yourself "hey, there's nothing wrong with that".  But like most things in life, the Devil is in the details.

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