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6.6.2017 Bookmark


Happy Tuesday to ya.....

Yesterday we closed out the day flat.  The DOW slipped by 22, the S&P by 3. It was another in a long string of low volume pause days.  I'm not positive but I think it was the second lowest volume day of the year. 

12.14.2016 Bookmark


Hello all, welcome to Fed day.  Yes, today is the day that we'll see our first rate hike in exactly one year.  

Last December, no one thought they'd hike rates, but I continued to say that they would and for just a couple reasons. First, the .25 basis point hike would do nothing and second...they had talked about hiking for so long that if they didn't do it, people might actually start laughing at their analysis of things. 

11.6.2015 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Hello everyone, we've made it to Friday, which just happens to be "jobs" day.

As you can imagine, all the financial outlets are focused like a laser on this report as they all feel it will influence the Fed's decision about rates. So I'm sort of confused here. Am I supposed to be cheering a weak number so that we have zero rates for ever, or am I supposed to cheer the idea of more people actually getting  job?? 

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