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7.13.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Hmmm, not only is this yet another Friday, it's Friday the 13th. 

Does that mean something out of the ordinary happens today? Probably not, but it's an interesting thought. 

So, yesterday they piled into the market, driving us right "to" that 2800 level. And I mean "right to" it.  We hit 2799 during the session and closed at 2798.  That's about as close to a level as you'll find. 

Insiders Club - 4.21.2015 Bookmark


Today is going to be incredibly interesting.

You all know the story, back on Friday the market was down 350 at times, and closed out the day off about 280.  Then Monday rolls around and we get the lions share of those points back, ending the day up 208.

Insiders Club - 4.15.2015 Bookmark


So it's tax day. I won't even start to tell you how much I don't like where my tax dollars go....

Yesterday the market pulled off a win, closing nice and green. This morning the futures are nice and green and when I first saw them at about 6 am, I figured someone had come out with some good news. Well, in a much too common twist, most of the news has been negative. Yet indeed the DOW is up 50 and the S&P is up about 7 in the futures market.

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