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8.18.2016 - Insiders club Bookmark


Hello all, welcome to Thursday.....

As I mentioned yesterday, there's not going to be an afternoon post today as I'm taking the wife to the airport just moments after the second morning update. Sarasota's got a nice airport, but Spirit doesn't fly out of it. We use Spirit because they fly into Atlantic City, which is just 10 miles from where our old bayfront house used to be ( Before Sandy removed it) and 15 from her dad's place. So to get to an airport that utilizes Spirit we have to drive to Tampa, or Ft. Myers. I like Ft. Myers because it's newer, cleaner and easier to get in and out of.  Unfortunately whether we go to Tampa or Ft. Myers...it's about an hour and twenty each way.  So I'll be gone for quite a while.

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