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12.18.2017 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning all, and welcome back from your weekend. I'm hopeful that it was a good one for you all. Ours was quite nice, as Saturday evening we had a lovely Christmas party to attend, and  we ended up staying in a great hotel for the evening. Then Sunday morning after checking out, it was a stroll through  a park that runs along the gulf coast. Then onto some brunch at Sharkey's on the pier in Venice. The weather was glorious, the food was good and all in all, it was a great weekend. 

12.4.2017 - Insider Bookmark


Hello everyone and welcome back from your weekend.  I presume it was a good one for you all?  Down here in sunny Florida, it was my weekend duty to string up the Christmas lights, hang the wreath, etc. While I enjoy doing it, it's a bit harder to get in the spirit when it's 84 degrees and you're soaking in sweat putting up the lights!  

12.1.2017 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to Friday. 

Yes it's December. I'm not sure how that happened because this year has flown by for me. I don't know about you all, but it just seems like time is speeding up. 

11.28.2017 - Insiders Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to another day. 

So, what was up with yesterday?  We had decent futures, we opened in rally mode, but then it all went to sleep and at the end of the day, the DOW had managed to gain 22, but the S&P couldn't hold green.  I guess they simply got tired. 

This morning at 6:30 the S&P is indicated up; by 2, the DOW up by 32. We'll see if that holds the morning session.

10.20.2017 Bookmark


Did you see it? Yes folks, the market that opened down 100 points, did it's magic yesterday and ended the day green. How corrupt are things when they can't even allow a single day of red? Very I'd say, but that's life in 2017.  But wait it gets better. Last evening they were working on the budget and the latest iteration of it passed 51-49 along party lines. Well, the "markets" took that as progress towards tax reform and this morning the futures are on fire. 

4.26.2017- Lots of stuff happened today Bookmark

Executive orders, tax plans, what else did today bring? Find out in our free investing newsletter tonight. Yes folks, today Wednesday the 26th, the President signed an executive order returning the control of some 250 million acres of land, back to the States, instead of the Federal Government that had stepped in to "rule over" it. Then later in the day we got the outline of what Trump is trying to get out of his tax plan overhaul. 

There's a lot of moving parts in it, but he's a bit skimpy on details. So as you can imagine it was a fun day in market land as we went up, we went sideways and we ended red. We're now perched at the doorstep of all time highs... are they going to punch us through? Good question. Take a read of today's letter and get our view. 

2.21.2017 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome back from your weekend. I know, I know, a lot of you only had a 2 day weekend, but some of you did get lucky and eek out the third.  Anytime the market is closed for a Holiday, it's a time of celebration for me!

Insiders Club - 12.30.2014 Bookmark


Hello everyone, welcome to a new day.

Yesterday the DOW failed to put in it's 8th straight green session. The S&P however did manage to do that. That means we're obviously running on fumes here.

Year end trading is always a choppy sloppy mess. Why? Well you have some folks that look at their year and figure maybe they'd like to lock their gains in. Then of course you have some folks that decide they'll take the tax loss on a few of their "dogs" and they sell for the tax credit.  That's opposed by those who figure that if they just wait until January, they don't have to face the tax man for over 14 months. So we generally see the market grind higher in the last week of the year, but inside the indexes there is often a lot of whippy action.

Insiders Club - 12.3.2014 Bookmark


Hello Everyone....

At 8 am the futures are statistically "flat" with the DOW down 2.

Yesterday we gained 102 points to a new all time high. Did I expect that? Nope. While I did figure they'd try and get us green after Monday's dip, I had no feeling that they'd get us "that green".

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