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8.22.2020 - STOCK SPLITS! Bookmark

Hey everyone, this weeks letter is about stock splits. What they are, how they work and what you can do with them. With Tesla and Apple both splitting on the 31st, it reminds me of the good old days of the 90's and all the excitement splits would bring. So take a read on today's letter and see what we're thinking concerning TSLA's 5 for 1 and APPL's 4 for 1 split!

8.23.2020 - Free investment newsletter Bookmark

Stock Splits?


On August 31st, Both Tesla and Apple will be splitting their stock. With TSLA it’s a 5 for 1, and with AAPL it’s a 4 for 1.


This is interesting and actually fun for a change. See, way back in the 90’s, companies split their stock a LOT. In fact, stock splits were so popular and so many people “chased” them, that we actually sold a product devoted to stock splits. It was literally a phone pager. When a split was announced, we’d send an alert to our paying subscribers, which told the company symbol, the type of split and the date.

1.30.2020 - Insider Bookmark


Morning all. Are you ready for another example of the magic levitation machine coming to the rescue? I hope so, because they've already engaged it

1.19.2019 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning everyone, another one of these Friday things has rolled right up on us. 

Did you see it? Were you there yesterday when it happened? For hours on end, the market was almost frozen in time. Then just after 2:15 the market started moving higher, and then started screaming higher. Obviously someone said something. 

10.1.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Hello everyone, we've come back from the weekend and it is a new month. Wow, time is zipping along. 

I hope your weekend was a good one for you all. Down here in "bizarre" Florida, we've been breaking heat records for months now. This late in the year and we're still playing with 92,93,94 degree temps. It's a bit depressing actually. Between the red tide keeping folks off the beaches and the unseasonably high temps, it has really boxed in what a lot of folks can do. 

10.25.2017 - Free Investing Newsletter Bookmark

Electric Vehicles


This is going to be part one of a two part article about EV’s. Love them, hate them, or ignore them, they’re here to stay. But, there’s so much to the story that most people aren’t thinking about, that maybe there’s some way to capitalize on this growth.  As always, the issue is “storage” meaning batteries, and it’s the stuff in the batteries that is getting hard to find.  So, let’s get through some of softball stuff fist.

6.28.2015 Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark


With all the incredible things that have happened this week, from the Supreme Court declaring same sex marriage as “the law”, to Obama running an end around concerning the TTP trade agreement, to the insanity of the “push” for removing Confederate flags and even statues of Southern leaders, I’m going to take a break from the madness for today and just visit something completely off topic for today. The madness can certainly wait for next week to discuss.

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