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12.8.2019 - Free Investment Newsletter Bookmark

so this letter is going to go in a bunch of directions, so there’s no true main topic.  By the way, a prayer and tip of the hat to the surviving families of the Pearl Harbor attack so many years ago. There’s not many of those brave men and women alive any more.
First off, Guns. In the last week or so, we’ve had shootings on Two military bases.

11.29.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Hello all, welcome to Thursday. 

I'm sure you all know what happened yesterday. Powell got a bit more dovish about rates and the algo-bots went crazy. I thought I was being smart by selling half positions for a couple dollars per share, only to see they push the DOW for 600 points!  I didn't expect that!

11.26.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Hello everyone, welcome back from what might have been a 4 day weekend for you. We weren't quite that lucky, but hey, we'll take what we got.

Naturally I hope your Thanksgiving celebration coasted right on through the weekend and it was special for you all.  Are you still picking on leftovers? I think we finished up the last of them last night. 

2.8.2017 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Possibly Our Most Important Letter

NOTE>> In a few weeks I’m going to write an article for my subscribers that very well could be the most important letter I’ve ever written.  I truly believe it is that important. I am also contemplating doing something else, something that I’ve only done once in over 22 years of writing these letters.  Back when Hurricane Sandy came through and ruined my house and the houses of a lot of my closest friends, I knew I’d be distracted a lot, and that didn’t seem fair to people.

9.21.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

It’s Getting Desperate
For approximately 4 years now, I’ve been suggesting that the elites would like nothing more than to cause a war with a major player. On the surface that sounds bizarre, why on earth would someone want to cause a war considering that this is the nuclear age? Obviously that can’t be right, can it?

6.17.2015 Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Who Wants War?

For thousands of years; visionaries, prophets, spiritual leaders and the like have preached to mankind that he should love his neighbors, and enjoy this earth that’s been so graciously given to him. It’s been a constant theme from “the people” throughout the ages, and even culminating in such songs as “give peace a chance” by the Beatles in 1969. But unfortunately, peace has never come to this planet.

Insiders Club - 3.26.2015 Bookmark


Morning all....

For months I've been talking about an "event" happening, that changes things in a big way.  I didn't and still don't know what that exact event might be. But today we see that Saudi Arabia has begun air strikes on Yemen, and that certainly has the ability to escalate into something quite large.  Basically this is a "proxy" war between the Saud's and Iran, and Yemen is the playing field. 

2.18.2015 Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Is It Coming?


Each week we lay out the horrors that we see concerning the global economy, the debt loads and the desperations. We put out so much of it; one could start to wonder if we enjoy relating all this horrid news. To that I say, no not at all. Which brings up the simple question…is another crash a certainty or not?  Is all the bad news simply fear mongering for eyeballs like a car wreck attracts “rubber neckers?”

Insiders Club - 2.11.2015 Bookmark


Isn't it amazing? Just 7 trading days ago, we were within inches of losing the December lows and looking at what could have been a nasty correction. But they manufactured Greek lies, decided that rising oil was good, and jammed the market higher to the point where now we're looking like we're on track to test the old highs.  All in a week. Wow.

okay so we gained 140 points yesterday, which placed the S&P up and over the 2064 "tops" we needed to get past. If we hold this level, instead of seeing yet another in a long string of pops and drops, then it seems like we will march higher and test the all-time highs again

Insiders Club - 2.9.2015 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to the new week and all the twists and turns it's going to bring.

There's no shortage of insanity around the world and we report on it each week so that you all know the truth of what's happening. But sometimes I have to literally shake my head and say "wow", where do I start?  This week is one of those times.  So we talk about the Greeks saying they will not accept the bail out terms, or do we start with the "pivot" that seems to be forming concerning Germany and France as it pertains to Russia?

Or maybe the "finally" exposed HSBC news that they've been laundering and tax sheltering hundreds of millions for the Rich?

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