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10.06.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Hey everyone....

NOTE>>>  I probably won't be doing an afternoon update. As you might imagine this goofy Hurricane that's coming up from the Bahama's has us all on edge. Granted we're on the west coast, and the models still have it hitting the East coast and traveling north. The problem however is that Florida's only 150 miles wide. So if this thing drifts just a little bit more to the west, all the people that evacuated from Miami and Broward to come our way, are going to find that we're catching hell too. So I'll probably err on the side of safety and use this afternoon to batten the hatches.

6.5.2016 - Tropical Depression! Bookmark

If any of you reside on the West Coast of Florida from Tallahassee to Naples, buckle down because a Tropical Depression is scheduled to hit our coast Monday.  Stay safe out there! 

By the way, the new edition of the Financial Intelligence Report is now posted, and in that letter we discuss the jobs report, and we try and explain the real reason we can have such a lousy report, while the market flirts with all time highs. 

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