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4.29.2020 - Happy Birthday to me! Bookmark

Hi Everyone. Not only is today my birthday, today I give you my opinion about where the Virus came from, and why.  It's going against the grain. It's not going to be popular. It's not intended to be. I don't need popular. I want to spread the facts as I see them.

Fauci is simply Agog over GILD's drug results. They sucked. Fauci is against Hydroxychloroquine. It works 91% of the time. Why is that? Could it be Fauci gets a kickback out of GILD's drug? Could it be the reason he holds patents on GP120? 


Give today's letter a read folks. It's important to understand. Find it here : https://www.investyourself.com/free-newsletter/Insiders-Club-Newsletter/ArticleId/14028/4292020-financial-intelligence-report

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