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Investing 101

Welcome to Investing Basics 101! What’s this about? Over the years we’ve come to notice that an awful lot of people simply don’t know the first thing about investing. They don’t know what a stock is, why they exist, how to buy one or even why they’d want to. So, we decided to give away a little “investing basics” lesson to get people started. We aptly named it “Investing 101″ (how original).

This isn’t a wide ranging discussion, this is indeed “Stock market investing 101″. As you know, when you go to school you start with basic investing and then advance into the more esoteric principles. But we believe it’s a great starter stock market investing course to at least get your juices flowing. So, here’s what we recommend:

If the stock market is really alien to you and you just want to know enough to be able to keep up a conversation at a cocktail party, just read this. But if the basics of Investing 101 are too fundamental for your level of education, subscribe to our Free Investment Newsletter today!

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