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Insiders Club - 11.25.2014 Bookmark


Good morning all. I'm running a tad late this morning because I had to go get some blood drawn. Wow, there must be a lot of sickly folks because I got to the lab at 7 am and there was already 9 people there ahead of me waiting for the doors to open. In any event, I'm here and settled in and ready for my daily madness.

Yesterday the DOW wasn't quite as strong as I figured it might be, but we did end green. The S&P and the NASDAQ were considerably stronger on a points/percent basis. This morning when I went to the lab, the futures were just barely green but that changed at 8:30 when the revision to the GDP hit. It was massively stronger than anyone expected. From the last reading at 3.5% now they say it was 3.9%.

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