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Morning all...

NOTE>  As I had mentioned lately, my schedule for a few days might get a little lumpy because of my mother in law's issues concerning her health. I'm saddened to have to announce that the dear lady did indeed pass last evening after a battle with late stage dementia following a series of strokes. While it is a blessing that she went fairly quickly, it's never "easy" on the family.  I will do my best to try and keep something of a normal schedule, but please bear with me if you see me miss an update or two over the next several days. 

Thank you.

Okay so the Greeks presented their resolution list to the Europeans and while not as complete as the ECB would like, they're accepting it as a good "starting point".  While the chances for all this to work is pretty slim, everyone's looking at it as a plus. Time will tell how that all goes. The markets have given it their blessings.

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