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1.27.2017 Bookmark


Mornin' all, we've made it to Friday. I wonder what it brings....

Okay so we got our DOW 20K and yesterday we spent the session digesting that move.  While the DOW managed to inch higher, gaining 32, the S&P couldn't stay green and ended the day down a point. However once again there was horrible volume. At the end of the day the SPY only traded 60 million shares.  To put that in perspective, back on Nov 9th when they all decided that a Trump win might indeed end up being okay, the volume was 259 million. When you get an up day ( or down for that matter) on big volume, you know the move is confirmed. It shows that a "lot" of people traded a LOT of stock.  

1.26.2017 Bookmark


Good morning all, we've made it. After a month of trading sideways and banging our heads on that prize, we finally overtook it. There was much blowing of kazoo's, and high five's.

5.3.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning everyone.

Yesterday I was still trying to figure out if we were looking at a one day wonder, or if they were really intent on pushing the market back up towards the upper ranges of the "box" we've been in for months. Because Thursday and Friday were red, seeing a green day on Monday wasn't unusual. The question was....was it sustainable.

Insiders Club - 6.2.2015 Bookmark


Morning all, it looks like an interesting day....

Insiders Club - 5.15.2015 Bookmark


NOTE>>> There will be no afternoon update today. I have a meeting scheduled at 1 pm, and it's a full two hours away, so once I post up at 10:40 I've got to get ready to leave.

Insiders Club - 5.6.2015 Bookmark

What's the right word? Fickle? Insecure? Undecided? Manic?  All the above?

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