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7.13.2017 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to Thursday. 

NOTE>> As I warned the other day, I'm going to be a bit distracted today, as we have a crew coming to my mom's house to replace her entire A/C system, including adding more ducting and returns. It's a pretty big job and I'll be there to keep an eye on things. Of course I'll be on line, and doing my thing, I'm just suggesting that I could be off on timing of my updates, etc. 

Insiders Club - 9.11.2015 Bookmark


Morning all, welcome to the end of the Holiday shortened week.

I don't know if you all watched the action yesterday afternoon, but it sure got lumpy to say the least.  They lit up the afterburners and for a while the DOW was up almost 160 points then it gave almost all of it back and we were only up like... 20 and then in the final 25 minutes we got back to + 78.

Insiders Club - 3.13.2015 Bookmark


So it's Friday the 13th. You don't hear too much about that being a "dark" day any more. When I was younger there was always a stigma surrounding Friday the 13th, however I can't ever remember anything happening to me or my friends or family on those days.

Maybe the spookiness will manifest in the markets?  Let's see....

Insiders Club - 10.9.2014 Bookmark


Welcome to the schizophrenic market!

No your eyes didn't deceive you. Yes we did have back to back 260 point days, one down, one up. So now the question is...what's next?

For the bulls they have everything they could ever want in place. Think about it folks... I said 6 months ago that they'd make everything Rosy for the mid term elections. Since I said that they've twisted the jobs reports, the way you calculate manufacturing, and a host of other things.

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