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1.25.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Hello all, are you ready for another installment of "this rising market?"  Because judging by the futures, we're about to see another big up day. 

Or not.

12.2.2016 Bookmark


Hello folks, we've made it to Friday and the "jobs" report. 

Yesterday I mentioned the idea that they HAD to keep the S&P over 2190 because the optics of the market falling below the summer highs wouldn't be good.  So, after reaching down to 2187...they came in during the last hour and saved the day. We closed out at 2191.  That's a desperation type move folks. Consider what happened yesterday....

10.25.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Hello all, welcome to Tuesday.  

On Friday the market was really sinking, down 112 DOW points before they rushed in for the "save". 

So yesterday they put in a gap up morning that dipped a bit.... and then they rushed in to save the day again. After being up over 124 points, at one period we were up just 45 and looking lower. But as I said, they came back in and pushed us to a close of +77 DOW points and 10 on the S&P. 

7.14.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


The date is....September 1998. It was during that time that we watched stocks gaining day after day despite most of the companies moving higher having no earnings. "Internet" darlings with nothing but a one sheet business plan were gaining 20 dollars per share per day. Big names like YHOO often gained 45 points per day. We were told it was a new paradigm and earnings didn't matter.  It was a melt up never seen before. Then if flattened out and traded sideways for a while. In October of 1999 it started up again and flew even higher and faster than the 98 melt up. 

5.31.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Welcome back from your Holiday weekend folks. I trust it was a good one for you all.  Down here in "Sunny Florida" our weekend was actually pretty routine. We did our usual "house stuff" on Saturday, and then Sunday we did our bike and beach routine. But there was a bit of a twist.  In all the years I've lived down here, and the literally hundreds of times I've been to the beach, I have never seen the water as clear as it was Sunday. It reminded me of Aruba or St.Kitts. I was standing in water up to my chin and yet I could see individual grains of sand on the bottom. It was gin clear.   I can only guess that a body of deep gulf water broke off of its normal current pattern and piled up on the shore, as it was several degrees cooler than the water was last week. 

4.22.2016 - Earnings Disasters Bookmark

Earnings are coming out fast and furious, and for the most part they're horrid. Intel guided lower and announced they'll lay off 12,000 people. Google missed. MSFT was light. Caterpillar is an outright disaster. If you look at the "scorecard" the TV will tell you that 68% of the companies reporting have beaten their estimates. Yeah, right. Using "NON GAAP" adjusted accounting. If they simply used GAAP standards, only 44% have beaten. But worse...of the ones that are beating, 80% of them are doing it on lower revenues.

Less revenues folks. Take that as "sales". Should stocks rise as sales fall? Not in a real market, but in this central bank controlled mess, it's just business as usual. 

4.7.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to a whacky world...

Yesterday, for no really wonderfully apparent reason, the market put in a big up day. We snagged 112 DOW points and 21 on the S&P. I readily admit I got it wrong, I thought we were going to put in our 3rd red day in a row. Ha, fat chance. They ramped us right up.

3.17.2016- Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to another day of watching the slow motion train wreck that is indeed the global economy.

Yesterday Janet Yellen and the Federal Reserve decided to turn coat and instead of continuing on a policy of hiking rates this year, they cut the number of expected hikes from 4 to just 2. They also failed to mention with any gusto if June is even on the table.

11.19.2015 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning all, and a happy Thursday to you.

Yesterday was one of those inexplicable events that tends to not make a lot of sense. Some really smart people were asking the same question...why was the market soaring with all the so called terror activity going on and the Fed minutes talking even heavier concerning lifting rates in Dec?  You can come up with a bunch of theories but all in all, it did seem a bit outsized and strange. 

10.23.2014 CAT to the Rescue?! Bookmark

Yesterday  the market sold off a bit as we expected it might. But overnight they manufactured some really doctored up European PMI's and got things turned around. Despite the horrible internals out of France and even Germany, they "magically" got the headlines to seasonally adjust themselves to positive readings. Bravo.

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