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12.1.2015 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Morning all, and a happy Tuesday to ya.....

Yesterday was strange on a lot of levels. The Chinese got into the IMF, which everyone and his brother said was "not going to change anything" and yet moments later the market headed deeper into the red, and never recovered.

11.30.2015 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome back from your extended Holiday. Naturally I hope that it was a tremendous affair and that you got to see loved ones and had a marvelous time.

But now it's back to work time and boy have the powers that be....been busy.

8.5.2015 The IMF Delays China? Bookmark

Last evening some fairly important news hit the market. It seems that the review board of the IMF is recommending to the leadership that they delay the entry of China's currency, called the Yuan, into the  SDR basket for another year.  This is a very interesting move folks. For months on end, the IMF has been putting out "hints" that this September the Yuan would indeed take its place alongside the Dollar, pound, Euro and yen in the SDR basket of reserves. Delaying that for a year, is NOT just some whim. I have to suspect the US who controls the IMF has said they want no part of China in there this year.  How China responds is going to be interesting to see.

Insiders Club - 8.5.2015 Bookmark


Morning everyone, welcome to 'hump" day.

We've had 3 red days in a row, and this morning the futures are bright green. So you'd have to figure that there was some sort of tremendous news that hit overnight, right? Well if it did I can't find it. Sure I saw that the Chinese reading on "services" rose to an 11 month high, but is that any reason for us to feel wonderful? Services are "in house", sort of like I cut your hair, you cut my grass. That doesn't much help the US or Europe.




8.3.2015 China Halts Citadel Trading? Bookmark

Last night the Chinese market once again opened weak as sellers hit right from the opening bell. But then something very odd took place. Chinese regulators put a halt to Citadel, the giant US hedge fund that Ben Bernanke works for now. What's that about? Could it be that the Chinese think Citadel is being used to trash the Chinese economy/stock market so that the IMF doesn't allow them into the SDR basket of reserve currency this fall?? The plot thickens!

5.10.2015 Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Is Gold Set to Soar?

Let’s face it, I like gold. Okay? We can get that right out in the open, right off the bat. I actually came out of high school and went straight to a college that taught watchmaking, clocks, hand engraving, and jewelry design and repair. Precious metals and stones have intrigued me since I was a kid.

1.21.2015 Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark


Are The Metals Finally Ready?

For years now the gold and silver bugs have been splattered on the windshield of banking fraud. Yes you read that exactly right. Gold is not down where it is because of low demand. Gold is not down where it is because the world is rosy and no one needs the protection it grants. Gold is not at the laughable levels it is at because inflation is 1% as they tell us and there’s no need for the “wealth preservation” that gold affords. Sorry, it just isn’t so. Gold is down because it has been manipulated down.

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