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"Bob, Are you selling Paintings? Explain this to me again?.... Thanks, Ed"

No, I'm not. But I do want to send this "special" note out so you can all understand just what I was trying to express a couple weeks ago.

If you've been around us for

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You Asked, We Tell!!!

Everyone wants to know what we use to record our videos

I'm going to tell you...it's THE FLIP!

I'm not a techie folks, so when we needed a video camera that a monkey could operate, I looked far and wide for something that was:

  • Inexpensive
  • Very easy

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Here's one I'm going to share with you all to start this out, and frankly I think you're going to love it:

I enjoy cooking, and as you all know I'm an avid fisherman. When you add up the expense of a boat, fuel, bait, tackle, etc, it becomes apparent that

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