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1.4.2015 Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark


Over the past week, I’ve seen many folks make their 2015 predictions, and like usual they run the whole gambit of possibilities. In general, trying to predict events and outcomes for an entire year is futile at best, and frankly, stupid at worst. Even the best of the best are rarely more than 50% accurate. Yet we do it, because we get to look smart if indeed we get a few things right.

All that said, 2015 has the ability to be a monumental year. We could see events unfold that literally change the shape of the entire worlds Geo-politics. Notice I said “could see” and that’s because we’re going to be talking about very big-picture topics; the kind that don’t always evolve as you think they will, or even when you think they will.  The problem before me is this…there are about a dozen topics we need to discuss, and all of them tie into each other. You simply cannot wrap up the worlds problems and solve them in one newsletter however. So obviously this is going to take a few issues to get through.

Insiders Club - 12.30.2014 Bookmark


Hello everyone, welcome to a new day.

Yesterday the DOW failed to put in it's 8th straight green session. The S&P however did manage to do that. That means we're obviously running on fumes here.

Year end trading is always a choppy sloppy mess. Why? Well you have some folks that look at their year and figure maybe they'd like to lock their gains in. Then of course you have some folks that decide they'll take the tax loss on a few of their "dogs" and they sell for the tax credit.  That's opposed by those who figure that if they just wait until January, they don't have to face the tax man for over 14 months. So we generally see the market grind higher in the last week of the year, but inside the indexes there is often a lot of whippy action.

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