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Insiders Club - 4.27.2015 Bookmark


Hello everyone, welcome back from your weekend.

Insiders Club - 4.16.2015 Bookmark


Mornin' everyone, it is already an interesting day.

Early this morning the futures were pretty green. But they took a nose dive on word that the Greeks had indeed gone to the IMF to ask for a delay in their payment schedule which was denied. From that moment on, the futures have been pretty red.

It is indeed earnings season and the earnings keep coming.  Last night it was sort of funny, Netflix announced earnings that actually missed by a mile, but because their subscriber base grew, they were up  60 dollars per share. Go figure.

1.14.2015 Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

What Choice?

I want to take a quick break from making any more 2015 predictions, so that we can talk about some “push back” I’ve been getting from a few folks. That’s GREAT because I love a good heated discussion, so let’s jump right in.  Right now my view for 2015 is that we get one small rate hike of just one quarter of one point and NO new QE.

Unless you’re one of the 1%, you know things aren’t so hot. The economy is indeed surviving, but it’s artificial. The term “zombie” comes to mind, as it is being kept artificially alive. They’ve kept it afloat by a multitude of tricks and gimmicks, and most people forget just how persuasive the manipulations have become.

1.14.2015 Even More Volatility? Bookmark

Yesterday I talked about the insane volatility we've been seeing and boy has that carried through into today. In the past 27 hours, we've seen the market fall almost 700 points. Even here at the 2 pm time slot the DOW is off 305 points.  But we're seeing volatility and crazy moves everywhere. Just a few hours ago, the 30 year hit its ALL TIME LOW yield. Can you imagine that?

Our Newsletter, "The Financial Intelligence Report" will be posted to the web site at about 6 pm, so please stop by and read that. We're going to be talking about Central bank frustrations, the Fed's view on rates, all sorts of things. It should be a good read.

Insiders Club - 10.30.2014 Bookmark


This Halloween season brings back some pretty nasty memories for me. It was two years ago this week, when Super Storm Sandy landed dead center in the Brigantine Inlet of NJ, just 3 miles from my house. That evening and the following 3 weeks were some tough times for a lot of my closest friends.  I lost my home completely as did many of my neighbors on the bayfront. But even folks living 5 and 6 blocks inland on the lagoons had water 4, 5 even 6 feet high crashing through their homes. It's certainly a memory that haunts me during the Halloween season. Even now, exactly two years later, many folks still don't understand the struggles a lot of people are still going through in my town.

Insiders Club - 10.10.2014 Bookmark


Friday and not a day too soon. I'm sure that all those folks who figured that stocks only go up, have had quite the shock to their system over the past few days as they discovered that they can actually drop too.

I made it quite clear that while I figured on a sluggish day yesterday, I had NO CLUE we'd fall 300 points. I was thinking something like 50 - 70 as they "digested" Wednesday's move higher. But no, I wasn't even close. In a 7 - 1 ratio, they sold more stocks than they bought and the end result was a pretty ugly day for the bulls.

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