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Hot Topics

  • 12.5.2018 - Is this The End?? Articled last week

    So Tuesday the market fell for 800 DOW points, all on the heels of almost 50 billion worth of notional stock that was dumped by the "CTA's" running funds. Why the big sell off? Well, the world is a risky place now and with rates rising, yield curves inverting, and stocks seeming to run out of steam, they "lightened up". 

    So is that it? Short at will? Or do they have one more trick up their sleeve?  We discuss that in the free newsletter tonight. Investing is going to be a lot more tricky that it has been for years, so it is seriously time to pay attention. Give the letter a read, it's worth your time. 

  • 12.1.2018 Free Newsletter is up! Articled 2 weeks ago

    Hello all, the weekend edition of the Free investment newsletter is now posted, and in this issue, we discuss the UN's new migration policy, and what that's all about. But we also hint about the G20 meeting in Argentina, and we even find a way to tie Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer into the conversation! How does that work? 



  • 11.22.2018 - Happy Thanksgiving all! Articled 3 weeks ago

    First off, a hearty "happy Thanksgiving" to you all. It's my favorite holiday of the year, and in today's letter I explain why. But then I also put out a public service announcement concerning an event that just happened to us. 


    I suggest you read today's letter, it is VERY important.


    Again, have a tremendous holiday and spend it with those you love. It's a great day. 

  • 11.17.2018 - Where's the Proof? Articled last month

    I'm often called out for saying such things as "the elections are being stolen" as people write me and say "Where's your proof?"  Well the proof is out there, it's simply a matter that you'll never see it on MSNBC or CNN, or even FOX. You have to hunt for it and it's getting harder all the time because the FB's and Youtube's and Twitters are scrubbing any conservative content. So, tonight we talk about all of that. 

    In the market commentary we discuss whether we're looking at  the start of a year end rally, or if the gains of the last two days were nothing but an oversold bounce. I give some interesting levels to watch, so you can make your own decisions. We did take on some SPY on Thursday, and it is up over a buck for us. Now the question is, can we hold it for more?  Give the free newsletter a read, it's a pretty good one. 

  • 11.14.2018 - Madness! Articled last month

    Hi folks. In tonight's free investing newsletter, we start the general commentary with a discussion about the amount of madness we see around the world. From election fraud, to sex robot brothels, to you name it, the world has gone crazy. 

    In the market view, we discuss the possibility that we're "topping out" here and that a bear market could be in the beginning stages of forming. Is that right, is the bear ready to pounce? Give tonight's letter a read, it's a good one. 

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