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Hot Topics

  • 3.13.25019 - AOC, how does that happen?? Articled 5 days ago

    In tonight's free newsletter, we discuss AOC, and ask the the 800 pound question. How does a Bartender at a Taco joint, end up running for Congress, and defeating a ten time incumbent? Better yet, hows she do it with 194K dollars, vs the incumbents 4 million?


    Give today's letter a read, because we discuss just that, and I put in a link to a very well done video about it all. 

  • 3.9.2019 - Who's Running? Articled last week

    Today's free investing  newsletter is up, and we're having a bit of fun in this issue. If you haven't noticed, where's like 20 Democrats that have either declared their intentions to run in 2020 or they've suggested they might. Does the DNC really want 20+ Democrats running against each other? Or is there a plan here?


    I'm not going to spill the beans, but I have a whole different theory on what's going to happen. So please take a few minutes and read what this nutcase ( me) thinks is going to surprise everyone about a year from now. 

  • 3.2.2019 - Wow, what a Week! Articled 2 weeks ago

    In this weeks issue of our Free investing newsletter, we start the commentary with the 3 big items of the week. Powell talking to Congress about monetary policy, Cohen trying to save his ass by ratting out the President and of course the Trump/Kim summit in Vietnam.  It was certainly a busy week!


    Not just that, but did you notice where the market ended Friday? Yes it ended ABOVE 2800, something it hasn't done since early November. What's it mean? We discuss that and a lot more in today's issue. Give it a read, it's good stuff. 

  • 2.27.2019 - The new letter is posted! Articled 2 weeks ago

    The latest edition of the Financial Intelligence Report is up, and today in the free newsletter, we're talking about the fraud and manipulation that is stock buy backs. Until 1982 they were deemed illegal by the SEC, as a way that companies might manipulate their shares. 

    Well in 2019 about 70% of the entire market's move is based on stock buy backs. So we take a look at that swindle. We also talk about the sticking point that is S&P 2800 and whether we can push up and over it, or if the rally fails here. Give it a read, it's good stuff, and of course, it's Free. 

  • 2.20.2019 - What's a Portfolio, anyway? Articled 3 weeks ago

    The most common description of a portfolio, is a bunch of investments designed to bring you a profit. But I argue that investments don't  always have to be for profit, they can be for material return. 

    What I'm getting at, is that when things are fine, and all is well, then buying stocks and bonds and CD's etc, are an excellent way to grow your wealth. But, when times are bizarre as they are becoming daily, maybe some investment in "things" starts to make sense. We see what's happening in Venezuela, and we see people hunting for food in dumpsters. Those people would much rather have a fridge full of food, than a bank account. 

    Consider "investing' in things that can get you through a tough time. That's a worthwhile portfolio. 


    We also talk about the market of course. The S&P is edging ever closer to that 2800 level, an area that has served as stubborn resistance in the past. Will it get through and challenge the all time highs? 

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