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Hot Topics

  • 2.20.2019 - What's a Portfolio, anyway? Articled 2 days ago

    The most common description of a portfolio, is a bunch of investments designed to bring you a profit. But I argue that investments don't  always have to be for profit, they can be for material return. 

    What I'm getting at, is that when things are fine, and all is well, then buying stocks and bonds and CD's etc, are an excellent way to grow your wealth. But, when times are bizarre as they are becoming daily, maybe some investment in "things" starts to make sense. We see what's happening in Venezuela, and we see people hunting for food in dumpsters. Those people would much rather have a fridge full of food, than a bank account. 

    Consider "investing' in things that can get you through a tough time. That's a worthwhile portfolio. 


    We also talk about the market of course. The S&P is edging ever closer to that 2800 level, an area that has served as stubborn resistance in the past. Will it get through and challenge the all time highs? 

  • 2.13.2019 - Wag that Dog! Articled last week

    Hi all, in today's financial Intelligence letter, we discuss how the "plunge protection patrol" uses the futures market to influence the S&P, which of course inflates the SPY.  Many people never believed such a "group" was real, but indeed the "presidents working group on financial markets" was instituted during the Reagan years, and has taken on a much more dominant role. 

    Did you ever notice the big "saves" they make when the market is looking like it's going to roll over and die? who do you think is behind that? Yes folks that's our PPT, and Steve Mnuchen met with them during the horrendous December sell off. Coincidence that we've run for 8 weeks after that? Not on your life. 

    So give it a read and you'll understand how it all works. 

  • 2.9.2019 - Ever listen to NPR? Articled last week

    NOTE> The next issue of Horizons (a letter for the longer term investor) goes out this evening. 

    In that issue, we're going to discuss attempting to create a portfolio in something as restrictive as a 401K, that has the least risk, while possibly taking in above average gains.  If you're the person with only a 401K, and wonder where to allocate things, this might be the time to sign up for Horizons. Just click here:


    I've been listening to NPR as I travel to and from my wife's office, and let me tell you...the level of brainwashing and Trump bashing is beyond off the charts. I always gave first place to CNN as being the worst offender of fake news, but after a month of NPR, I think we've got a pretty close contest brewing. 


    So in this edition of our free investment newsletter, we talk about the brainwashing that's been forced on us via the media and how incredibly dangerous all this has become.  Naturally we talk about the stock market and the "miracle" we witness concerning the DOW and it's 200 day moving average.  Give us a read, it's good stuff!

  • 1.23.2019 - Crying Wolf? Articled last month

    First off, let me say that the launch of our new product "Horizons" has gone well, and we've already taken on two long term positions. 

    Last Sunday we launched the first introduction issue of our new product we’re calling “Horizons,” for people that are interested in longer term investing. If you missed getting in on this “from the start”, no worries.  You can still sign up and of course get the initial “introduction” letter to the service. I think the “fun” part of this, is that the people that sign up this week, will get in on the ground floor, and get the very first “investments” we’re going to be making.  The first letter with “actionable” investments goes out Sunday evening the 20th.. If you’ve liked the Insiders Club, or the FIR, but simply can’t “trade” because of jobs, etc. this could be the service for you.  Simply go here:


    Then in the commentary section of this weeks letter, we discuss why the economy  still "looks" okay on the surface, while everyone with a brain knows that we're in a wold of trouble. So by all means, give today's letter a read, because under the surface the toxic brew is expanding.  One day, it's all going to explode like some deviant volcano. 


  • 1.19.2019 - Long Term Holds! Articled last month

    For the better part of 25 years, people have asked us for a Longer term holds style of newsletter. too many people have jobs and busy lives and cannot "trade" the market like someone who can sit and watch this stuff for hours at a time.  So, after all these years, we've decided to do just that, produce a product for the more casual investor. 

    Not to say he or she doesn't want great performance, but to say he can't jump around like we do. He's not nimble enough to get in at 11 am, and back out at 9:20 the next day or so. For him, he needs a different strategy and we're offering it. 

    So, if you've been following us for a couple decades and just couldn't pull the trigger because we work to "quickly" for you, now is the time to get in on this ground floor opportunity. Simply go to the following link and sign up. The first actionable letter goes out Sunday evening the 20th. I'd love to see you there!







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