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Hot Topics

  • 4.20.2019 - Happy Easter to You! Articled 3 hours ago

    Hello everyone, and a wonderful happy Easter to you all. I surely hope you enjoy it with your family and friends, and that the season resonates with you. 

    The newsletter is posted and this week, we're talking about false flag events, as they're becoming more common than ever. Then in the market commentary, we discuss the failing economy, but the rising market. 

    Please give it all a read, and again, Happy Easter season to you all. 

  • 4.17.2019 - Who Done it? Articled 2 days ago

    As you all know by now, Notre Dame Cathedral almost burnt to the ground this week. They're trying to tell us it was some form of construction accident, to which I call Bullshit. In France, some 875 churches have been vandalized and set on fire this past year, and I'm to believe that on Easter week, this just "happens?" 

    Well I don't and we talk about that in the letter today. In the market commentary we discuss the all-time highs and if we're going to get up and over them or stall out here.  All in all, a thought provoking letter. 

  • 4.3.2019 - Mea Culpa? Articled 2 weeks ago

    In today's letter, I first talk about the NRA elections for new board members. Folks, if you're a member PLEASE vote. Moving on, I've been told I'm not "attacking" the frauds and manipulations as hard as I used to. Am I getting soft? Not really. Not a week goes by where I'm not whining, or ranting about some injustice. Maybe it's the Central banks, maybe it's politicians, etc. 


    Then of course we chat about this crazy market. The next thing in its sights are the all time highs. Will they make it? We're not that far away.  In the market commentary, I give my opinions on that. 

  • 3.27.2019 - So, Slimy Smollett Goes Free? Articled 3 weeks ago

    Like Really?  Are we now a Banana republic? Do we have no rule of law?  Well read today's free newsletter, because I whine about that very topic. When you're that guilty and some ex-Obama insider calls the crooked AG, and you walk free, you know that the US is sinking into third world hell. 


    How very sad. 

  • 3.20.2019 - The False Flag NZ event Articled last month

    As you all know, there was an "event' Down in ChristChurch New Zealand. So the last two editions of the free investing newsletter has focused on the event, and what one can do about such a thing. Then in this evening's letter, we talk about concealed carry in areas where someone's posted "no guns allowed" signs. 

    Do you dutifully go back to your car and leave your weapon there? Or do you carry into that facility, knowing that no one knows you're carrying? What is the ramification of being caught?  

    So, if you want some insider ideas  about the shooting and what you can do to keep from being a victim, give these two free letters a read. 

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