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Hot Topics

  • 5.20.2020 The Free Newsletter is up! Articled last week

    Hello all, the Free investment Newsletter is up, and today we're asking why the Bill Gates and Fauci's of the world are hell bent on Moderna's vaccine, and ignoring or even ridiculing Hydroxychloroquin.  Well the answer of course is MONEY!  They want high priced treatments, high priced vaccines. They're not interested in something that costs just a few bucks and has been around for 75 years. No, the planners of this pandemic want to make trillions off this.


    Over in Bangladesh, doctors have found another cheap therapy that has had 100% success in 60 near death patients, The cost for treatment? About 40 bucks.  That's a far cry from the 4000+ that Fauci's outfits are looking to make. Give the letter a read, you'll find it here: 

  • 5.13.2020 - The Free Newsletter is up! Articled 2 weeks ago

    Hello everyone. There's been a lot of talk about mandatory vaccinations and even getting digital tattoo's to prove that yes you've had your shot. Naturally there's a lot of division concerning something like that, so today we discuss the ramifications of such a thing.We also talk about the interesting differences/no differences between the US and China.

    Today's article is thought provoking, and might just  get you pondering about the police state that we've become. It's just not in your face like China, instead we let companies spy on you. 

  • 5.6.2020 Fauci should be in JAIL Articled 3 weeks ago

    In today's letter we take a walk back through the history of our esteemed Dr. Fauci. Did you know he had a promising researcher tossed in jail? Did you know he let one of his henchmen steal research and rewrite it so he'd get the credit? DId you know Fauci is pushing for GILD's drug, which will probably be priced at over 1000 dollars, while Hydroxychloride and a z pack/zinc is like 20 bucks? 


    Read tonight's letter and learn what a scumbag this person is. He's got blood on his hands. 

  • 4.29.2020 - Happy Birthday to me! Articled last month

    Hi Everyone. Not only is today my birthday, today I give you my opinion about where the Virus came from, and why.  It's going against the grain. It's not going to be popular. It's not intended to be. I don't need popular. I want to spread the facts as I see them.

    Fauci is simply Agog over GILD's drug results. They sucked. Fauci is against Hydroxychloroquine. It works 91% of the time. Why is that? Could it be Fauci gets a kickback out of GILD's drug? Could it be the reason he holds patents on GP120? 


    Give today's letter a read folks. It's important to understand. Find it here : https://www.investyourself.com/free-newsletter/Insiders-Club-Newsletter/ArticleId/14028/4292020-financial-intelligence-report

  • 4.22.2020 - The Free Newsletter is up! Articled last month

    Hi all,


    Today's issue of the Free Investment newsletter is up. In this one, we discuss this damned virus, and the reopening of the country. There's a lot that won't be the same after this bug, and we need to think about that. I understand the protests to open things up, I really do. People are in desperate financial trouble. But this does have to be done properly. 


    Why? This is NOT the flu. This is a bioweapon and there's many strains. Get the wrong strain and you very well might die. Get one of the lesser strains and you might not even know it. This is a major problem as we go forward.  So, go ahead and read today's letter. It's long and rightfully so. Covid 19 is not something to take lightly. I am a freedom loving guy. But this is much different on many levels. While I don't like being locked down, I certainly wouldn't want some sick person to infect me and thus my wife as she is immuno-compromised from Chemo. So it's a tight walk. 

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