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Hot Topics

  • 10.21.2020 - Holy Craziness! Articled last week

    Hi Folks. 


    The newest article is up, and this one's a doozie. We're talking free crypto currency, we're talking China, Hunter Biden, election tampering and a whole host of things. The closer we get to the actual election, the more insanity is coming forth and it is really getting crazy. You owe it to yourself to read this latest installment, because it will indeed get you thinking about your future and the future of the country. 

  • 10.14.2020 - Free Newsletter is up! Articled 2 weeks ago

    So, Emails from Hunter Biden have been released that sort of pee all over Bidens claim that he had no idea what his kid was up to dealing in Ukraine. See, he has said multiple times that he knew nothing about it. But in an email from a Ukrainian executive, Hunter is praised for introducing him to his father. 


    It can't be both. Biden either met with Ukrainians, or he didn't The Ukrainian said he did. So, is that latest bombshell going to shake up the market? It could. We just put in two down days in a row, and they're rather rare. We might have some real volatility coming and possible, and I say possibly some downside coming. The inverse ETF for the NASDAQ has seen RECORD inflows of money. Someone, no wait, a bunch of someones, think this market is going lower.  Hey, go over to the free newsletter and give it a read. 

  • 10.3.2020 - The free newsletter is up! Articled 3 weeks ago

    Hey everyone, the Sunday edition of the Financial Intelligence Report is up already, and in this one we discuss a pretty important question. If somehow Biden were to actually steal, oops, I mean win the election, how would the market react? Some suggest that with all his Democratic friends willing to blow money on every imaginable social program that the market would continue higher. 


    But I'm not so sure of that. His tax plans, his push for the Green new deal, and a host of other issues, suggests to me that Corporate America might suffer under a Biden Presidency. Now, with Trump in the hospital with the corona virus, this question becomes more important,  So, go ahead and give it a read, I think there's some good stuff in there. 

  • 9.26.2020 - The Free Newsletter is up! Articled last month

    Hey everyone, the free investing newsletter is up and this weekend you don't have to listen to me blather about politics, or the election or the globalist elites or what have you. Nope, today's letter is all about the market action and where the market MIGHT be going over the next few weeks. 

    That's not to say we don't have the most important election in like "ever" coming at us, because we do. And that election has the ability to derail this market big time.  But in the here and now, there's some evidence that we might be looking at a small sustainable bounce. 

  • 9.16.2020 - The Letter is up! Articled last month

    Hey everyone, the latest edition of our free investing newsletter is up and this time we're talking about the Election. How do you trade this event? Do you stay long and ride the big bubble? Or will it be so contested, so violent, that the market rolls over. They say markets hate uncertainty, well, what could be more uncertain than not knowing who the President is a month later?!


    Then in the market commentary, we talk about Powell shooting the money bazooka today. He just came out and said it, he's going to keep rates at zero, he's looking for inflation higher than 2%, and as far as those rates go? How long is he going to keep them zero bound?  THREE MORE YEARS!!  You need to read about that! So jump over and click the latest Financial Intelligence Report.

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