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What Is The Financial Intelligence Report?

The Financial Intelligence Report is an investment strategy report unlike any other, and it works. It will help the 401K investor know when and where to move his fund money; the short-term trader to know what stocks are about to move and why; and the investment professional easily beat his competition. We have produced fantastic returns for our readers since our inception, and we will continue to do the same for years to come. That sounds boastful, but it isn’t. We don’t claim 1600% returns which are just silly. But we do consistently pick off 5%, 8% 15% trades. We do take in 12 to 35% yearly on our long-term money. Our 401K has NEVER lost a penny. Can you say that?

We place our opinion in the letter every issue, win or lose. When we lose, we fess up. We don’t make up wild excuses.

Let me give you some recent examples of our returns: 

  • We knew early on that the “big monetary experiment” of the last 30 years was doomed to fail, and started accumulating Gold in 2001. Over the past 8 years, our gold portfolio is up several hundred percent.
  • When the market was rewarding the financials for making home loans to people who couldn’t pay them back, we suggested over and over that shorting the financials was going to be one of the single greatest income producers of our life. We took on FNM shorts in June of 07, at 65 dollars. They ended recently at 66 cents. We predicted the collapse of the banking system long before it became fashionable. In fact, all the way back in 1999 we said boldly that Banc of America would one day collapse. So far so good.
  • We saw the momentum building in the market during the insane run up of 2007 and in November urged our readers to take long term puts against the DIA’s, SPY, and Q’s. Some of those puts returned us 400%in a year.
  • As the market began to melt down, exactly as predicted, we knew there would be a “rush to safety” and suggested taking positions in the TLT, a bond fund. Writing in our May 08 issue, we said that one day bonds would collapse, but in the short term they would soar. The TLT went from 93, to over 120 in the next few months.


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