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  • 10.18.2017 - Free Investing Newsletter Articled 1 days ago



    Today’s commentary is going to be way way off the normal path. Why? Over the weekend, I got to swapping some recipes with some friends of ours. Then it dawned on me that in 25 years of putting out commentary on just about every topic imaginable, I’ve never put a recipe out.  Or, if I have it’s been so long ago I forgot I did.


    Anyway, while desperate for the recipe to our friend Karen’s incredible Osso buco recipe, which she sent over Sunday, she asked for one in return. One I didn’t think she’d ever be interested in, caught me off guard. She wrote “Bob, do you know anyone that makes Kimchi?”  Bingo. Yes I do.

  • 10.14.2017 - Free Investment Newsletter Articled 5 days ago
    The Vape Wars
    Love them or hate them, “Vaping” or the use of Electronic cigarettes is on the rise. You can see them everywhere.  Well like a lot of things, I have a big opinion on E-cig’s because I am a user. So let’s talk history.
    The electronic cigarette was invented in 2009 by a pharmacist in China. Looking for a way to deliver the nicotine that users crave, but also making it safer than a regular cigarette, he came up with the original versions. They were bulky, didn’t work well, but it was a start.
  • 10.11.2017- Free Investment Newsletter Articled last week
    There’s several ways I could go with tonight’s letter, from poking more holes in the official Vegas shooting story, to commenting about China and Russia’s continued moves to distance themselves from the US dollar.
    I will go with the shooting for just a brief moment. More and more videos have emerged that prove without a doubt that there were shooters on the grounds, and yet the media continues to follow the official plot of one lone wolf gunman on the 32nd floor.  Now we’re hearing that the shooters home has been “broken into” and they’re going to have to go back to investigate.  Really?
  • 10.8.2017 - Free Investing Newsletter Articled last week
    Shooting;  One Week Later
    Well folks, it’s been a week + since the Vegas shooting, and the story gets stranger by the moment. If you read my letter last Sunday, then you know I don’t believe for a single second the “official” narrative that’s been set down. One lone gunman from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay bay hotel did NOT pull this off.
    I’ve gotten a ton of email from people who have been doing their own sleuthing on this disaster and the more we see, the more we know that this situation was NOT what we’re being told.
  • 10.4.2017 - Free Investment Newsletter Articled 2 weeks ago
    The Shooting
    First off, let me assure you that I do NOT know what happened in Vegas. But what I can tell you is what didn’t happen.  One guy in one room of the Mandalay Hotel, did not shoot down 60 people and injure 500 more.  Who did it and why is still a matter of speculation, but the official story simply doesn’t add up.

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