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  • 4.21.2019 - Free Investment Newsletter Articled 3 hours ago
    Happy Easter to you all.
    During this most Holy of times, it saddens me to look around the world we live in. The wars, the racism, the fighting, the poor, the sick, all amounts to a very sickly world. The Easter season gives us the hope that there are better times and better places. Please enjoy it to the fullest.
    The False Flag
    Rarely any more, is what you see, really what happened. Technology will no doubt make this even worse as time goes on. So first off, for those that don’t understand what a false flag is, let’s first define it.
  • 4.17.2019 - Free Investment Newsletter Articled 2 days ago
    First off let me start with a quick note. I want to thank each and every person that wrote in wishing me a speedy recovery. It’s truly unique having well wishes come in from people all over the world, people whom I’ve never truly met, and yet cared enough to send in prayers and well wishes.

    Not to beat the “almost” dead horse, for those that weren’t aware, I came down with a DVT in my leg, and 2 PE’s, one in each lung. I spent the weekend in the hospital, and now I’m home. It’s going to be a long while before I’m back to normal, as age and size of these clots has ganged up on me. But I’m sure I’ll weather this storm, it’s just going to take time.
  • 4.10.2019 - Free Investing Newsletter Articled last week

    Rumble in the Swamp


    The left has been hanging their hat on the Mueller Report being the smoking gun that was going to prove collusion by Trump with Russia, and be the grounds for his impeachment.  But I’m sure you know, that the Attorney General’s assessment of the report was “there was no collusion.”

  • 4.3.2019 - Financial Intelligence Report Articled 2 weeks ago
    NOTE>> The NRA is holding votes for new board members this week, and if you’re an NRA member, I’m pleading with you to put in a vote for Richard S. Figueroa. He’s a Texan and he’s good guy.
    As you know, the NRA hasn’t been as aggressive as they should be, and the only way to change it, is to change the board. Rick will do a good job at asking the tough questions, and pushing for a more effective NRA. Please cast your ballot for Rick to be on the board. ( note, ballots have to be finished by Sunday)
  • 3.27.2019 - Free Investment Newsletter Articled 3 weeks ago

    As the Stomach Turns


    So, it’s Tuesday afternoon and I’m waiting for the air conditioner man to stop by. We have a contract on this new unit where we get 2 free service calls per year, for a couple years.  As I’m waiting on him, I’m doing what I usually do, I scour the net for interesting topics.

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