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  • 10.21.2020 - Investing Newsletter Articled 4 days ago
    Elections, China, Bitcoin and More!

    Okay, where am I going to start? Let’s try this… a couple weeks back I mentioned to you all that a gent I know who’s done very well with Bitcoin and some other crypto’s, told me that himself and several of his crypto buddies thought that the new coin coming out was going to “be everything bitcoin was supposed to be, but isn’t.” 
  • 10.14.2020 - Free Newsletter Articled last week
    What’s left to say?

    When you’re a market “pundit” you’re supposed to talk about the market. But when you have an election of this importance lurking, talking about that election makes a lot of sense. Why? Because markets do indeed move based on political reasons as well as fundamentals, and what have you.
  • 10.3.2020 - Free Investing Newsletter Articled 3 weeks ago
    Trump and Covid

    As if 2020 wasn’t bad enough, you all know by now that President Trump and his wife both tested positive for covid. That has tossed things into a tizzy.
  • 9.26.2020 - Free Investing Newsletter Articled last month

    Hung Up


    Well, in what might be a blessing for you all, today’s letter is going to be considerably shorter than usual. The topic I wanted to chat about today and that I did a ton of prep work on, got hung up, because I wanted to include an ‘actionable” step for you guys to take.


  • 9.16.2020 - Free Investing Newsletter Articled last month

    Trading the Election


    I don’t know how many of you are active investors. I don’t know if you are active traders, or just happen to read our articles to get a sense of what’s happening behind the scenes.

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