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Are you…

  • tired of Wall Street B.S.?
  • tired of the lies?
  • tired of the fraud?
  • tired of the endless mantra of “Buy, Buy, Buy”?

Us too, only we got fed up with it way back in 1997. Our mission was to help the Average guy sort out the baloney, the lies, the fraud and deceit so that he could protect his wealth and create real income opportunity. We pull no punches. Our style is often abrasive, sometimes even considered abusive. But we don’t do it to show off, or make a name for ourselves. We just happen to have the best financial newsletter on the planet, and sometimes we go a bit overboard. In our pages you won’t find agenda driven fund manager baloney designed only to separate you from your money. What you will find is the truth and let me tell you right now, you are going to hear things and learn things that NO ONE has ever talked about. Let me give you a very quick “for instance”. Do you think the latest financial meltdown was just a series of “bad ideas gone overboard?” If so, you are sadly mistaken. Our markets were systematically taken down on purpose, by people with very very big agenda’s. Agenda’s that the average person doesn’t know about, or even understand. But we do, and we predicted it, almost so perfectly as to be scary.

Here’s something simple to consider when you are listening to the talking head idiots that populate the popular financial stations:

Each fund manager they trot on to tell you that you should “buy buy buy” and Now’s the best time to get in, and buy now for the longer term, is PAID by the fees generated in that fund. If people stop making 401K contributions to stock funds, or stop sending in discretionary money to various funds, these guys would be OUT OF A JOB. So, are they really giving good advice? OR are they protecting their own necks, generating income for themselves, and “too bad” if you lose your money? We know the answer, and I hope you do now too.

Here’s another Gem for you:

All these geniuses they trot out in front of you each day seem to have it all figured out. So, how did they fare in 2008? Did they all make money? NO. The big time analysts and fund managers you see on a daily basis lost 25 to 60% in their funds during 2008. If they didn’t see the melt down coming, how on earth could they know what to do now? They don’t, it’s the same old garbage “buy now, it’s a great opportunity”. They said it at DOW 14,000 They say it at DOW 7,800. Meanwhile they lost their own shirts.

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