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Hey everyone, welcome back from your Holiday weekend and 4th of July celebrations. I do hope you enjoyed the days with friends and family, and that you had a legitimately good time.

I’m not here to spoil it, but anyone that’s “awake” knows deep down that there’s things that at least on the surface, don’t make sense. The narrative sold to us by the media and our politicians, doesn’t square with what actually goes on in this world. For instance, Uncle Sam says he can’t afford the bills to help people have truly great healthcare. Yet somehow he can find all the money in the world to blow up foreign nations, and wage war for years on end. Trillions upon trillions of dollars for that. What’s up with that?
Does the average American ask the question? Some of you do. Some of the older folks, that don’t buy the horsecrap sold to us nightly by blonde bubble heads. But a lot of our younger people, simply have no clue about how the world truly works. In fact, just the other day I was watching a video where a guy was asking millennials out on the street some of the very questions that immigrants have to pass to be US citizens. Coming up on the 4th of July, it seemed fitting to see what the kids know about why we were going to be celebrating. It was cringeworthy at best. Nauseating at worst.

I’m not talking about calculus here. Simple questions. “What year did we gain our Independence?”  One answered 1984. Another came up with 1840. While I’m sure every one of them could give you Kim Kardashian’s hip measurements, do I think any of these “people’ have a clue what’s truly going on in the world? Well, I don’t. Not even a bit.
I have presented articles by Paul Craig Roberts in the past. On a lot of topics, he’s pretty spot on, and having at least the credibility of once being President Reagans’ Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and then went on to the Dept. of Defense, etc. He’s not stupid.  So today I want to run an article that he wrote on June 29th of this year.  Then we’ll come back on Sunday, and do a little talking about where Mr. Roberts has it right, and where he lacks.  Here’s the article, and I wish the snowflake millennials that don’t know who we fought to gain our independence would read it.  However, they won’t and wouldn’t understand it.
Washington Has Been At War For 16 Years: Why?
Paul Craig Roberts
For sixteen years the US has been at war in the Middle East and North Africa, running up trillions of dollars in expenses, committing untold war crimes, and sending millions of war refugees to burden Europe, while simultaneously claiming that Washington cannot afford its Social Security and Medicare obligations or to fund a national health service like every civilized country has.
Considering the enormous social needs that cannot be met because of the massive cost of these orchestrated wars, one would think that the American people would be asking questions about the purpose of these wars. What is being achieved at such enormous costs? Domestic needs are neglected so that the military/security complex can grow fat on war profits.
The lack of curiosity on the part of the American people, the media, and Congress about the purpose of these wars, which have been proven to be based entirely on lies, is extraordinary. What explains this conspiracy of silence, this amazing disinterest in the squandering of money and lives?
Most Americans seem to vaguely accept these orchestrated wars as the government’s response to 9/11. This adds to the mystery as it is a fact that Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Iran (Iran not yet attacked except with threats and sanctions) had nothing to do with 9/11. But these countries have Muslim populations, and the Bush regime and presstitute media succeeded in associating 9/11 with Muslims in general.
Perhaps if Americans and their “representatives” in Congress understood what the wars are about, they would rouse themselves to make objections. So, I will tell you what Washington’s war on Syria and Washington’s intended war on Iran are about. Ready?
There are three reasons for Washington’s war, not America’s war as Washington is not America, on Syria. The first reason has to do with the profits of the military/security complex.
The military/security complex is a combination of powerful private and governmental interests that need a threat to justify an annual budget that exceeds the GDP of many countries. War gives this combination of private and governmental interests a justification for its massive budget, a budget whose burden falls on American taxpayers whose real median family income has not risen for a couple of decades while their debt burden to support their living standard has risen.
The second reason has to do with the Neoconservative ideology of American world hegemony. According to the Neoconservatives, who most certainly are not conservative of any description, the collapse of communism and socialism means that History has chosen “Democratic Capitalism,” which is neither democratic nor capitalist, as the World’s Socio-Economic-Political system and it is Washington’s responsibility to impose Americanism on the entire world. Countries such as Russia, China, Syria, and Iran, who reject American hegemony must be destabilized and desroyed as they stand in the way of American unilateralism.
The Third reason has to do with Israel’s need for the water resources of Southern Lebanon. Twice Israel has sent the vaunted Israeli Army to occupy Southern Lebanon, and twice the vaunted Israeli Army was driven out by Hezbollah, a militia supported by Syria and Iran.
To be frank, Israel is using America to eliminate the Syrian and Iranian governments that provide military and economic support to Hezbollah. If Hezbollah’s suppliers can be eliminated by the Americans, Israel’s army can steal Southern Lebanon, just as it has stolen Palestine and parts of Syria.
Here are the facts: For 16 years the insouciant American population has permitted a corrupt government in Washington to squander trillions of dollars needed domestically but instead allocated to the profits of the military/security complex, to the service of the Neoconservative ideology of US world hegemony, and to the service of Israel.
Clearly, American democracy is a fraud. It serves everyone but Americans.
What is the likely consequence of the US government serving non-American interests?
The best positive outcome is poverty for the 99 percent. The worst outcome is nuclear armageddon.
Washington’s service to the military/security complex, to the Neoconservative ideology, and to Israel completely neglects over-powering facts.
Israel’s interest to overthrow Syria and Iran is totally inconsistent with Russia’s interest to prevent the import of jihadism into the Russian Federation and Central Asia. Therefore, Israel has put the US into direct military conflict with Russia.
The US military/security complex’s financial interests to surround Russia with missile sites is inconsistent with Russian sovereignty as is the Neoconservatives’ emphasis on US world hegemony.
President Trump does not control Washington. Washington is controlled by the military/security complex (watch on youtube President Eisenhower’s description of the military/security complex as a threat to American democracy), by the Israel Lobby, and by the Neoconservatives. These three organized interest groups have pre-empted the Amercan people, who are powerless and are uninvolved in the decisions about their future.
Every US Representative and US Senator who stood up to Israel was defeated by Israel in their re-election campaign. This is the reason that when Israel wants something it passes both houses of Congress unanimously. As Admiral Tom Moorer, Chief of Naval Operations and Chariman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said publicly, “No American President can stand up to Israel.” Israel gets what it wants no matter what the consequences are for America.
Adm. Moorer was right. The US gives Israel every year enough money to purchase our government. And Israel does purchase our government. The US government is far more accountable to Israel than to the American people. The votes of the House and Senate prove this.
Unable to stand up to tiny Israel, Washington thinks it can buffalo Russia and China. For Washington to continue to provoke Russia and China is a sign of insantity. In the place of intelligence we see hubris and arrogance, the hallmarks of fools.
What Planet Earth, and the creatures thereon, need more than anything is leaders in the West who are intelligent, who have a moral conscience, who respect truth, and who are are capable of understanding the limits to their power.
But the Western World has no such people.
As I said, On Sunday, we’ll come back and visit this article, and inject a bit more into it. He’s on the right track, but comes up woefully short. We’ll talk then.
The Market...
Monday was just a half day session, but the algo-bots put it to good use. With lower volumes and most of Wall Street out at the Hamptons enjoying the pool with a side of lobster, they managed a very big bright green session.

Tuesday however, we were closed for the 4th of July Holiday.  I was interested in what they’d do with this morning, since we had gained so much back on Monday. I mentioned to my subscribers that I thought they might do a bit of profit taking Wednesday am, and that’s what happened.
We opened sort of flat with a slight green tint this am. But very shortly after the opening bell, we saw the indexes start to fade and shortly into the day the DOW was off about 75 points and the S&P was down about 6. But I guess that’s all they needed, because as the day progressed they worked off that red and by the afternoon, we were green across the board. Not big green, but green none the less.
But that’s actually a victory for the bulls because today was “minutes” day, where we got to hear a bit more of the conversations and worries from the last FOMC meeting. In it, they were concerned about equity prices, and they were mostly still on board with continuing rate hikes. Yet the market couldn’t care less. Up is up and they want up.
So we put in a long session, and when it was over the DOW lost 1, the S&P gained 3 and the NASDAQ was the big winner, picking up 40. 
Once again the only thing I can think is that we’re in that “last stage” of a run, where they’re just going to continue to pile in because they now think it can never end. But, if what I mentioned Sunday about the BIS is right and the “Central bankers bank” is telling its members to cut QE and hike rates, it will be the lowly investor that’s the last to understand that the rugs going to get pulled. We’ll see.
In the meantime, all we can do is continue to lean long. Yes today was a pause day, but surely if they wanted “out’ they had all day to do it. So we figure they’re still in the game, and with the techs perking up today, they might just keep things going by rotating out of industrials and into tech again. Time will tell.
I’m focusing on the techs. Today they had a nice bounce, and I want to see if it’s a one day wonder like last Wednesday was, or if this time they’re really going to dive back in. We saw some nice moves in names like NVDA for instance, it was up almost 4 bucks today. Techs and financials, seem best poised to move higher.
I’ll see you all on Sunday folks!

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