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Before you read one more word of this paper, I want you to go to the web site listed below and watch a 5 minute video that is so profound, so completely compelling that it should be mandatory in every class room. Go here


Before you read one more word of this paper, I want you to go to the web site listed below and watch a 5 minute video that is so profound, so completely compelling that it should be mandatory in every class room. Go here now

That my friends was and still is one of the most moving video's I've ever encountered. Because I belong to several gun ranges, and armed training facilities, I have seen my share of horror videos. Mostly they are security camera video's showing helpless retail clerks being beaten,shot, etc, for the 50 bucks in the cash register. Sometime's its uglier. One in particular was the front video camera from a police car. The cop had pulled a speeding lunatic over. Despite repeated demands to stop what he was doing, it was obvious he was high on something and ignored the cop. He danced, and cursed and then went back inside his truck. When he came out he had a high powered rifle with him.

The cop screamed many times to drop it, put it down, back away. The lunatic laughed and danced. But then the worst happened. Loonie bin started firing at the cop. The cop was hit and hit hard. In the video you see the lunatic get back in his truck and drive off. The camera fixed onto his fading tail lights. The only sound you can hear is the gurgling and moaning of the police officer, obviously shot and laying on the road somewhere.

Granted there's a difference in the fact that the police officer is by job description going to come into contact with such individuals more than you or I might. But there's a few things that need discussing. Like the lady in the video I posted, or the hundreds of gas station attendants and convenience store clerks that have been shot, beaten and robbed.. each and every one of us has the unfortunate ability to come across a scumbag with evil intent.  

A while back I described my first armed robbery experience. It was a life changing event for me. So, like most things that challenge me, I challenged back. I wanted to understand the whole good/bad thing about guns in society, guns as deterrent, guns as being useful or harmful in citizen hands, etc etc. What I discovered I'd really already known via simply being raised in a family quite comfortable with guns and hunting in general. Guns are tools. No more, no less. The person wielding the gun is the issue.

For many many years we had an "arms race" with the soviets. They'd build a nuclear bomb and we'd build two. Then they'd build two and we'd build five. It was called "detente". The idea was that if YOU have nuclear bombs and WE have nuclear bombs, you shouldn't attack us because we'll blow you up too. We shouldn't attack you because you'll blow us up too. Mutually assured destruction leveled the playing field. It was of no gain for either country to go to war, because the outcome was mutual pain. It works exactly the same for handguns. If the bad guys know that their intended victim is armed and very well might shoot back, they more oft than not will move on. It works. It's Detente in action.

For some reason the people against gun ownership find this set up just fine and dandy for a government, but not so hot for the citizen. They don't like an armed population and would rather rely on the police and the "goodness of people" to get through their lives. Yet time and time and time yet again the facts show that there is less killing, less robbery, less rape, less aggressive behavior in areas heavily loaded with armed citizens. It's simply fact.

When one reads the horror stories of kids strolling into high schools and shooting 5, 8, 15 classmates, and holding everyone hostage for hours.. The anti gun people say "see, if he didn't have a gun he couldn't do that". True. But he did have a gun. Just like any high school kid could get. Maybe he stole it from Uncle Joe. Maybe it was his dads. Maybe he bought it from some other kid at school who found it in the street. Maybe he broke into the local gun shop. The issue is.. there's 100 million hand guns out there. They're going to be out there for ever. So, if the bad guys can get them and they always can and will...not being equally armed means you're nothing but a victim waiting to happen.

What would be the outcome had each teacher in that school been legally trained in semi combat shooting and required to have a concealed weapon on their body? We don't know. We can only guess. But.. it's my guess that 1) the kid wouldn't have attempted his killing spree or 2) even if he did, the amount of dead kids would be cut in half or more as someone with a conceal gun took him down.

For some of you, this is just too much to talk about. It's evil and bad and you think I'm some kind of gun nut that's a danger to people. Not so. I have been trained in the use of weaponry, own several quality weapons and guess what? I've never robbed a bank, or a grocery store. I've never held up an old lady. I've never held a boyfriend at by while raping his girl. What I have done on the other hand is give myself and my family a fighting chance. Let me continue with another jewelry store story I'd like to convey.

After I had apprenticed for a few years I opened my own jewelry repair shop. It was a small room in the back of a Gordon's Jewelers, and I did contract work for a dozen local stores. One day I decided it was time to open my own retail store, where I could capitalize on both the repair income and the sales side of things. My friend Jack and I opened a store in a strip mall about a mile from where my first repair shop was. It was an upscale area, and things were pretty good.

Because people get a kick out of seeing their stuff being worked on, I placed my bench and tools right in the front window of the store. If you had a diamond you wanted reset into something else, you could watch me do it right there. Besides, I enjoyed being able to look out the window and watch the passersby as I worked on things. One Saturday morning I opened the store, opened the safe, but the high end stuff out in the cases, and settled into my chair to polish up some rings I had casted. Out in the corner of the parking lot, there was a bank.

Something caught my eye and sure enough something was sticking out like a zit on a prom queen. It just didn't register for a moment. Walking straight up to the drive up window was a man carrying a shotgun. This was not looking good. I called the cops, walked over and locked my front door, then went to the safe to retrieve my handgun. The man with the shotgun walked up to the drive up window and "blammo" pumped two rounds into it. Then as casually as you or I might have wanted to go get an ice cream he started walking across the lot straight for my store.

I had no idea what his intentions were. I didn't know if he had a bone to pick with the bank or what, but considering I was the only jewelry store in the mall, and he was marching straight at me, I figured that the next blammo might be my front window. I took my pistol and took up  a defensive position behind and slightly alongside my safe. If he popped my windows, I'd sit tight. If he came in, I'd pop him.

Before he got close enough to determine what he was going to do, the first cop car screaming into the lot. Then another and then another. The guy with the shotgun looked at his situation and decided he was trapped. He put the gun down and they wrestled him to the ground. When they had him in the car, I asked one of the cops that I knew well "what was that all about?"  He said the guy was angry at his girlfriend ( the teller in the bank) felt he had nothing left to lose and was going to shoot people that upset him and take what he wanted.  

I don't know what would have happened to me or any other storefront owner that am. If the cops hadn't arrived when they did, he only had about fifteen more steps to be at my ( or the pizza place next door) front door. Was he going to blast my windows? Take my stuff? Shoot me or Tony the Pizza guy? We'll never know. But the fact is that had he decided to come through my front window, he was going to be shot.

Having had a gun stuck in my back, having transported precious gems and metals from manufacturers back to my store, I've been followed more than once. "Cased" is the term. Although in NJ it became impossible to legally carry a firearm, there were no rules against having a firearm in your place of business. Thus, my store always had two weapons on hand. One in the safe, one hidden where it was always accessible to me.

The fact of the matter is that society is indeed breaking down. You can make believe it isn't. You can wish it weren't. But.. it is. You've seen the video's of the people trampling a Walmart employee to death on "Black Friday" as they rushed to buy widgets. You've seen the incidence of violent crime escalate with the downturn of the economy. What would happen if for a week the unemployment checks, welfare checks and other Government hand outs didn't happen? How long before areas of every town became savage? Not long.  I read a disturbing piece put out by the military in the 80's. The question was, if oil stopped flowing, which meant no more trucks moving, what would the result be in a major city such as New York. The conclusion was grim. In just 29 days the first evidence of cannibalism would appear. Yes folks, cannabilism. People eating other people to survive.

I want desperately for life here in the states to go on like Leave it to Beaver in the 50's. Nice little houses, everyone pleasant, and respect for others and their property was paramount. Unfortunately we all know it's fantasy. As we hurtle towards economic disaster, there can be no doubt that ever more attacks on normal folks will continue. They will escalate. This isn't doom and gloom talk. This is reality. Now the question is, what are you going to do about it?

I don't "know" all you people. I don't know your beliefs, fears, background, etc. I don't know if you're an anti gun person, or a bunker building survivalist. Like the Insiders Club, I'm not about to tell you what to do. That's for you to decide. But I will tell you what I do, and what you could do also if you were like minded.

I believe every person of every family from the age of 10 up, should be introduced to guns in a responsible way. That means going to a well known range, or instruction school. Each member of the family should be taught by a pro just exactly how a gun works. Just exactly how to fire one safely. Just exactly how to make sure safety is a paramount issue. How to aim, and hit what you aim at. How to obey the laws of your state, and operate inside those laws.

Most of the people I have met that are violently against guns, have never had one in their household, never held one, and never fired one. I find it amazing that someone can be so completely absorbed with the concept of banning them, when they have never had one, nor understood the facts concerning people that do. So, if you are one of them... may I ask a civilized question? In virtually every single instance where a previously unarmed town, county, city, etc.. was given the permission to become armed. The violent crime rate has fallen. Every single time.

Detente. The bad guys know that their next victim might just pull out a weapon and end their miserable life. So, they turn to something else like vacant house robbery. In other words, instead of violent crime where they mug someone.. they rob empty houses, or steal cars. Things that won't "shoot back".

In 2008, the stock market crashed. The economy soured in a big way and there was an air of panic that something really bad would happen. The sales of guns and ammo absolutely soared. It was boom times for gun dealers. According to the anti gun people, then violent crime would soar along with the sales. Nope. Once again absolutely wrong. Here is something for the anti's to ponder...

(CNSNews.com) - Violent crime continued to fall in 2009, even as gun sales reached an all-time high, according to statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). According to the FBI, the number of violent crimes of all types declined in 2009 by 5.3 percent and property crimes declined 4.6 percent. In fact, the rate of violent crime declined 6.1 percent below 2008 figures.

In total, the FBI estimated that 1.3 million violent crimes were committed in 2009.

“Each of the four violent crime offenses decreased when compared with the 2008 estimates. Murder and non-negligent manslaughter and robbery had the largest decreases: 7.3 percent and 8.0 percent, respectively,” the FBI said in a press release summarizing the report. “In addition, aggravated assault decreased 4.2 percent, and forcible rape declined 2.6 percent.”

In fact, the types of crime most likely to be committed with a firearm, murders and manslaughters, experienced one of the greatest rates of decline in 2009 – 7.3 percent.

While violent crime was going down in 2009, guns sales were experiencing a record year. According to data from the FBI’s National Instant Background Check System (NICS), 2009 was the best year on record for gun sales.

Well.. there it is. According to the NICS figures, 14 million guns were sold in 2009, the biggest year since the system began recording data in 1998. Yet every category of violent crime decreased. This during a time of ever increasing strife and economic struggle. With people losing their homes to foreclosure. With 8 million people losing their jobs. With all manner of desperation growing. Yet the "bad" crime went down.

This is nothing new folks. History is perfect in it's record. Every time the citizenry arms itself, the results are the same. Crime of the violent variety falls. It HAS TO. Only when it's illegal to protect yourself are the bad guys given free license to stick you up, rape your wife, "mug" you.

So, if you're one of those that "hates guns" because they lead to ever more violent crimes.. what do you have to say now? It isn't true. Never was. What leads to ever increasing crime is societal breakdown, economic stress, the loss of respect for people, and a myriad of other issues that have transformed our society into something less than it was.

I am so staunch on this matter, that when I meet a person that shudders at the idea of a gun in the home, I invite them to the range with me. Most won't accept, which I find bizarre. But here is a true finding. Of all the anti's I've talked to and exposed to their first true experience with a gun.. have come away with a whole new respect, and a whole new mindset. They might not run out and buy one tomorrow, but they are a whole lot more comfy if one happens to be "around".  The track record is 100% on this. In fact, concerning the people that actually will go and fire a weapon for the first time with me.. many if not most find it fun and some have actually "gone over to the other side" and bought target guns. One in particular, a gal I met via a mutual friend is now on a competition shooting team. She went from soccer mom - gun hating- anti, to captain of a target team. Go figure.

I believe every person of every family from the age of 10 up, should be introduced to guns in a responsible way. That means going to a well known range, or instruction school. Each member of the family should be taught by a pro just exactly how a gun works. Just exactly how to fire one safely. Just exactly how to make sure safety is a paramount issue. How to aim, and hit what you aim at. How to obey the laws of your state, and operate inside those laws.

Why? Once again we have to turn to history and statistics. Do you realize that when you read some sensational headline about some kid going off and shooting everyone, in 99% of the cases they were raised in a gunless house? True. Do you realize that the bulk of the atrocities that do happen are done by people that were never exposed to proper gun etiquette as kids and teens? Most were raised in homes that were vehemently anti gun. Again, ... go figure.

I have two sons. Both were raised with guns in the house. Both were formally taught their science and use. At age 10 each was invited to shoot for the first time. Naturally they were little guns so to speak. A .22 pistol. A single shot .22 rifle. Guess what? Although they both enjoyed it, and got to be pretty good at it, neither has any ambition to rob someone or shoot someone. Despite having the same stresses as any other kid in school, it would never cross their minds to use a gun to solve any of their problems.  They look at a gun the proper way. It's a tool. Nothing more, nothing less.

A tool? Absolutely. Just like a hammer, or screwdriver. When you want to put a nail in wood, you grab a hammer. When you want to put a bullet through the bulls eye on a target you pick up a target rifle/pistol. When you want to screw two pieces of wood together you grab a screwdriver. When you want to stop the madman with a switchblade from stealing your wallet you reach for a pocket piece. Just a tool, doing it's job. Nothing more, nothing less.

Like probably too many things in my life I have some opinions about a lot of this. But it's not pie in the sky opinions. It's not from reading some books and regurgitating what I read. Remember I shoot, I have attended many courses. I am licensed to carry. I have spent many evenings with a dear friend reloading bullets ( yes folks, that means taking once fired bullets, truing the casing,  inserting new primers and powder and crimping in the new bullet). My dad was my best friend. He was the company armorer in WWII. ( the guy that gave out the guns to his troops, instructed on use, gunsmithed some, repaired some, etc) He had me doing basic gunsmithing when I was just a kid, showing me how actions worked and why. In other words, although I am not a course instructor.. I could be.

The Problem with this topic is that there's so many "chapters" to it. For instance, we'll need to chat about "the gun in the home" and which is the best choice. Where do you keep it? Is it loaded? Then if you're in a carry state, you'll need to figure out what's the best gun for that. Semi auto or revolver? What size caliber? From there, what about practice, what about more instruction? What about safety? What about concealment? What about holsters, holders, straps? Then we have the legal. You do realize that when you shoot the scumbag your going to have a lawsuit on you instantly. How do you wrangle around that? As you can see.. this gets deep.

There are schools across the country that have one, two , three day classes on personal protection. What's the proper place to carry a gun on your self? What's the proper stance? What makes the most difference, speed or accuracy? The list goes on and on and on. I would have to write a book, in fact a big book to spell out all the variables. It's a matter of how deep you want to get into it. For instance, this might sound funny, but suppose you have a gun in your bedroom. You wake up at night, convinced you just heard the kitchen window break downstairs. You hop out of bed buck naked and grab your gun and start moving toward the noise. Guess what? You just screwed up. No matter what, PUT YOUR PANTS ON. Why? Tests have shown that you will subconsciously pay attention to the fact that you're naked, and very well WILL cause you to act differently than if you were covered.  It sounds trite, but again, it's not. It's all about how deep you wish to get into the defensive mindset.

I think that a true course is best, but if that's not going to happen... read all you can about the proper way to go about things. You'll never run out of great information to read up on.  So, where do we start? Am I writing a book here? LOL. Sorry I didn't mean to, but I guess there's no way to chat about something this intricate without wasting some digital ink. Maybe I should do an entire E book and sell it. Oy, maybe I will. But for now, this will get you started.

More ink has been spilled concerning what's the best gun/bullet/size of a carry weapon than fills the Library of Congress. Same with a "house gun". Which one, how big, etc etc yada yada. Yet you can worry about that stuff later.Here's a really simple rule of mine to consider. The best carry gun is the one you'll carry. Not leave in a drawer because it weighs 9 pounds. A carry gun that's laying in a box on your nightstand isn't going to do you a bit of good when you are simply standing in a McDonalds and some  madman comes in shooting. The best home gun is a shotgun. We'll talk about why and how later.

For those not familiar enough with guns to understand the concept, it's really pretty easy. We call it "stopping power". The bigger the projectile (lets call it bullet) that comes out of the gun, the more "punch" it's going to have when it lands on the bad guy. It's really just a matter of size. Think about it like this.. a .22 shoots a "bullet' about the size of a green pea. A 44 magnum shoots a wad about the size of a door knob ( gross exaggeration, but you get the idea). Now.. which one of those bullets when hitting you in the chest is going to have more "knock down" power? Obvious right? right. Thus the idea that bigger is better.

Oh just so you know, for the most part it's not the physical damage from a bullet that "stops" an attacker. It's "shock". With the velocity that the bullet is traveling, when it "thumps" into you and then expands ( they do) the body goes into shock from the enormous impact of that collision. That's stopping power or knock down power. Well, a 22 doesn't have it. That little pea will certainly hurt him, and if placed perfectly will indeed kill him. But hit an arm, leg, or even thoracic shot and most men could keep coming.  Then we have to consider the drug induced lunatic who might not even be capable of feeling pain. If you don't hit him with something big enough to cause massive damage and shock, he's still coming. So.. then it is indeed true that you need a monster weapon???


Pay attention to this, it's vitally important and you'll see why later...

Here's something to consider. In a very high percentage of situations where a handgun needs to be pulled out, the sight of the weapon is enough to diffuse the situation. Think about it folks. The bad guy does NOT expect his victim to be armed. When that slime ball opens your wife's car door at the intersection and tries to push his way in, he is betting his life that there's nothing in that car other than a 120 pound blonde that looks good. When his attempt at getting that door opened results in a pistol being pointed at him, in 88% of similar cases, the bad guy gives up and runs away.

What's my point? Chances are very very good that you could carry a pistol for 40 years and never once have the need to fire it. That is tremendous news, because you're going to be sued if you ever do fire it. But, this is still the important part.. MOST situations can be diffused with simply showing the weapon. Thus, I do not get involved with the bigger is better mindset for the most part. I would much rather know my wife has a little 380 automatic on her, than a 44 magnum home in the safe. Again, you have to remember that to be effective, that carry gun has to be with you 24/7. You never know what day some nut road rages on you and comes at you with a baseball bat. Could be never.. could be tomorrow's commute. If your pocket gun isn't in your pocket and it happens.. you'll wish you had it.

This is where I differ from even some of the very best personal defense trainers. If asked, they will constantly declare that the best carry weapon is the largest caliber with the highest stopping power you can carry. Well that's all fine and dandy.Ive even shown you why earlier.  But show me the pretty gal in skinny jeans and a halter that will carry a 45 in her pants. Sorry won't happen. That big ole "hog leg" would end up on the nightstand, not on her person.

Concealed carry means just that. Concealed. You do not want to advertise you have it, it should be impossible to spot on you. You're not wearing it as a badge of honor for all to see. You're wearing it for the "God forbid" chances that you might have to pull it one day. That becomes an issue in the summer when clothing is light. Especially for the gals out there. I know very few ladies who would ever attempt to hide a massive sidearm on themselves. First, if they're in shape they're wearing tighter clothes. Second, women don't need to lug around 3 pounds of anything.

Now here's another area where my opinion is mine, and maybe not your instructors. I don't advocate women putting a defense gun in their pocket book. 1) pocket books are the favorite target of snatch and grab theives. If someone sneaks up behind her and grabs that pocketbook and runs like hell.. she's out her gun, AND as scumbag has it. That's bad juju.  2) bad situations rarely give you the time to be fumbling around trying to find your weapon among a handful of compacts, lipsticks, mirrors, brushes, and the myriad junk that appears to dwell in most handbags.

Thus, what we need is a gun that has reasonable chance of being ON your body ALL the time. For each of you that will be different, depending on body builds, clothing factors etc. But again I'll beat the dead horse. I'd rather see someone have a tiny 5 shot freedom arms .22 ON THEM, than a 38 special back home on the nightstand. Hopefully just the sight of you holding that little revolver pointed at your attackers head will have them thinking twice and running off.

So, what is the best carry gun in my opinion? (yeah the one you'll actually carry). For my money it's the Ruger 380 LCP. It's lightweight semi auto with 7 shot capacity. For what it is, it's really quite amazing. It's so small it disappears in a pants pocket. Yet the 380 round has a pretty decent amount of stopping power for such a short cartridge, and on top of that having 7 shots available is a monster plus. If I was going to tell anyone considering their first carry gun.. that would be it. I have two of them, and they are indeed very capable guns. That is NOT to say it's perfect. It isn't. That's NOT to say it's the only choice.. it's not. The smith and wesson "airweight" 38 is an incredible gun with great stopping power. If you are comfy concealing that on yourself each day, it's one of the very best choices you could make. I just find it hard to conceal in light Florida clothes.

On a side note... the smallest legitimate "carry gun" is the Freedom Arm 22. Granted I showed you why it's not a great choice because of lack of true stopping power, but it is indeed lightyears better than nothing at all. Because it's so tiny, even a very small gal, wearing skin tights could conceal it. It's not ideal in any way, but again it's much better than nothing in a pinch. A combo of the Ruger LCP when you have the clothing to hide it perfectly, and the FA 22 for those times when there's not much more than a bathing suit on you.. would be a decent trade off in the real world.

Now what about the Home? Without question the best home defense is the simple shotgun. Once again we have to take a page out of the bad guy handbook.... what do we really want to do? We went to deter a bad guy from either coming into our home, or once in, harming us. Can you think of anything that might scare the bejesus out of you more that the "shhhuuuuck shhhiink" of a pump shotgun being cycled for fire? Not me. It's a menacing sound in the dead of night.. really. In fact so much so, that the sound of a cycled shotgun has caused many a house thief to find the fastest exit without ever seeing the homeowner or the gun. That sound is all they need.

But, on top of that sound, the shotgun has many appealing attributes. It can be loaded with various "shot" sizes which will cover all the stopping power you'd ever need. Second, because a shotgun tosses out anywhere from 8 to 300 "pellets" depending on the shot you select, you don't have to be perfectly precise in aiming at something as large as a human at close range. Some amount of those pellets are going to hit paydirt even if you're off some because of nerves, tension, etc.

Now that's not to say that the typical every day 12 gauge hunting shotgun is the perfect home companion. It's very good, but it has limitations. First off, it's pretty long. That makes sneaking around your home more difficult as every home has corners and halls that have to be navigated. If you have to lower the barrel to get out one door and into the hall, you're at a disadvantage. But all that said, they're cheap ( you can buy a Remington 870 for like 299 dollars) they never malfunction, and they go bang really well. Not only that, they work perfectly well for actually hunting game. A dual purpose machine if I've ever seen one.

Many have been drawn into the "tactical" style shotgun. This is usually a shortened version which is indeed better at navigating the close corners of a home. Some replace the rear stock, with a simple pistol grip. It certainly looks menacing enough and many think it's the holy grail. I am a bit more guarded in that respect. Having shot several of the tactical styles with pistol grips, the fact is that aiming accuracy is greatly diminished. Now granted we're talking about close encounter use, with a maximum use factor of about 20 yards.. they simply aren't quite as accurate as a normal long gun. Again, don't get me wrong. They are very capable weapons, and I own one. I have the Mossberg 500 JIC model. It is a very capable machine. That said, I'd probably still recommend a regular long shotgun, with pump action.

Now just like handguns, there's reams of paper and ink spilled over what's the best shot size for your shotgun? Some will say it's the very heavy 00 buckshot, while others say it' s the light "bird loads" like a number 6. There's something to be said for both of them ( and some of the loads in between). The issue when considering what you're using this for, is this.. chances are good there's other people in your home. Kids for instance. Maybe visitors. Maybe your mom or dad. The last thing anyone needs is to be pumping out rounds of a very heavy load, inside a home where the only thing shielding others in the house is sheetrock walls and veneer doors.

The lightest loads, like a birdshot 6.. will lose an enormous amount of velocity after they penetrate to layers of sheetrock and probably wouldn't terribly hurt anyone hit on the other side of the wall. But as you can see, that brings an issue with it. What if you're trying to hit your bad guy and he's on the other side of the wall?

My own personal preference is actually two loads in the same gun. When I rack the slide on my pump the first shot that loads is a 6 weight bird shot. The next 5 are number 1 buckshot. My feeling is that if I cannot scare them away or incapacitate them with the first light load, I'll know exactly where he is, and if necessary punch him out with the heavy artillery. Read enough and you'll find many that discourage this idea, but for me, it fits in my head perfectly.

As I said at the beginning of this, we could take this to a million different levels. We could discuss ballistics, bullet shapes, safety, combat procedure up close, weapon draw, stance, hand position, rapid aiming etc etc etc etc. I don't think we need to go there, I'm not your instructor. I just wanted to give you some food for thought, and hopefully motivate you to understanding weapons and some common sense about them.

If you have any questions, I'll be glad to answer.

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I just wanted to give you some food for thought, and hopefully motivate you to understanding weapons and some common sense about them.

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Firearms are incredible for self security IF you know how to utilize them, so get the essential preparing. The benefit of a weapon is you can control all the more then one target. The terrible folks are normally coming in sets or more regrettable. Try not to get anything under 9mm or 38 bore. An extraordinary firearm preparing office is "Front Sight" situated close Pahrump in Nevada. Apologies, I happen to concur with you hubby. You could never need to shoot anyone if there were no awful folks however we're not living in immaculate world either. Deal with yourself.

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