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Weight Loss For Everyone and the Magic Bullet.

I had to think long and hard about putting together this booklet. The reasons are many, but mostly what I didn't want was a bunch of people saying "this guys supposedly a market guru and now he

Weight Loss For Everyone and the Magic Bullet.

I had to think long and hard about putting together this booklet. The reasons are many, but mostly what I didn't want was a bunch of people saying "this guys supposedly a market guru and now he thinks he knows something about weight loss??"  That would be a turn off. So, one has to first get the message across that indeed I do know of what I speak.

Not long ago in one of our Investing Newsletters, I suggested the following.. Each and every person I know could be considered an expert in some particular field. I didn't say that to jest, I meant every word of it. For, what is an expert? It's someone who's head and shoulders above the masses on a particular topic. Well in my travels I've found barmaids that were expert skiers. I've talked to salty old baymen that knew more about diesel engines than most engineers. I've met hobby chef's that create dishes that rank up there with the pro's you see on TV. The fact is that all of us have several areas of our lives that we can impart knowledge to others because we've learned about that particular topic. Maybe it's a hobby, maybe it's a latent career dream, what ever. I guarantee that if I talk to you long enough, there's some area of expertise you could teach me about.

With that in mind, I also find it interesting just how varied some people's alternate skills are. I know a man that works in construction. Yet he's got the finest collection and knowledge of old H.O. style trainsets one could imagine. He knows virtually everything about them from when they started, the models they made, the different cars, tracks, wheel sizes, engine types, etc etc. It's astounding his depth of knowledge. Although a very competent carpenter.. people from around the world email him for advice on the train sets.

So one thing I do ask everyone to do is take stock of what you're passionate about, and think about your depth of knowledge of that topic. Is it so deep that someone would pay you for your advice if it was for purchase? Maybe you're into gardening, sewing, cooking, collecting, selling, you name it. I'm betting you have a skill you could sell.

In my particular case, I tend to have rather varied interests that's for sure. But I can without a doubt consider myself an expert in several things. One of them just happens to be the "real deal" about weight, what it is, and how to defeat it. So if you're asking.. Well what makes you think you're an expert on it? Great question.. I'll start with myself and some brutal honesty. I am 5 feet 10 inches tall. I graduated high school at 169 lbs, and I was quite active and athletic. I am 54 years old as I write this. At this very moment, I weigh 169 lbs. A year ago I was tipping the scales at 228 and it was FAT... not muscle, not shapely.. just fat.

As a teenager, I became involved in martial arts. Judo, Ju jitsu, Karate. By 14, I was entering full contact junior Karate matches. By 18, I was very involved in the sport. But, because there are indeed weight classes just like boxing, I had to learn how to shed 10 or 15 pounds quickly. Or, how to gain them without being fat. If I was pushing the heavyweight class, but saw a promising title fight I could get in the middle weights, I'd cut the 30 lbs and make weight. It became second nature for me to pretty much peg my weight where ever I needed it to be.

I have dropped 60 lbs four times in the last 20 years. My biggest loss was 71 lbs, which made me so skinny, people thought I had aids and even I didn't feel comfy at that weight. Instantly most people will go "ha! he diets like a nut, then gains it all back, what good is that?"  Neither one of those is true however. To be blatantly ugly about it.. I'm a strange bird no doubt. I will purposely lay around, and eat like the proverbial pig during the summer. I'll be a glutton. I'll stop any and all exercise and just go fishing or what have you. Then, when I balloon up like a blimp, I'll look at myself and say "well that was fun, let's get rid of all that". Then I will indeed take it all back off. although I said that I've dropped 60 lbs four times in the last 20 years, I've probably dropped and gained 30lbs.. 15 times.

So why not just maintain the lower weight? Wouldn't that be easier? Yes indeed it would. But remember I said it before, I'm kind of odd to say the least. I could have remained the same weight for ever and it wouldn't be much of an issue. But I actually got a kick out of doing what I do. I don't know why exactly, maybe it's the bizarre pride of knowing I can drop it any time I want? Maybe there's something whacked out in my head and I have a disease that makes me want to do this? Or maybe, and my best guess is.. I enjoyed the trip back down as much as the trip up.

I realize that by now you're thinking "this guys nuts" and to some extent I'm sure that's true. But it doesn't change the facts, so just accept that I've laid it on the line for you like that. The only caveat to this is that now at my advanced age of decrepitude, I've decided I've made my last round trip of over 20 lbs. From here on out I'll "hover". Why? As I get up there in years, I've got to watch the heart health etc much more closely. There's nothing what so ever that's healthy about being fat. There's nothing healthy about being a glutton just because you can and you want to. So, From here on out, I'll hover between 160 and 180. When I was 30 and decided to be a blimp I had youth on my side as far as heart health, etc. At 54, I'm starting to tempt father time and he can get nasty.

Now.. If I was you and I was reading this, I'd probably say "great, so this guy has the ability to balloon up and then melt it off, it's probably his metabolism".  Well again.. not so fast. I have taught others how to drop significant weight over the years. Because a lot of people get sensitive about the weight thing I'll leave names out... but 5 men that dropped over 45 lbs, and 6 women that dropped between 20 and 45 tells me that indeed, what I do works for most. I'll explain later how to make it work for all.

Now let's do the legal thing. I am NOT a Doctor. I'm not in any way, shape or form connected to the medical community. I'm just some guy on the Internet, and you paid to hear what works for me when it comes to losing weight. Yes it's worked for everyone I suggested my methods to. But that said, I don't want anyone running to the lawyers because you didn't check with your doctor first to see if what I'm preaching is okay for you. I'm not a doctor, I don't know you. I have no idea if your body is healthy enough to start any form of weight loss regime. So, check with them first.

So now that we have all that bizzaro out of the way, let's get down to some basics. First off what are we trying to do here anyway? What is fat? How do you know if you're slightly overweight, fat, or plainly obese? What are your goals? Are you really overweight, or are you just envious of the rail thins? What have you done that worked or didn't work? Are you a "yo yo" sort that can take it off, but if you don't bust your butt it comes right back? How's your will power? Do you fold up easy, can't take a challenge? See, all this is important to "some" extent.

You decided to read this article. That tells me that you are NOT comfortable in your own skin. No one bothers to look at something they're not interested in, so it's easy for me to know that you have some form of weight loss concept in your head. But we do indeed need to make at least one major discovery here and only you can answer it. Are you overweight or are you truly obese? Although I'm going to show you all how it doesn't matter, there is a difference in how you should approach this.

Look this is 2011. It's incredibly hard for most people to not be 15 lbs overweight, or if you don't wish to call it overweight, let's just say "carrying an extra 15 lbs". Why? Because we don't do anything any more. We eat the richest foods on earth, we drive our car, we sit on the couch, we park in front of a computer in our little cubicle at work, etc. We don't bust our hump like our grand parents did.  I will be the first to say that if you aren't carrying around an extra 10 to 15 lbs, you've been blessed with a nice metabolism, or you've consciously worked at it. Congrats and Kudo's either way.

In the course of human history, it's only been in the last few hundreds of  years that weight was much of an issue to us. Now I'm not talking about the concept of "beauty" here because as we see in Greek and Roman art, often it was the chubby gal that was indeed thought of to be the most attractive. Then it was the thin gal, then back to the chubby, etc etc. What I am talking about however is that if we go way back in human history, life was hard and food was hard to come by. People didn't get fat because it took a lot of work to provide shelter, and to hunt down enough game or fish or what have you to feed yourself. Being that humans are indeed able and capable of being omnivorous, meaning we can eat plants, veggies, etc along with meats.. in very early human history, we mainly ate proteins from hunting and ate what ever berries, fruits etc that we found along the trail. We were thin, and in remarkable health.

As you can imagine however, our digestive tracts were designed for eating small amounts, when they were available. We're sort of like rats and apes.. designed to nibble almost constantly on anything we found along the way. If we got a rabbit, great, we'd eat it, but  we had no refrigeration. So, early man would simply eat what he had, and when his signal said "okay you're full" he'd stop. He had no way to store it for later.

Long about 6000 years ago when man had gone from a roaming nomad, to "settling down" and have a piece of land, some form of structure to live in, maybe domesticate some animals, even plant seasonal foods...weight began to "show up". The why is pretty easy to understand. When you go from nomading and nibbling on what you can find when you find it.. to having a "house" and  few animals at your disposal that you can butcher up any time you want, maybe a small patch of land you grow root veggies on.. things suddenly changed. The human digestive tract simply wasn't capable of a "constant" supply of all the food it wanted. But, because in the early days of human development, ANY food was a blessing, the body developed ways to store that food for later use. Welcome.. fat. 

But then it gets even a bit more odd. Fat... started to be looked upon as a signal of wealth. If you had a basic "home" and some animals, you were head and shoulders richer than the nomad hunter. Likewise, women "rich" enough to carry extra weight were often thought of as the most desirous, both in beauty and child bearing capability..and it was no mistake that the ladies chased the heaviest men. They were "rich" so to speak and could help them endure life better.

As we got into the mid centuries something else changed. People had populated to the point where there were several different classes of people and the class was designated by how "rich" you were. If you were Rich, you could eat much better than the peasants. For many hundreds of years, you could always pick out the high class people, they were the ones carrying extra pounds around.

Now all that in itself presents us with a bit of a problem. See, there's no question that over the years there was a genetic shift involved between the two classes. Since the rich only really mated the rich, and the poor only mated the poor, as you can imagine after several tens of generations there was actually a genetic difference deep in the brain between the fat regulating mechanisms of rich people versus poor people. The rich offspring were more genetically "used" to being fat, while the poor.. having always been thin .. hadn't developed the biochemistry to deal with it. When someone tells you that the rich are often in better "shape" than the poor, it's not always because of wonderful habits and healthcare.  They also have a genetic disposition towards dealing with extra calories, different than the average and poor. We'll worry about that difference later on... it's not an issue for us.

Let's now explore just what is fat, and are you fat?

There are three basic kinds of fats in your body. When you open a person up, you'll see a fatty spongy tissue surrounding vital organs and frankly without it we'd all internally bruise ourselves to death just walking down the steps. It's normal, it belongs there and even if you had the most amount of it your body was designed to carry, it wouldn't make you "fat" or "obese".  The next and most common fat is the "stuff" you see under your skin. This is nothing more than reserve fuel. Think about it like this...

You have a body temperature of 98.6 degrees. It does take a fairly hefty amount of fuel burn to keep that temperature up . ( think about heating just a small room in the dead of winter.. it costs a lot to make it 100 degrees doesn't it? You bet) On top of our operating temperature, we have all manner of energy depleting things going on from the autonomous activities of breathing, digestion, blood making, infection fighting, organ renewal, dead cell regeneration, etc etc. All this takes fuel.

All those many zillions of years ago your body "learned" to store any food it couldn't use via instant digestion, in this material we'll call fat. Being as wonderful as the human body is, this "fat" has the ability to store the most amount of caloric energy in the smallest possible space.Now have you ever heard the old adage that you can't "spot reduce" your fat? In the broad sense that's true, but not for the reason you might think. See, regular "fuel fat" is never stored in any one place, such as on the hips, butt, arms, abdomen. It is evenly spread out along the entire body, so that it can be drawn upon the most efficiently.

So if you have a bulging stomach, bags on your thighs, giant lumps on your hips, male breasts etc.. this is NOT fuel fat. No? No. In fact this is chemically the very same fat as your fuel fat, but it's been locked away, never to be touched again.  It is almost NEVER allowed to become fuel, no matter how hard you starve yourself.  Therein lies a major problem. We'll get to it later.

At this point you need to truly examine yourself and answer a few questions. Are you overweight, or are you obese? Some will tell you that "all" overweight is the same, but here is where I have to differ, even with a few of the doctors that I have the utmost respect for. As we work into how all this happens, you'll understand why I believe there is a major difference.

We know that diet plays a significant factor in a persons weight. It almost seems so basic as not to mention it. But there's an issue with that. Because anyone that's ever done serious work with the obese knows ...that many times the obese person can be eating significantly less caloric intake than his body functions ( heat, movement, etc) require, and yet they still gain weight. This is the stumbling block that 99% of the people do not understand. NOT ALL WEIGHT IS BECAUSE OF GLUTTONY, LOUSY EATING HABITS OR NO EXERCISE.  Sorry for the capital letters but this is vitally important to understand. If you have people that take in less calories than their body should need to function properly and they do not lose weight, obviously there has to be something else going on... right? Right.

In fact, lots of those people endure extreme ridicule by society for being pigs, not able to resist, etc, and yet in side they're starving. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about the bulk of the obese. Many have chosen to eat 3 dozen eggs, and two cakes for breakfast, followed by two pizzas for lunch and then half a grocery store for dinner. They're obese because they got caught up in the obese loop.. getting fat at first, and then eating more and more to satisfy the feelings they get when they're so bloated on food.  But again, if a percentage of obese are NOT gluttons, and in fact eat less than metabolically necessary, there has got to be a different situation one needs to take into account.

This is where the rubber really does meet the road folks. So, pay attention. We've discussed the evolution if you will, of why thousands of years ago weight wasn't a problem, when it showed up and for the most part what your body does with the extra nutrition it can't use from the immediate digestion process. But all that said, there's that 3rd class of fat, we'll call stored fat. Not fuel fat, the stuff your body spreads all over it self for a immediate fuel source if it needs it... no this is stored fat, and frankly it's never to be touched again. That's the "stuff" that an awful lot of people deal with unsuccessfully.

Earlier in this booklet I asked you a question.. are you a bit overweight or are you obese. While some doctors believe that all extra weight is a latent obesity, I don't. Why? Well, each and every person is indeed metabolically different to some extent. They are physically different. The proof of that is evident, some people wear glasses, some don't. Some people are tall, some aren't. Some women have large breasts, some are flat chested... the differences go on an on. Well they don't just go on and on ONLY at the physical stature side of the equation, they go on and on in the chemical processes of the body. Not everyone's basic metabolism functions exactly the same.

For the most part, when a person is overweight, science has attempted to blame it on some form of disease if you will, and they looked at the different glands of the body for malfunction. People were told about thyroids and the adrenals. They were told of the pituitary and it's role on metabolics. But when examined to the nth degree, we find that in most cases these are not the contributing factors to the person's underlying problem. So then what is?

As smart as we are, there are areas of the brain that we simply don't understand the function of so well. In fact, in some parts we are at a loss as to all things its responsible for. Now, when you consider all the hundreds of functions that your body does without your thinking knowledge, such as breathing, temperature regulation, heart beat, digestion, disease and infection fighting, sex, sleep, urination,  etc.. it's amazing in scope. This area of the brain that regulates and controls these functions are deep brain areas, called the diencephalon   Well let me ask a question.. when your digestive tract extracts the nutrition from the food you just ate, do you have to think about how much it was, and if it was more than your blood can carry and use, where and how to store the rest as fuel fat? No, it's done automatically, just like the other self regulating processes.

Now here's where we're going to get into some "out there" stuff so to speak.. Because that operation of taking excess fuel and turning it into fat for storage below the skin all around your body, is indeed automatic, why then do some people have enormous fat deposits in the common areas ( abdomen, thighs, hips, butt, etc) that just don't respond to any diet or exercise? Because there's a "limit switch" so to speak deep in the Diencephalon area of the brain that basically says how much fuel fat is going to be stored, versus that which will be expelled/and or consumed as fuel. But, what happens when something throws the limit switch into a funk? What is it that sometimes "overwhelms" this switch, and it decides to take fat that should be destined for excretion or fuel fat, and deposits it in specific areas of the body, that are seemingly impossible to get rid of?

The exact mechanism isn't known.. in fact some doc's dispute this really happens. But I've read reports going back to the early 1900's that substantiate this as true, and after doing much research, I believe it to be so. There comes a "change" at that limit switch in your brain where it gets out of whack. So..we have to say "okay, what got it out of whack and once out of whack can it become "in whack?" We might never know the reason why, there are things I can suggest but they don't really matter that much. Can it be fixed is the bigger question. That answer is YES.

Let's suppose that someone had a genetic disposition towards being fat. As we have explained before, over eons of evolution, "fat" was looked upon as desirable, and if in a persons' genetic bloodline there's a "fat gene" that makes the fat switch trip, that's certainly one way it can happen. Another way is the onslaught of too much nutrition too fast. For instance we often see a very active person with a good build, turn into a puddle of fat when he/she is forced to curtail their activity while eating the same calories. Evidently without the use of all that food for movement, the fat switch gets overwhelmed a bit, and flips into storage mode, way past fuel fat mode. Consider people that you knew who were injured and had to sit for weeks on end. More times than not, without eating more.. they gain an unacceptable level of fat. The switch simply flipped to "storage" versus excretion.  This is why there are over 40 studies of nazi inmates, people who were starved for years and nothing but skin and bone, who were suddenly clinically obese in just 3 months when given normal rations. The limit switch wasn't ready to absorb all that food nutrition available virtually any time the person wanted to eat. The switch malfunctioned and "boom" in virtually no time, he became obese.

Being that the diencephalon regulates so many things at once, sometimes different areas of it share some of the load when things get extreme. We all know the effects of stress on our bodies, we sweat more, we become nervous, we see digestive changes, acid refluxes, etc etc. When one area gets overtaxed, other areas chip in to help. But, not being it's normal function, there's evidence to prove that sometimes this disrupts the switch and obesity is the result.

The bottom line to all this, and the point we need to understand is that when everything is functioning properly, if you over eat, and don't exercise, your switch is going to take "X" amount of excess food nutrition, excrete some of it, and create more "fuel" fat cells and place them around your body. You will show the classic signs of being overweight, but and again this is important you won't be obese. In my opinion, unless a person displays the right body placement of abnormal amounts of fat, he/she is not obese, he is overweight.

Now.. if you are merely overweight, you can defeat it and defeat it really quite easily. If you are truly obese, there's still a way to do it, and we'll talk about that later. Right now I want to focus on what I said many paragraphs ago.. it's not uncommon in today's day and age to be 10 - 15 lbs overweight, simply because we eat so many scheduled meals, of such superior richness, your fat switch has to take some amount of that excess nutrition and store it for future fuel use. Thus, the fact will show that you can get rid of this excess fuel fat via diet and exercise.

So let's talk about the normal overweight person here. He/she knows that they're carrying " a few extra pounds" and wants them gone. They usually try starvation ( won't work) they try over the counter medication ( won't work) they try all manner of things, without really understanding the nature of why they are overweight to begin with.

Everyone's  heard of the different diets by now.. Atkins, Southbeach etc.. and they are indeed pretty good. Granted I'm not going to give these all the accolades that so many have heaped on them.. see.. diet study has gone on for over 150 years. Scientists noticed that poorer people eating more "cheap food" and less protein, seemed to be significantly overweight compared to people eating higher percents of protein versus cheap "filler food'. ( Pasta, rice, beans, etc)  Atkins was nothing new, studies on the weight of various groups divided by global location, dietary issues, food availability etc were printed in the 1880's.

One thing became glaringly obvious when you look back through the last 100 years of true research. People that consume most of their calories via the filler food category, consistently gain weight. Why is that? Because the make up of filler food is 99% of the time a carbohydrate, which is a form of a sugar no matter how you break it down. Do we need to get into the science of it all? Probably not, I don't know that it will help most of you, but consider it like this.. When you eat a starch ( which gets converted into a sugar) or a sugar, your body has about 30 minutes to use the energy from that carbohydrate for fuel. After that 30 to 40 minute window, the signal will flash at your fat regulating switch that you have extra "energy" but no mechanical need for it. You're not running, swimming, jogging, chopping wood, working out, etc.. you're sitting in a chair writing an expense report. So, your fat switch will first direct this extra calories to fat cells that have the room to take them in. When that limit is met, it sends some for excretion. If your fat switch constantly gets bombarded with carbs that aren't being burned up in a short period of time, it then creates more fat cells in anticipation of filling them up.

The real bottom line is this... given enough time, the constant inducement of carbohydrates into the body, without the necessary physical expenditure to burn them up, will overwhelm the body's need of it, and it will become fat. Period.

I have to give Atkins credit, he made a fortune simply by looking back over research done many years ago and turning it into a world class book. Bravo. So, does it really work? If you cut out carbs will you lose weight? Again the answer is yes, as long as your fat switch hasn't gone bonkers and is storing fat abnormally, in abnormal areas of the body. I am proof. the Ladies I've talked to are proof. The men I've "instructed" are proof.

So, you can run out and buy atkins books, or you can simply do what I do when I want to drop 20 lbs. Once again, we'll talk about obese issues a bit later, this is simple overweight, toning up, getting down a few dress sizes etc. Okay? Good lets get down to it.

There are only two components of being overweight. How much you eat, and what you eat. Period. Do you know what most of the main stream diet plans like Jenny Craig etc use as their first line of attack? Portion control. They show you wonderful looking meals on TV, but when you get them, you say "wow, look this is a burger, sure, but it's tiny!!!"  Sure is. Do you know why? Because it's absolutely astonishing how much food we eat, versus what we really need.

Hey, I love to eat. I love it. But the fact is that for normal body health and function, we eat a magnitude of times more than we need. The Nazi's proved this in the death camps. Men would work for 12 hours a day 6.5 days a week on a bowl of watery soup. They were bone thin, but they were functional. Now take the other extreme.. the average person in 2011. They get up, out of a temperature controlled bedroom, have coffee and a donut. Maybe breakfast of some sugar laden cereal. On the way to work, where they are sitting in a car... they stop for gas and pop a cinnamon roll. At work, where they're biggest calorie expenditure is picking up the phone... the lunch bell rings and they eat a hoagie. At 2 pm. they have their afternoon snack of pretzels and soda. Then they rush home in their car...to eat a full dinner maybe featuring potatoes, a sirloin steak, a few  slices of bread, and of course don't forget the bowl of ice cream afterwards for dessert.

Do you see the comparison here? On one hand men forced to work 12 hour days on watery gruel, once a day.. and they functioned. The same "human species" in the second example takes in thousands of rich calories a day. Frankly it's amazing that everyone's fat switch isn't goofed up. So, portion control does play a role in this whole "diet thing" as well as it should. Just because I know that I like the taste and the satisfaction I get from eating a perfectly grilled steak, does it have to be a 16 ounce steak? Please. That's just giving into the lust of the taste.

With all this in mind..it's obvious that most of us simply eat too much food to start with, and your body has one hell of a time excreting as much as it can, while filing away as much as it can in fat cells.  Then as we said, the next issue of course is the make up of the food you are eating. Early man ate mostly proteins, with the occasional berry/fruit/veggie he found along the way. I have no way of knowing how long that lasted, but I'd imagine it was thousands of years. A lot of our basic functions were designed around early man, and as we have adapted to change over the centuries, a lot of things have changed. People are taller overall. The "pinky toe" on our feet are slowly getting smaller as footwear now helps us balance instead of the toes being such an integral part of lateral balance. But when we look at the glandulars, and the basic metabolic function, not too much has changed too quickly.

If we could speed up adaptation, I tend to think our bodies would swing from desiring an 80% protein / 20% carb balance to a ratio of  80% carb/20% protein. Why? Again we have to look at the incredible explosion in caloric intake via carbohydrates that has overwhelmed us in just the last century. For a zillion years proteins balanced with carbs ruled the day. Then in the mid 1800's the first heavy use of sugars, fillers etc started showing up. Take the typical farmer in nowhereville Kansas in 1850. Sugar was a luxury he'd have to go buy at the general store. Sugar was a very expensive food, it had to come from the deep south or even be imported and it had a lot of transportation costs. His foods were often on the raw side and he might be planting corn, but always had some livestock. By 1870, sugar was starting to appear more often in some of the goods he'd buy. When the 1900's rolled in, and mass production coupled with better ways of transporting food really started hitting the shelves.. sugars and fillers were becoming common.

In a matter of "no time" when you're talking about human adaptation, the typical person went from a meager amount of refined carbohydrates to being smothered in them. Ketchup hit the scene.. made with sugar. Bread mixes let everyone bake.. loaded with refined white flour. Every manufacturer of food knew that people love sweet, so sugar of some form usually made it's way into just about everything we ate. When sugar got to be too expensive, the development of high fructose corn syrup hit. Go to your pantry today and look at the labels of what's there. Your tomato sauce has it, your bread has it, your condiments have it, your barbecue sauces has it.. it's everywhere. But again it's just a form of sugar, thus a carbohydrate...and destined to overwhelm your system. Bottom line? We simply take in too much of them every day.

So .. yes indeed, just cutting out carbs will indeed "make" you lose weight if you're merely overweight. It's actually not that hard to do, but I'm not going to sugar coat this ( pun intended) it's not 100% easy either. Why? Because we all love sugar, and carbs of any form are still a sugar eventually.. the things we crave the most..such as bread, pasta, cakes, chips, pretzels, are all bad for us. Who doesn't like a big mound of mashed potatoes smothered with gravy?? If you don't I think you're an alien. You're not human. Who doesn't like a big hunk of fresh baked rye bread with that perfect chewy crust and wonderful smell? Anyone? We all do.

So what's the solution? I asked you all in the opening paragraphs if you have at least "some" will power. If not, you're going to need much more help.. the "magic pill" solution to your problem which we'll discuss later. But please folks, if you're merely overweight, let's attempt to solve it on our own instead of going for treatment, okay? It's not that hard, and frankly once you get past the first two weeks, it's easier than you can imagine.

I've never read the Atkins diet. I've never read any of the mainstream diet plans. I don't need to, since I know what works for me. I know that what works for me works for others, as I've said I've shown many how to do it and the results have been stunning. So, what I do should indeed work for you.

Before we get into it however I need to mention exercise, and end results. Just cutting carbs out of your diet will indeed take off pounds. That isn't a guess it's a fact and I guarantee it. But there will be a limit to how much you can lose how quickly. As far as exercise goes, you do NOT need to make that some grueling gym session like you see on TV. Probably the single best exercise ever invented is simple walking. Not jogging, not running, just a brisk paced walk of at least a mile a day. That's it. That's all the extra "oomph" you need along with cutting off the carb supply.. to accelerate your weight loss. But don't underestimate walking.. it's really the "real deal" as far as health goes. If you can walk 1 - 2 miles a day, at a brisk pace, you'll be amazed at the health benefits you gain. As your leg muscles firm and grow, blood flow increases. You breathe a bit more deeply, your heart gets to step up a pace without taxing it to death, etc etc. It really is the most under appreciated exercise of all... yet it works wonders.

I know a lot of you have been taught that jogging and running is a tremendous exercise. Well, like most things in life, I have a much different view. Let me ask you all a question. Can you name me one, just one animal that runs 5 or 10 miles at a clip.. just because he wants to? Uhm, no you can't. So why do us humans do it? It's not good on your knees and joints, and I can make the ultimate argument that it's not so hot for your heart and overall circulation either. It's not uncommon for long distance runners to die of heart attack. Why? Because long distance running causes your system to become much more efficient, like getting high mileage out of your car. But in real life, that's not what your system needs. Again think about the human nomad. He wanders around eating berries, resting and thinking about the hunt. When the hunt evolves he very well might need an enormous short term burst of energy to run down his prey. In real life, you might have to grab two bags of grocery and run up two flights of stairs. That's a big draw on the system in a short time. If you're body hasn't been trained to deal with short term spurts of high activity.. well.. one of them might get you one day.

Once again think of the animal world. A deer, a Gorilla,  a Lion, a Tiger, a Cheetah, what have you. They walk around, lay around, forage. Then they expel huge amounts of energy in a short period of time. Usually either fleeing from a threat, or chasing game. They aren't fat, and they are in "excellent" shape. Short term "burst" energy training is without a doubt the single best overall health training I've encountered in my 40+ years of activity.  At some point, I should probably put up a tutorial on this specific method of training, because it's easy, fast, and furthermore..it's the most beneficial.

Granted I am all in favor of weight training, but depending on what you ultimately want to look like, it's not always necessary. A lot of people have a really nice build hidden under 30lbs of blubber, and once the blubber is gone, they look great. No you won't be cut and shredded, no you won't have bulging muscles. But not everyone wants them. If you do, then by all means a nice workout regiment of at least 3 sessions a week will be necessary.

Okay what do I do? That depends if I'm maintaining weight, or desiring to lose it. So, let's start with losing it.

The first thing I do is talk myself into it for a week. Really.. this isn't goofy stuff here folks. Your brain is quite a machine and it likes input. It will help you do what you want to do if you tell it correctly. So, for a week I start talking to myself. Oh by the way folks.. don't get trapped into the old stupid ideas of motivational thinking. Some will tell you that you should tell yourself 20 times a day "I am thin" because according to them, your subconscious will make your body into anything you say you are. Have you ever bought any of the mainstream motivational junk, and there's always the part where you do "affirmations?"  What a bunch of hooey. I remember one course in becoming "rich" where they told you to look in the mirror and tell yourself 20 times a day "I am rich, I am rich, I am rich" 

Here's the way it really works. Your brain will indeed help you obtain anything you want.. but you cant' just lie to it. If your a size 16 and your  body looks like 50 lbs of chewed bubble gum, and you stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself.. "I'm a svelte size 6" over and over.. your sub conscious isn't going to help you become a svelte size six. It's going to laugh at you, and be confused. It knows you're not a svelte size 6, but  since you're telling it you ARE..it figures you must be pretty happy with the way you look NOW. Do you get that? If not read it again. DO NOT LIE TO YOURSELF. EVER.  The brain will take it literally. If you tell yourself that you are indeed that gorgeous playboy model.. it will logic that the shape you are in NOW is very good and will  work to KEEP IT THAT WAY. You'll be fighting fat and your brain and frankly you might lose.

The way to reason with your brain is like this. Tell it you understand your current situation, you don't like it, and you ARE GOING TO DO THE THINGS NECESSARY TO CHANGE IT.  That is how it really works folks. Get the language right, and your subconscious will indeed strive to help you reach your goals. Just don't ever lie to it. It will do the Billy gates blue screen of death and you'll defeat yourself.

A typical conversation goes like this.. "I am presently overweight. But I am going to start a plan that fixes that and in just a few weeks I will not be overweight".  That's it. That simple. Over and over I'll mutter something similar to myself. "I am going to start a program that will make me stronger, slimmer, and healthier." "I will take control of my eating, and the benefits will be enormous".

After a week of that, it's actually time to start the plan. Its not that hard.
Ready? Here's the whole thing in one sentence. For 6 days I eat NO carbs ( or incredibly few, a couple sneak in here and there like in milk etc). Then on the 7th day it's cheat day and I eat any damn thing I might crave. Pizza, cake, candy, breads, etc. So, pretty much if you started on a Monday.. no carbs all week and then Sunday, go for it. Pig out. eat anything you want. All you want.

Why do that? Because of two things.. one.. it gives you a goal to work toward. If you're a real sugar junkie, and most begin that way, at least you have something to look forward to. Nothing fails more than simply trying to stop it all together.  But secondly, it allows your '"fat switch" to remember how to function properly. By cutting out carbs, your body is going to have to start tapping into the "fuel fat" it has stored all over your body to produce the energy needed for movement, body temp etc. It does NOT like to have to do this and does't like it. After 6 days of tapping into it, and then on the 7th day giving it a dose of carbs.. it will take some of that excess and inject it back into the fuel fat cells. On the surface that sounds bad, because you are putting fat back on for a day.. but in reality, by the third week or so, the fat regulating mechanism is much more comfortable taking fat OUT of the cells all week. It almost "knows" that it's okay to give up the fuel fat, because it's going to get some back each week. We're simply teaching it that it's okay to draw out of that storage.

Say we start Monday morning. I will make a wonderful breakfast of bacon and eggs.

Let's stop here and discuss edible fat for a second. Your going to hear a lot of people tell you that you eat too much fat. Well, you can believe that if you want and make the proper substitutions. I personally dont' believe fat is nearly as evil as most folks think, and maybe some day I'll write a paper on why that is. But for now, all I can say is that more people have been harmed on low fat diets than you can imagine. Don't sweat the fats.. fat is our friend. (at some point science will ultimately understand that 80% of all body system malfunction is sugar/starch related. Not "fats" related)

Okay, so I had a nice breakfast, two eggs, three slices of bacon. I'm full.. really full. Now granted I didn't have the toast to sop up all that yummie egg, but that's the sacrifice.  At lunch, IF I'm hungry and usually I'm not, I'll simply whip up a high protein shake. I tend to like Dymatize Elite low carb chocolate. Yummy stuff!

Another note..the first two weeks of eating like this can be hard, because all the yummie craving food is off limits.. but usually by the third week you dont' miss them, and as you move on.. often you find yourself less and less hungry. There's been many a day when I have to sit and think whether I ate at all that day, I just wasn't hungry. Once you break the sweet craving, it's amazing how little your body needs to maintain.

Okay dinner time. Ahh, a nice chunk of sirloin steak on the grill, a fresh heaping of green beans and a pile of cole slaw sounds yummie.

Now take note of something here. I don't weigh portions, I don't go hungry. I just use "one helping" and use some judgement. In the coming days you can slowly decrease your portion size, but at first the whole idea is just get rid of the carbs.

Day two. Breakfast... maybe this morning I'm into doing it different. I whip up the big tall glass of whole milk and the protein shake stuff. Then at lunch, I'm a bit hungry, so it's a green salad with some grilled chicken. Dinner? I'm thinking some salmon cooked slow in butter and lemon, some green zuchini with peppers and onions, and some fresh spinach.

Are you noticing something here? These are good filling meals, no starvation...just no evident carbs. This isn't that hard to do.

Day three.. maybe I'd like a cheese omelette. yep. Then my protein shake for lunch. Dinner? Hmm, I'm thinking pork chops on the grill with a side of asparagus, baked with oil/salt/pepper.

Note.. you're probably wondering about the late night snacks. As you can imagine  most of them are comfort foods, full of carbs. No good. You'll need to change to things like "thin sliced pepperoni, and some cheddar cheese". Maybe a bowl of pistachio nuts. carrot sticks and celery. grapefruit. etc.  you'll figure it out.

Day 4.. by the way these are just examples folks, this isn't some diet plan. I'm just tossing up ideas out of the clear blue of days that sound common to what I might do. Hey  what's this? Ahh, a piece of that left over salmon from the other night. Nice. A piece of that on a bed of Romaine lettuce, sounds yummie. Lunch? Nah, not today, just don't feel it. Dinner... the local grocery store fried chicken pack.. Yummy! okay, remove the oil laden breading and have at it. a nice side of broccoli heads steamed and buttered works good today.

Day 5.. got a hankerin for some fruit. Small bowl of blueberries and strawberries with some whole milk sounds refreshing. Lunch today is a chef salad. A bit bigger than my usual lunch but I've got a lot of yard work to do and want the energy. Dinner? I'm thinking bar food. Hows about a plate of hot wings, with a side of bluecheese and celery? Works fine for me.

Day 6..  scrambled eggs sounds pretty good. Lunch feels light today, I'm just going to take some roast beef lunchmeat and roll up some provalone cheese in them. 3 sounds about right.  Dinner? Hmmm I got me an urge for italian. make a pot of hot and sweet Italian sausage, with peppers and onions in a really fresh natural tomato sauce. For noodles, get some "miracle noodles" or at minimum the shiritake low carb noodles.

Day 7 ..Cheat day. Breakfast? Not terribly hungry, just going to wait a bit. Brunch time.. hungry now. I'm thinking pancakes and real maple syrup. Lunch? Have an urge for a sandwich. I'm thinking a BLT on rye toast. Dinner? anyone up for Pizza?

NOTE> After working this for a couple months you might find something interesting develop. You no longer want your "cheat day". In fact, you'll find that after your bowl of ice cream, or your pasta dinner... you feel like crap. I mean almost "lay down sick". Why? Because sugar in it's various forms is almost poison. When you eliminate it and you're body is cleansed of it, you'll be amazed at what happens when you take some in.

As you can see, there's a lot to eat.. you won't be hungry and all along you can have all the coffee/tea/water/ you might want. ( as long as it's unsweetened or you use sweet and low)  at the end of week one, if your scale is really accurate, you will have lost 1 - 3 lbs.

For week two, we incorporate the daily walks. I don't care if you do them in the am, afternoon or after dinner.. but it's time to start walking. A minimum of 1 mile a day, 2 is best. Walk quickly, but not stupid fast.. enjoy the roses.  At the end of week two, if you've been eating right, and walking, expect another 2 - 4 lbs to be gone. Simply repeat this process for as long as it takes to reach the goal you set. 20 lbs should take you about 2.5 months. Sometimes however its faster.. much faster. It depends on many factors, even how hot or cold it is outside. If you do this in the winter, and have the heat set low on your house.. you'll burn energy faster just trying to stay warm for example.

This method has worked, and will work for everyone out there. If it does not work, the reason is simple. 1) Your "fat switch" is horribly broken and you need a "treatment" as we'll explain below, or 2) You are cheating the system somewhere. Yes that 'little bowl of ice cream" you had on Tuesday night hurt. Why? I'll explain...

Most people can't understand why taking in something as small as a couple handfuls of chips, or a bowl of ice cream can cease days of weight loss. The reason is water retention and fuel fat transfer. When you dose the bloodstream with those carbs, again.. what can't be used for instant fuel has to go somewhere, and it starts to go back to the fat cells. But it takes a copious amount of water to deliver all this stuff through the blood. You'll retain water, along with reversing the flow of fat from out of the fat cells, to back in. That's why we save all that for one cheat day a week. If you cheat during the week, this will not work, and you might as well just stay fat.

For MOST of us this is all we need, to slim down. Get back in clothes that fit. Look and feel much better. Naturally from there there's different levels of what you might want to ultimately look like, and that's a whole different discussion.

Then of course there's those that we'd consider obese and this process will only work to a certain degree. Not only that, as the weight comes off you'll start to look somewhat deformed. Have you ever seen a person that from the waist up looks actually quite thin, but from the hips down, looks like an onion bulb? How come all that fat on the hips stayed?  This is the "stored fat" and this is a much different and much different problem.

Way back in the beginning of this article we talked about the fat switch and how it sometimes goes haywire. Well, when something screws it up enough that it starts to place fat in abnormal quantities in abnormal places, we've got an issue that normal diet and exercise will not solve. For this problem we need the magic bullet.

Now.. let's get real here. There is a therapy out there that works every time, for every person. Yet it should only be administered by a doctor that really understands it, and your participation in the program is time consuming, expensive and VERY exact. If you goof up just a tiny bit, it screws up the whole thing. This is why I asked over and over.. are you overweight, or are you obese. If you're overweight and you use the magic bullet to solve your issue, you're not doing yourself any justice at all. Buckle down, cut out the carbs, take your walks and the stuff will melt away. But if you've done that and you still can't get rid of a problem area like a bulging belly, or a giant hip circumference, Or huge bags hanging on your thighs, despite losing pounds everywhere else.. then it's time for HCG.

Although the evidence was always there, in manuscripts and research from many years ago, the real pioneer behind HCG is Dr. Simeon of Rome Italy. Over the years as his theory became practice and his practice proved results, I studied more and more of the science behind what he's done. The bottom line? It's real, it works, and it is the magic bullet.  Many have found his old book, re wrote it and made big bucks on it. So, as we move along, I'm going to steal some of his own words to explain what we have here and how it works. I'm not plagiarizing the man, I'm advertising for him in a way, so I'm comfy quoting him at times.

Remember that we have a lot of people with fat that's locked down and virtually nothing at all will solve it. Well Dr. Simeon pondered something and came away with an incredible find... a find that was right there in everyone's face, but they didn't connect the dots..

"I remembered a rather curious observation made many years ago in India. At that time we knew very little about the function of the diencephalon, and my interest centered round the pituitary gland. Froehlich had described cases of extreme obesity and sexual underdevelopment in youths suffering from a new growth of the anterior pituitary lobe, producing what then became known as Froehlich's disease. However, it was very soon discovered that the identical syndrome, though running a less fulminating course, was quite common in patients whose pituitary gland was perfectly normal. These are the so-called "Fat Boys" with long, slender hands, breasts any flat-chested maiden would be proud to posses, large hips, buttocks and thighs with striation, knock-knees and underdeveloped genitals, often with undescended testicles.

It also became known that in these cases the sex organs could he developed by giving the patients injections of a substance extracted from the urine of pregnant women, it having been shown that when this substance was injected into sexually immature rats it made them precociously mature. The amount of substance which produced this effect in one rat was called one International Unit, and the purified extract was accordingly called Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin whereby chorionic signifies that it is produced in the placenta and gonadotropin that its action is sex gland directed.

The usual way of treating "fat boys" with underdeveloped genitals is to inject several hundred International Units twice a week. Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin which we shall henceforth simply call HCG is expensive and as are fairly common among Indians I tried to establish the smallest effective dose. In the course of this study three interesting things emerged. The first was that when fresh pregnancy-urine from the female ward was given in quantities of about 300 cc. by retention enema, as good results could be obtained as by injecting the pure substance. The second was that small daily doses appeared to be just as effective as much larger ones given twice a week. Thirdly, and that is the observation that concerns us here, when such patients were given small daily doses they seemed to lose their ravenous appetite though they neither gained nor lost weight. Strangely enough however, their shape did change. Though they were not restricted in diet, there was a distinct decrease in the circumference of their hips.

Remembering this, it occurred to me that the change in shape could only be explained by a movement of fat away from abnormal deposits on the hips, and if that were so there was just a chance that while such fat was in transition it might be available to the body as fuel. This was easy to find out, as in that case, fat on the move would be able to replace food. It should then e possible to keep a "fat boy" on a severely restricted diet without a feeling of hunger, in spite of a rapid loss of weight. When I tried this in typical cases of Froehlich's syndrome, I found that as long as such patients were given small daily doses of HCG they could comfortably go about their usual occupations on a diet of only 500 Calories daily and lose an average of about one pound per day. It was also perfectly evident that only abnormal fat was being consumed, as there were no signs of any depletion of normal fat. Their skin remained fresh and turgid, and gradually their figures became entirely normal, nor did the daily administration of HCG appear to have any side-effects other than beneficial.

From this point it was a small step to try the same method in all other forms of obesity. It took a few hundred cases to establish beyond reasonable doubt that the mechanism operates in exactly the same way and seemingly without exception in every case of obesity. I found that, though most patients were treated in the outpatients department, gross dietary errors rarely occurred. On the contrary, most patients complained that the two meals of 250 Calories each were more than they could manage, as they continually had a feeling of just having had a large meal.

HCG is never found in the human body except during pregnancy and in those rare cases in which a residue of placental tissue continues to grow in the womb in what is known as a chorionic epithelioma. It is never found in the male. The human type of chorionic gonadotrophin is found only during the pregnancy of women and the great apes. It is produced in enormous quantities, so that during certain phases of her pregnancy a woman may excrete as much as one million International Units per day in her urine - enough to render a million infantile rats precociously mature.

Basically what Dr Simeon found was that during the miracle of pregnancy, the mother is made astoundingly strong. She cannot get gout. She cannot fall prey to a lot of nasty ills. It's God's way of making sure life continues to expand. It is, for instance, well known that during pregnancy an obese woman can very easily lose weight. She can drastically reduce her diet without feeling hunger or discomfort and lose weight without in any way harming the child in her womb. It is also surprising to what extent a woman can suffer from pregnancy-vomiting without coming to any real harm.

Pregnancy is an obese woman's one great chance to reduce her excess weight. That she so rarely makes use of this opportunity is due to the erroneous notion, usually fostered by her relatives and parents that she now has "two mouths to feed" and must keep up her strength for the coming event.  All modern obstetricians know that this is nonsense and that the more superfluous fat is lost the less difficult will be the confinement, though some still hesitate to prescribe a diet sufficiently low in Calories to bring about a drastic reduction.

A woman may gain weight during pregnancy, but she never becomes obese in the strict sense of the word. Under the influence of the HCG which circulates in enormous quantities in her body during pregnancy, her diencephalic banking capacity seems to be unlimited, and abnormal fixed deposits are never formed

Now here's the whole point of everything I've written so far folks.. Pay attention....

Pregnancy seems to be the only normal human condition in which the diencephalic fat-banking capacity is unlimited. It is only during pregnancy that fixed fat deposits can be transferred back into the normal current account and freely drawn upon to make up for any nutritional deficit. In other words, this chemical HCG, gives a person with locked away fat storage issues a method to draw on those fixed reserves.
Those bulging hips and enormous thighs, those fat folds that won't go away, will be drawn upon, and ultimately taken away.

It cannot he sufficiently emphasized that HCG is not sex-hormone, that its action is identical in men, women, children and in those cases in which the sex-glands no longer function owing to old age or their surgical removal. The only sexual change it can bring about after puberty is an improvement of a pre-existing deficiency, but never a stimulation beyond the normal.  In an indirect way via the anterior pituitary, HCG regulates menstruation and facilitates conception, but it never virilizes a woman or feminizes a man.  It neither makes men grow breasts nor does it interfere with their virility, though where this was deficient it may improve it. It never makes women grow a beard or develop a gruff voice. Usually when people  hear the word hormone they immediately jump to the conclusion that this must have something to do with the sex- sphere. They are not accustomed as we are, to think thyroid, insulin, cortisone, adrenalin etc, as hormones. HCG is NOT, I repeat not a sex based hormone.

So here's the important take away folks. For some amount of people, the fat "banking or storing system gets a bit whacked out, and for various reasons. Lumps and bumps form that shouldn't be there. No amount of dieting, working out, or a combo of the two will take them down unless you are force starved and worked hard such as the obese that went into the Nazi camps and indeed became skin and bones. Without having a gun to your head, you'd never endure the hunger, the pain, the feelings of trying to do that.

But HCG is the ONE magic bullet. If given correctly, and the diet that goes with it is followed to the Nth degree, it will work. I have personally seen it work on 3 separate people that I have followed in this and the results were startling. I will keep the name out, but I know a gal that was "big all over" but especially in the breast and hips. You could almost call them.. deformed. She tried the standard diets, and then of course the no carb diets. Although she lost fuel fat.. she became more grotesque. While her waist pulled in nicely, it just amplified her enormous breasts and hips. It was a horror to see.

She went to see a doctor in of all places Canada, who was a devout follower of Dr Simeons back in 1954 when Dr. Simeon had first written his book. She lived up there with her sister and followed the HCT treatment and diet to a Tee. When she returned to NJ a year later, a most embarrassing thing happened to me. I was in a toy store looking for some trinket to take to my cousins children. I was approached by this stunning lady who asked if she could help me out. I talked to her for about a minute before I noticed her name tag. NO WAY!!! ....Yes way. It was her. She knew me, and wondered how I'd react to her transformation. The hips gone, the breasts still large but now in proportion. The skin pure and wonderful. I had NO IDEA it was the same person. Frankly she was "hot" to look at.  How did I react to her? I didn't even know it was her. This was not the deformed lady that left for Canada a year before. Uhm.. yes .. it was.

I am not a doctor and I don't play one on TV. What I do know however is what works and what doesn't. If you are in dire need of big time obese management you need to find a center that specializes in HCG and has the proven testimony to their history. This stuff works and it works perfectly. What doesn't work sometimes is fly by night doctors only using it to get rich, and patients that won't do what it takes to adhere to the diets.

So there you have it folks. Whether you're overweight or obese, you can be "fixed". I think I've given you a really pretty good idea of how it all works,  and how to go about battling it. I really hope this has opened your eyes to what's possible.

Then tell me.. did you like this article?

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