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What’s Wrong With This Ebola Picture?

Everything. And that will be the topic of today’s article.

Pull up a chair and lets chat folks. I’ve been meaning to chat about this for a week now, but of course life gets in the way. We have so many issues to talk about that one has to pick and chose topics carefully, so that it is significant to the most amount of people at the time. Well, this Ebola thing is pretty significant.

Now before I go off on my rant, I think I’d better check my sanity with a dipstick, just to make sure I haven’t become infested with the conspiracy virus.  Okay, that looks good, I don’t think I’ve become a brainwashed conspiracy nut. Yet what I’m going to talk about will plant me firmly in that camp for a lot of you.  All I ask is that you keep an open mind, because from where I sit, something stinks like 10 day fish.

 What’s Wrong With This Ebola Picture?

Everything. And that will be the topic of today’s article.

Pull up a chair and lets chat folks. I’ve been meaning to chat about this for a week now, but of course life gets in the way. We have so many issues to talk about that one has to pick and chose topics carefully, so that it is significant to the most amount of people at the time. Well, this Ebola thing is pretty significant.

Now before I go off on my rant, I think I’d better check my sanity with a dipstick, just to make sure I haven’t become infested with the conspiracy virus.  Okay, that looks good, I don’t think I’ve become a brainwashed conspiracy nut. Yet what I’m going to talk about will plant me firmly in that camp for a lot of you.  All I ask is that you keep an open mind, because from where I sit, something stinks like 10 day fish.

Ebola first really came on the scene in 1976 in Zaire. In that outbreak 280 people died, and the mortality rate was 88%. Since then there’s been quite a few “small” outbreaks of the disease, such as in 1994 in Gabon, where 52 died and several instances where between 1 and 20 people died. But there were other larger breakouts such as in the Republic of the Congo in 1995 where 250 died.  All told, not counting this one…there’s been 15 Ebola outbreaks since 1976, and about 33 if they include “Ebola like” diseases.

Okay, so what is it that has my panties in a bunch concerning this outbreak? First off, the best defense against Ebola is containment. You virtually shut down the area of infection, no one comes, no one goes. In this particular situation, the doors have been wide open. If you are dealing with one of the most vicious viruses on earth, that kills 50 -90% of the folks that get it, why are airlines still flying into the area? Why are people being flown out of the area?

Next up on my hit list is the way they’re describing the transmission mechanism of this bug. They are going out of their way to say that the only way to get this thing is direct body fluid contact. But that flies in the face of a lot of things. First off,  they tell us it isn’t airborne. Well I think you need to define airborne.  See they’re telling us that you need contact with body fluid. Well I’m sorry but too many people are getting this; who obviously aren’t playing with other folks body fluids.

In 1995 the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, in their “Lethal experimental infections of rhesus monkeys by aerosolized Ebola virus,” states….

“Demonstration of fatal aerosol transmission of this virus in monkeys reinforces the importance of taking appropriate precautions to prevent its potential aerosol transmission to humans.”

Okay, so they did some experiments with monkeys and it seemed that monkeys separated by several feet were catching the disease.  Maybe that doesn’t prove much. But what about the CDC? What have they got to say?  Well they warn about not being protected within a certain area of a patient, let’s look…

Being within approximately 3 feet (1 meter) of an EVD patient or within the patient’s room or care area for a prolonged period of time (e.g., health care personnel, household members) while not wearing recommended personal protective equipment”

But the EU has their own version of a CDC, and here’s what they have to say…. Low risk exposure is not mentioned there, only high risk exposure, and includes:

close face-to-face contact (e.g. within one metre) without appropriate personal protective equipment (including eye protection) with a probable or confirmed case who was coughing…”

The question now rises of course: If not transmittable through the air, how can a person get infected with Ebola by coming within a meter of an Ebola patient or by being in the same room or care area of an Ebola patient? Good question, which brings up the topic of droplets.  If Ebola can be in a victims saliva ( it can) and he coughs or sneezes, cannot the air transmit those particles? It can for short distances, yes. That’s why the CDC is talking about “3 feet”.  So while it might not drift in the breeze like some virus’s, it is clear that getting coughed on or sneezed on, while you’re within a few feet is “BAD”.

Well how many feet away from someone are you on a plane?? With the way they’re packing planes now, and the way you have to line up like a line of worker ants just to board, you’re within 3 feet of dozens of folks at any one time.   

So right off the bat, the lack of containment and the lies they’re spreading about how you can get this thing, are bugging me. But there’s more that just doesn’t add up. Ebola is a hemorrhagic disease. It gets that name because frankly you hemorrhage, which means bleed. In past outbreaks, you’d see these victims bleeding out the eyes, ears, nose, eyes, anus etc. They’d have horrible looking skin lesions from bleeding under the skin. Now I ask, where’s the blood? You see these “victims” and there’s no bleeding, no diarrhea, nothing.  Are you telling me that in 2014 where cell phone cameras are the single largest transmission of photos, there’s NO pictures of people laying in pools of blood during this outbreak? Give me a break here.

Ebola is probably the most feared of a class of viruses known as hemorrhagic fever viruses. Other less known but related viral syndromes include yellow fever, dengue hemorrhagic fever, Rift Valley fever, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, Kyasanur Forest disease, Omsk hemorrhagic fever, hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, Venezuelan hemorrhagic fever, Brazilian hemorrhagic fever, Argentine hemorrhagic fever, Bolivian hemorrhagic fever, and Lassa fever. The Ebola virus infection,was named after a river in Zaire, is also known as African hemorrhagic fever, and has the distinction of having the highest case-fatality rate of the viral infections noted above, ranging from 53% to 88%. Stay with me here…

These viral hemorrhagic fever syndromes share certain clinical features. The Cecil Textbook of Medicine notes that these diseases are characterized by capillary fragility, which translates to easy bleeding, that can frequently lead to severe shock and death. These diseases also tend to consume and/or destroy the platelets, which play an integral role in blood clotting. The clinical presentation of these viral diseases is similar to scurvy, which is also characterized by capillary fragility and a tendency to bleed easily. Characteristic skin lesions develop, which are actually multiple tiny areas of bleeding into the skin that surround the hair follicles. some cases even include bleeding into already healed scars.

In other words, in at LEAST 50% of the cases of Ebola, there is outward visible signs of hemorrhagic virus. Have you seen any of these signs? All I see is folks that look like they’ve got a horrible flu.

So again I’ll ask the question.. where’s the blood? So far I’ve only seen stock photo’s from the 94 and 76 outbreaks of folks with Ebola. Am I to believe all these folks are dying from Ebola and no one has the guts to post the gruesome photos like they did years ago? Well I don’t.

Moving along, I’m really bothered by the recoveries we’re supposedly seeing. In past outbreaks, even folks that survived the disease often were crippled for life as the disease shut down liver and organs, turning them to mush. But we’ve got these folks spending a couple weeks in the hospital and coming out ready to play tennis.  

So lets add this up. They not only didn’t contain this thing, they transported victims into other countries. They didn’t shut down air travel out of the area. They say it can’t travel via the air, but it most certainly can via cough and sneeze. There’s no evidence of these people bleeding to death, and they’re healing up quickly with very little to no lingering effects.  Is this the same Ebola we have seen in the past??  It sure doesn’t seem like it.

Now the question becomes… what’s it all mean? Well that’s a tough one to call folks. Maybe this is a new strain that doesn’t act like it used to, but that wouldn’t explain the lack of containment. Maybe they were just asleep at the wheel and it got away from them and they don’t want to panic any one. Or maybe it is something really dark and evil going on.

I don’t usually go “there” with you folks. But I can see the case for suggesting they wanted this virus to spread and create a panic. Why? There’s lots of reasons why they could use a big fat societal panic. I have said for over a year that the bankers have been desperately looking for something really nasty to erupt so they can blame that as the reason the economy slides back into full blown depression. They tried to start a war with Putin, but he saw the game and didn’t play. Is it possible that they’re going to allow a few cities to go into lockdown, and then blame the resulting chaos for why the economy implodes?  Don’t put it past them.  

Think about what I’m saying folk’s. On Friday we got the non farm payroll report, which resulted in the market soaring for almost 200 points after the open. They say 248K people got jobs. Well that’s a fine headline, but it might as well be science  fiction. Inside the report we see that 230K of those jobs went to folks 55 -69 years old and were mostly part time. Then we learned that even more folks fell out of the labor pool, meaning that now 92.6 million people aren’t working. Then we see that we have added exactly “0” manufacturing jobs since July.

Yet the Fed’s say things are so good, they’re probably going to have to hike rates “sooner than most think” and they’re ending the QE program. Obviously they know the economy is on the ropes, yet they’re talking as if we’re in the sweet spot of all time. My theory has been that they’re desperate to find something to “blame” when the wheels come off because bankers NEVER fess up as being the reason for economic ills.

They tried to get Putin to start a hot war, but he’s much too smart. So they tried to create all manner of “scare” with the ISIS situations and the supposed beheadings. That just wasn’t going to do it. Is it possible that they’ve manufactured this Ebola thing, to create the panic and fear they need to get attention away from themselves as the economy grinds to a halt?

Or how about this… and boy this is a dark one… right now it costs about 2 grand to fly from the infected area of Africa to New York. For a lousy 2 grand, some suicidal lunatic “terrorist” could easily get himself infected, hop a plane and spend his days wandering the streets and shops of NY, infecting as many as he possibly could. Maybe he’d visit some salad bars and cough on the food. Maybe he’d spend some nights with prostitutes. I’m sure you see my point. NOTHING should be allowed out of the infected area, let alone bringing people here.

I understand that it is hard to swallow. I understand that you’d be inclined to say “is this guy nuts?”  But we’ve seen ugly things happen in the past folks, ugly things done by ugly people at very high positions. There’s speculation that they want to create a panic that forces everyone to get vaccinations, and those shots will have other “drugs/ingredients” in them that make people more docile and more easily led by the nose. There’s a lot of talk out there.

I’m not about to say I know what the real deal is yet, but I do NOT believe the main stream media’s reporting on this event. There’s too many issues with this whole thing.  I however will not be surprised if we see more Ebola show up in the US, and I won’t be surprised if it causes the very panic that the bankers would love to foment, so they can blame that for the upcoming ills of our economy.

So to end this, let’s ask that final question…what do you do? What if this doesn’t peter out and actually becomes a pandemic? Is there anything you can do? Well, not a lot to be honest. Naturally the less time you spend around other people, the better your chances of not getting it, so if it was broadcast that indeed a major city was now showing infection, getting away would be wise.

I’m not a doctor and don’t play one on TV. There’s no “cure” for Ebola, and one of the reasons it’s so fatal is that you need good health to start with and good nutrition to fight it off. Many people have neither. But that said, one might want to increase their intake of vitamin C. I don’t need the FDA up my butt by me suggesting that Vitamin C cures Ebola. I am not saying that at all. There is no cure. But Vitamin C has been shown to provide the help blood vessels need to get through hemorrhagic virus infections better.

For now, this is a wait and see game, and I pray it all blows over and nothing bad happens. I would love nothing more than to say “whew, I’m glad that was just a scare and nothing more”.  But for this moment, I’m not convinced I can make that statement. Keep your eyes open on this folks. Watch your hygiene and avoid crowds if you can help it.  What ever this particular bug is, whether a form of Ebola, or some mutation, it’s bad, and you don’t want any part of it.

The Market…

One constant in life is that the spin wizards on Wall Street and at the higher levels of Government agencies; will always put out horrible reports dressed up to look a lot better than they are. This rang true with Friday’s jobs report, which was an unmitigated disaster on many levels.

Depending on how much you truly understand about how all this works, you either think 1) that 248K jobs and a 5.9% unemployment rate is really good news, or 2) you know it is as bogus as Bernie Madoff’s investing scheme. I’m hoping you are all in the number 2 camp.

All the politicians care about is that the headlines read well. 5.9% unemployment and 248K jobs reads very well. But is it real? Hell no, but don’t expect any of them to tell you that. We got to 5.9% because another zillion people stopped looking for work, opting to do nothing or become recipients of some form of Government hand out. In a land of 325 million people, 92.6 MILLION of them are NOT in the labor force.  Don’t forget they don’t consider those 92 million people “unemployed”. Nope, they are just “not in  labor participation”.  

Of the 248K jobs they tell us were filled, 230K of them were for folks aged 55 – 69 and were mostly part time. The real “economy builders” in the age brackets that truly increase production and growth actually fell. Not only that, but wages declined a bit.  Yet despite all that, the market went on to romp higher for over 200 points. You could hear the cheers from CNBC on the moon if you listened hard enough.

So now we have to ask those serious questions. Was Friday’s romp higher the end of the recent selling? Are we once again going to levitate to new highs? Was the 4.6% pullback in the S&P all we’re going to get and it’s green grass and unicorns for ever?  

We all want a simple yes or no answer and I wish I could give you one. But it just isn’t that easy. Why? Because the markets are manipulated and controlled. When you’re dealing with an “entity” that can move markets to suit their agenda, it makes predictions hard to achieve.

Let’s look at the reasons the market “should” be running out of steam here and Friday could have been just another one or two day wonder…. First off, QE is ending this month. The Fed’s say they’re only going to pump in 10 billion in October and then that’s it. Done. In the past, when QE1 ended the market started to puke. When QE2 ended the market started to dump. When the twist ended, the market started to roll over. So we do have historical data that suggests the ending of QE3 will have a negative effect.

There’s the bullish percent situation working here. The markets have gone up for so long, most people are programmed to think this is normal. When 85 to 90% of the people are convinced the market can only really go up, is usually when it pulls the rug and takes them all to the cleaners.

Hilsenrath is the Fed’s “whisperer”. He’s the journalist that the Fed’s wink and nod to, and he goes out and does articles about what he thinks the Fed’s might do next. Immediately after the jobs report Jon was out with notes suggesting that the “strong number” might move the Fed’s to let rates rise sooner than the mid summer 2015 that everyone is expecting. So, we have the possibility of increasing rates.

The bull is long in the tooth. We’re on something like 67 months of this “market recovery” which is historically long. Bull markets don’t last for ever. There’s always a bear lurking somewhere. Then we have to figure on some of the less than stellar news from overseas. China is slowing. Europe is in the toilet. Japan’s on the brink of imploding.  Yet even here in the US, the reports are just as ugly. Housing is dead in the water, Our jobs market is a disaster. Insiders are selling their own stock in droves. In the past two weeks we’ve seen dips of 264 points, bounces of 204 points, and several days of triple digit reversals. That usually spells “trend reversal”.

Finally, we have all these little “issues” that keep popping up. ISIS is supposedly cutting off more heads. Ukraine didn’t go away, tensions are still horrible there. China is in a standoff with the “pro democracy” protestors and this could turn horribly violent. Ebola, or what ever this bug is, is spreading, and there’s dozens of folks around the country being investigated and quarantined in case they might have it.  I could go on and on. So, if you add all that up, you’d have to say “yeah, we’re probably at the end here”.

But not so fast. See the market has that one tool that makes all the above just “noise”. That would be our Fed’s. Yeah I know that QE is going to end. What I don’t know is how much money they funnel around that isn’t on balance sheets. Don’t think I’m nuts here folks, but we had to SUE the Fed’s back in 2008 to find out that they’d sent Europe 16 TRILLION dollars in bail out money. How much are they spreading to the banks here in 2014 that we don’t know about??

Finally this is the beginning of earnings season. If the banks post up all manner of wonderful earnings ( by using loan loss reserves as income again) all the bad news in the world won’t stop their rabid push for higher. So, the jury is out. Two Sunday’s ago I made the case that the market was on the verge of a big pulldown and indeed we fell 4.6%. But we’re going to need some time to figure out if the selling is over, or they just trade us sideways into the mid term elections, and THEN we resume our plunge lower. Let the market tell us, don’t try and get too brave okay? Good. I’ll see you all on Wednesday.

NOTE>> The webinar at Phil's Gang is about to be taken down. Folks, do yourself a favor if you haven't watched it...go to www.philsgang.com and watch the webinar. I did a segment about early morning trading, and Donnie did a tremendous explanation of technical indicators and patterns. I don't care if you're a newbie or have traded for 20 years like me, there's things to learn there. Don't miss it. 


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