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4.1.2015 Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

What is Your Goal?

We all have one, whether we even remember it or not. As children, we all aspired to be the doctor, the fireman, the teacher,  the policeman, the nurse, what ever. We had our dreams, and the world seemed to be a place where you could be anything you wanted to be.  Often however as we “grew up”, either our goals were changed, or enough negative people filled your heads with the idea that you couldn’t reach your goal. You weren’t smart enough, strong enough, pretty enough, etc. In any event, facts show that it is indeed a “rare club” that reaches the goals and desires that one starts with.

What is Your Goal?

We all have one, whether we even remember it or not. As children, we all aspired to be the doctor, the fireman, the teacher,  the policeman, the nurse, what ever. We had our dreams, and the world seemed to be a place where you could be anything you wanted to be.  Often however as we “grew up”, either our goals were changed, or enough negative people filled your heads with the idea that you couldn’t reach your goal. You weren’t smart enough, strong enough, pretty enough, etc. In any event, facts show that it is indeed a “rare club” that reaches the goals and desires that one starts with.

Most times this is expressed by looking at charts and graphics about small businesses. According to Bloomberg, a whopping 80% of the small businesses that started with a hope and a dream… end up broken and failed.  But I suspect even that number pales in comparison to the personal goals and dreams that are never realized. The trumpet you never mastered, the position you never achieved, the wealth you never gained, the home you never afforded, and so on.  The list could be endless.

As you might imagine there’s a point to this little ramble, so stay with me here. I’m not going to delve into the “world according to Bob” too far, but I think a little psycho babble about what we do here is in order, and this all comes sort of full circle to that.  

For a few years of my life I was a sales motivational speaker.I was good at it and quite successful. The only issue was the travel involved. I don’t like living out of suitcases.  Probably the most well known of them all was a man named Zig Ziglar, and it was an honor to meet and talk with that man. Well, Zig’s signature statement was that you could get anything you want in this life if you help enough other people get what they want. Sort of a nicer way of saying “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours”. Well I think it’s true. If the restaurant serves food that people want, with prices and service they like, that eatery will generally do well. All the restaurateur is doing is “helping people get what they want” and in return he gets what he wants… a thriving business.

Many years ago when InvestYourself was just being born, I sent out a questionnaire to our readers. It was very simple, I just asked…What do you truly want, and what do you struggle with?  What I found interesting was that the responses generally fell into a very few categories. People wanted to be happy. They wanted peace of mind. They wanted more wealth. They wanted to be healthier. They wanted to be liked more. They wanted to be better husbands/wifes. They wanted security.  Sure there was the occasional “I want a big white house on a mountain with endless views, 8 bedrooms, a pool, three new cars, blah blah blah.”  But they were the very minority.

All in all, most people’s goals are the same as mine. I want to be happy, have peace of mind, increase my wealth, be accepted, be a good husband, etc. According to Ziglar and the other successful motivational speakers, I could get those things for myself, if I helped others get theirs. Thus, a Newsletter was born. I decided I would create a completely free newsletter with the single goal of trying to help people attain their goals. While it generally focused on the economy and money, over the years we’ve written about 100 articles about self-help, improving health, being a better husband/wife, emergency preparation, self defense, weapons,  etc. The only thing we’ve tried to keep out of these pages is religion, because it so often causes backlash no matter what you say.

The idea was simple. Put out good information, that could actually address questions and problems, solve those problems and thus help people get what they want out of life. In return, “x” amount of people would then sign up for our members “paid for “section of our business, and I’d be rewarded financially.  That has worked well for almost 20 years now.  But here’s the kicker…it isn’t just the paid subscriptions to the Insider’s Club that rewards me. Not at all. In the 20 years of doing this, I’ve become good friends with quite a few wonderful people, people I’d have NEVER had a chance to ever encounter if I didn’t have this letter.

I’ve been blessed with friends all across our nation. Many I’ve never met, we simply talk on the phone a few times a month. However quite a few I’ve actually met and spent time with. Some have actually become really dear to me.  But along with good friendships, I also get the benefit of the folks that they know, that they talk to, that they trust and believe in. I’m amazed at the type of folks that I’ve been able to meet and chat with, that I would have never in a thousand years ever had the chance to know… all because I produced a product that attempted to help folks get what they want.

That’s the ONLY true purpose of all these letters I write. If I can help you get something or understand something, I’ll probably get something in return. Maybe you buy a subscription. Maybe you send me an article you wrote on a particular topic. Maybe we exchange emails and become friends one day. Maybe you introduce me to someone I admire. I don’t know. But it works.

 I don’t get any pleasure out of telling you all you’re being lied to about Ukraine, or Syria. I detest the fact that our nation is run by evil lying psychopaths and criminal bankers, but I need you to understand what’s truly happening. If what you desire is wealth and happiness and security…knowing the truth about matters is the ONLY way to make value decisions.  If I do a letter about preparing for a short term emergency, it’s only because I’ve lived through a few, and took up the training to know how to deal with them. I want you to be prepared too. If I do an article about self defense weapons, it’s because I’m affiliated with a company that teaches armed self defense. I can impart some of that knowledge on you. If I do an article about the “elites” that run this world, it’s because we want to stay ahead of what they’re doing, prepare for what we can indeed change.  Maybe I can help you with that.

We’re in a time of great change. The masses don’t know it or understand it because the people behind the curtains don’t want it known. But indeed the world is changing in massive ways, and a lot of those changes are going to affect you and your kids. It’s not conspiracy any more that the markets are rigged; now we have retired Central bankers saying it on Bloomberg and CNBC. The Chinese are determined to be a reserve currency, the IMF says  they’re on track. The world is choosing sides, either they’ll continue to follow the US’s rules, or they’ll run to the new Chinese/Asian alliances.  All manner of really interesting things are coming our way in the fairly near future, and “some” amount of what we write will indeed help “some’ amount of people deal with all this.

The only thing I ask of you all is to keep an open mind. I don’t even go into the “darker” areas that I could talk about because as it is, I’m still labeled a conspiracy nut with what we do put out. Knock on wood, each and every day another eye is opened to the FACT that things are happening in this world that cannot be explained by the main stream media. They can’t be explained because it’s their job to keep things away from you. For instance, the flight over the Ukraine was instantly tagged by the US as having been shot down by Russians. They plastered that on every outlet. They said they had mountains of proof. Yet here it is, 8 months later. Have you seen the proof? No and you won’t. Because the Russians didn’t shoot that plane down. That story line just fueled their agenda to get folks riled up against Russia. I hope you didn’t take their bait.

Let me close in saying that I really do enjoy helping people understand what goes on beneath the surface. I get a kick out of the twists and turns that research leads me on when I’m investigating a topic. As the weeks roll on we’re going to discuss the economy, Gold, Silver, real estate, the loss of Global Reserve status, Russia, China and a hundred other hot button issues. All of it is designed to help you weed through the lies and distortions and focus on what it means to you.  I hope you stay tuned, it’s really my only goal with these pages.  

The Market…

Wow is all I can say. After leaping out of the gate on Monday, where the market gained about 260 points, I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t’ think we’d give it all back on Tuesday. Well we didn’t but we did cough up 200 of those points, still a lot more than I’d have guessed.

But then today happened and things got “worse” so to speak. We woke up to lousy futures and sure enough the moment the bell rang we were down and heading lower. By ten am, I think I saw a print of -191 on the DOW.  Then they spent the rest of the day trying to bring it back to green. Heading into the final hour we were still down 90 DOW points.

There’s a TON of cross currents blowing around. First off we have to mention the economy itself. I’ve been screaming that it’s an illusion for years, held up by Central bank interventions, debt increases and goofy crap like buybacks and Pro-forma accounting. Well, Monday  the Atlanta Fed said they think first quarter GDP is about 0.2%. The Kansas Fed report was the lowest in 2 years. CSX cut it’s outlook, Gamestop missed. Goldman cut its GDP forecast. The Dallas Fed report collapsed to 6 year lows. The Chicago PMI missed estimates by a mile. The ADP employment report missed by more than 30K.  Shall I go on?

So the economy stinks. What about market history? Well even that’s sort of confusing. If you look back at a ton of past Aprils, you see they are generally good months. In fact 70% of them end green. But it usually goes like this… the first week isn’t bad, the second week is rotten, and then the third and fourth week are really good. Basically the explanation is that the first week is new month/new quarter money, the second week is people selling to raise money for taxes, the third and fourth week is people spending their tax returns.

Well this is “week one” and we’re off to an incredibly volatile start. Monday we gained 260 and Tuesday we gave most of it back. Today we gave back more, ending the day lower than the week started. Considering the market is closed on Friday, they only have tomorrow to try and get us green on the week.

But as I said that leads us right to next week, which historically isn’t that wonderful. But I tend to think that a lot of what happens next week will be in response to Friday’s jobs report. Here’s the catch… the market is closed Friday for Good Friday. Yet the BLS will be releasing the non farm payroll report. So come Monday, that’s when we’ll see how they react to it.

If they’re going to rescue April, they’d best try and keep the S&P above the March lows. Call it the 2040 area. If we were to lose that, I don’t think market history is going to save things, I think we see a pretty hefty correction. But as long as the S&P remains above that level, we should be “okay”.  The bigger picture issue is that we look trapped between that low, and say 2108 which was the March high. We could do a lot of goofy bouncing around in between.

My guess is that they put in a big fat green day tomorrow to send everyone into the long weekend with a smile on their face. Just know that after that…things could get interesting again.

Let me take a moment to wish you all the very best for your Holiday weekend. From “Spy Wednesday” to Maundy Thursday, to Good Friday and into Easter itself, there are religious observations going on all across the land. I certainly hope you find the joy and peace you desire during your particular day. I’ll see you all Sunday.

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