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6.21.2015 Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Who Has the Right Story?

One thing I think we can all agree on is that the main stream media is not your friend when it comes to getting the truth out of any particular matter. Thus, people have become more and more enamored with using alternative media for their ‘news” or opinions. Yet you have to ask yourself a question. Just because you read something on an alternative web site, does that make it any more real than the local MSNBC outlet? No it doesn’t.  
Who Has the Right Story?

One thing I think we can all agree on is that the main stream media is not your friend when it comes to getting the truth out of any particular matter. Thus, people have become more and more enamored with using alternative media for their ‘news” or opinions. Yet you have to ask yourself a question. Just because you read something on an alternative web site, does that make it any more real than the local MSNBC outlet? No it doesn’t.  

You all know the old kids game of “telephone” where in a class of say 30 kids, the teacher whispers something she reads off a paper in the first child’s ear, and he whispers what she said to the next person and so on until the last child gets the “secret”. Then he writes down what he was told and compares it to what the teacher read off her paper. Usually it is so completely distorted by the time it’s been repeated so many times, it is hard to believe it is the same story. That’s one of the problems with deciphering “news” or what someone believes as fact.  As the news travels down the line from person to person, language is dropped, opinions added, phrases altered.

For instance many are the folks that have been told and believe that Einstein was horrible in math and flunked many courses almost getting kicked out of school. It is widely remarked as fact, and repeated to this day. However it is hogwash, he was a brilliant mathematician and mastered the highest levels of calculus and geometry by the age of 15. So why did everyone say he was such a poor student? Not because he was stupid in math, but because he was often belligerent to his teachers. Any time he detected something wrong in what they were saying he was not shy about letting them ‘have it”. The story  just got a little sidetracked as it was passed around.

Add a broader brush to the mix, such as “revisionist” history and you have an even grander problem. George Orwell wrote `History is written by the winners' in his essay (dated 4 February 1944) meaning of course that the people that “won” a war, are usually the folks that tell the tales of how it went. It isn’t necessarily the truth, but it is indeed the story handed down.  

I’m obviously in the alternative media space. Yet my views are often far and away apart from others in my space. I simply can’t go places where I don’t have some ability to back up my claims. I don’t play the “my secret contact told me….”  game. If I can’t find something fairly solid to back up my opinion, then I present it as opinion only.  I will lead off with “this is my opinion”. But if I have the supporting documents, then I present things as fact.

Okay Bob, so what’s this all about? Well it’s like this…there’s things we can look at and make value decisions on. Such as the Chinese most probably being accepted into the IMF’s SDR program this fall. I think I’ve provided you over the last year with enough evidence to substantiate that.  My feeling is that they want into the old boys club and that’s how they get in.  Yet in the alternative media space, that isn’t even a mention. They all tend to think that China is going to launch a gold backed Yuan, and take over as the worlds reserve currency. Somehow the Chinese and the BRICS are going to sweep in like knights on white horses and save the world from the horrors of US banking. I wish it was so easy. However, it is never that easy, and the dolts that run the one world Government ideology make sure of it.

So, while it is ABSOLUTELY true that the BRICS; especially Russian and China want to finally give the US dollar a long overdue competition, it has to come in stages. Stage one is Russia and China and Asia creating more trade in local currency. Stage two is China getting in the SDR. Stage three, four and five will be wider acceptance of these new alliances. Don’t forget folks, that as the leaders of top nations play their games, business still has to get done. Germany is sanctioning Russia as per US agreements, but Gazprom just signed a new deal supplying Russian gas to Germany. See the point?

Over the years I’ve talked about a thousand topics, starting way back in the mid 90’s with Agenda 21, a UN sponsored “plan for the sustainability of the world”. This smelled to high heaven of “one world Government” and I spread the word as I could. Naturally I was condemned as a nutcase, but as time has gone on, we’ve seen the effects. They take time to implement and that’s why most folks don’t see it, but if you look, you see incidence of Agenda 21 right down to your local building codes now. The big issues they said even way back then, was that the earth had too many people, and man was killing the earth, the climate had to be reigned in, and people were the ills.

It has been my contention ever since that “Global warming” which they had to change to “Climate change” was simply another step in the globalization of nations, under control of the UN or some likewise “council”.  Obama himself says and I quote “there’s no greater threat then climate change”. He’s likened it to threatening national defense, and even told the Coast Guard Cadets that climate change is a National Security threat.  Since that first Agenda 21 protocol, they’ve implemented “carbon exchanges” around the world and virtually killed the coal industry in the US.  Now check this, because it is VERY significant…

This week, a document was leaked in the foreign press from none other than Pope Francis. L’Espresso, an Italian magazine, published the 192-page document on its website Monday. The draft encyclical says that while there may be other factors involved in climate change, "numerous scientific studies indicate that the majority of the global warming in recent decades is due to the large concentration of greenhouse gases... emitted above all due to human activity,"

Now here’s where things get a little too twilight zone to just be coincidence. See I do NOT believe in coincidence, I believe in synchronicity which I define as coincidence with a purpose. As you all know and I’ve documented, this fall from September - October brings a TON of interesting items to the plate. Not only will China make it into the big boys league of international reserve, we have the “Shemitah” falling on this September. As I’ve written before, the Shemitah is a 7 year cycle depicted in the bible and still  observed by many in the Jewish sects.

In the Bible, the people of Israel were commanded to let the land lie fallow every seven years.  There would be no sowing and no reaping, and this is something that God took very seriously. But  that’s not all… there was also the “discharge of debt” that must occur.  Paraphrased a bit the bible says: At the end of every seven years you shall grant a relinquishing of debts. This is the manner of the relinquishing: Every creditor that has loaned anything to his neighbor shall relinquish it. He shall not exact it of his neighbor, or of his brother, because it is called the Lord’s relinquishment.

The spooky part of all this is that if you go back through 7 year cycles you see some very interesting things. The 2008 crash was a shemitah year. The 2001 market crash was up until then the biggest one day drop ever seen. (not to mention 9/11 which just so happened in September of 2001)  Go back further and you see the “Black Monday” crash of 87.  Go back further, decades even. In 1931 England left the gold standard and markets crashed around Europe. Yep a Shemitah year.

So we have the Shemitah, we have China probably being included in the SDR basket and all the reweighting that will bring. What else? Well let’s get back to our Pope and his message about Global warming….

In July, the United Nations is hosting a conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on financial development. In September, the U.N. General Assembly is expected to discuss sustainable development goals. (Pope Francis will address the assembly on September 25.) And at a meeting in Paris in December, nations will submit their plans to limit greenhouse gas emissions.  Did you notice when Francis will address the UN? You got it, September.

Okay, so what’s the rub? Just this…the schedule for this UN meeting is NOT just about environmental issues. Oh no… it also addresses issues such as poverty, agriculture, education and gender equality.  It is essentially a blueprint for governing the entire planet, and that sounds very much like what Pope Francis also wants considering his latest opinions about gays, population, etc.

I could go on and on with this stuff, it really is mind boggling. Consider
"the Kondratieff wave". This is an economic wave cycle created by Nikolai Kondratiev a Russian economist in the 1920’s. His views were that enormous “cycles” took place over a 60+ year time span that corresponded with the Spring/Summer/fall/winter of a economy, meaning the rise, the boom, the fall and the depression.  Historians that respect his views suggest that we are entering the “winter” period, which will last from now until approximately 2020 or so.  

This is simply a short list of facts that we can verify concerning events that come evident this fall. We’ve got the Shemitah. Fact. We have China getting accepted into the SDR as part of the Global Reserve system ( 95% certainty) We have the UN pushing for Agenda 21 on steroids, with the Pope himself announcing to the UN in September that man has to be reigned in, and some form of One world hierarchy implemented. We have SEVERAL market cycle studies that point to this fall as being a downside for economies of the world.  That’s some pretty good “coincidence” if you ask me.

Now naturally this fall could come and go and absolutely nothing happens and life goes on as it usually does. But you do have to admit, the stars are lining up for some form of change, or at least it appears so.  Which brings me right back to the very top of this letter concerning “who do you listen to? “  Who has the right story? I am quick to admit I have no crystal ball, and predicting the future is best left to those who can change events and “create the future” or to carnies on the boardwalk. But if you “assemble enough information” you can often times connect those dots and draw a picture. The picture I see emerging is that we have the possibility of some wild moves in the currency and equities market this fall.   I’d stock up on popcorn, because it should be an interesting show.

The Market…

What a cesspool.  For fun, let’s see what Webster’s says a Cesspool is…

an underground hole or container for holding liquid waste (such as sewage) from a building
: a place or situation that is very dirty, evil, or corrupt

Very dirty, evil or corrupt. I think we have a winner here, in fact, our markets are not dirty,evil OR corrupt, they’re all of the above.  I’m not in the mood to go off on a tangent rant here this weekend, but do understand that the levels of absurdity are so high that the needles flew off the dials.

Quick review…

Monday, the market falls hard intra day, touching a low formed 4 sessions earlier at 2072
Tuesday, the market bounces.
Wed the market adds to the gains.
Thursday it goes ape, sending the DOW up 200
Friday the market rolls back over, dumping 100.

What we saw this week was the “hair Mary” pass. The market was perched on the edge of a cliff, and if 2072 didn’t hold we were going to be well on our way to the next lower level at the 200 day moving average at about 2050.

The ONLY time the S&P has traded down to its 200 day moving average since all the way back in November of 2012 was a short period last October which scared the hell out of everyone. Well they didn’t want any repeats, and they rescued us. How’d they do it? More of the same “Greece has a deal!” rumors, and more bullish talk by the talking heads, and of course more stalling from Yellen and crooks on interest rates.

The problem in the short term is this; historically the week following the June expiration's has generally been a poor one. We tend to trade lower than higher for the week. So there is precedent to suggest that we’re going to see more than just Friday’s fade back.

But I don’t think that this week hangs in the balance of some historical data. This week is going to once again be dictated by the Greek situation again. If some miracle happens and Sunday night they come up with some true kick the can resolution, we will be challenging the “all-time” highs in short order. But if we come in Monday morning and instead of a deal, banks in Greece are closed, there’s a run on banks, and there’s no hint of any sort of deal…we’re heading lower.

This Saturday morning, Drudge had 11 headline stories about ‘Monday brings salvation or ruin” concerning Greece. There was headlines about exiting the Euro, bank runs, protests, the whole gamut. Considering that this is a market NOT based on fundamentals, but instead based on PERCEPTION, it will be positive or negative Greek news that steers the coming week.

But the bigger picture becomes much cloudier. Suppose Greece is “saved”  ( again) and we rally to new highs. Why?  Will there be a stampede around the globe for Feta cheese? Is Greece that important? Greece is only important as 1) to remain a NATO nation and 2) keep other failed states like Italy, Spain, Ireland, etc from leaving the Euro too.

In other words if they spend umpteen billions to keep Greece in the Eurozone, all they have accomplished is keeping together an alliance of bankrupt nations. Hardly what I’d call success. Certainly not reason for US stocks to hit new highs.

I don’t know if they’ll arrange a deal or not. So with that, I can’t even take a stab at whether we are going up or down this coming week. But I can indeed tell you that more and more folks are finally waking up to the idea that we are in an epic bubble. The other day Donald Trump announced he’s running for President. In his speech he said quite explicitly we are in a massive bubble. Ron Paul is telling anyone who will listen that we’re in a massive bubble. Even a few main stream media outlets have questioned why the market is so high. Maybe they saw Caterpillar’s latest report?  For 30 straight months their retail sales have fallen. Global recoveries are not made up of heavy equipment falling for 2.5 years.

Be careful this week, because it is going to be absolutely news driven and could turn on a dime in either direction. If you’re trading, take profits quickly as we’re still in a pattern where dips are bought and rips are sold. This week will be no different.

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