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6.24.2015 Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Church Shooting

I cannot tell you how many E-mail’s I’ve received that read pretty much the same as this one….
Church Shooting

I cannot tell you how many E-mail’s I’ve received that read pretty much the same as this one….

Bob, considering your background on guns, I am surprised you have not commented on the shooting in SC.


Well Jim, and the dozens of others that have asked the same question, the reason is complex. First and foremost, I didn’t want it to look like I was using this shooting to “sell” the training we offer in weapons self defense. But there’s other reasons.

 Let me be frank with you all, some times I don’t want to address certain issues because I know the flak I’ll take on my stance. Sometimes it takes too much effort, especially when I’m either preaching to the choir, or catching hell from people with different opinions.  Be honest with yourself. Aren’t there some days you just don’t want to go to work? Some days where you know just showing up is going to be a “bad day?”

Well for me it’s going to be a bad day. I’ll get hate mail. I’ll be called stupid, insensitive, a Nazi, a racist and that’s just for starters. But me being me means that it had to happen, so here it is.

There’s something very very wrong about this shooting, just like all the other mass shootings over the years. Way back when the shooting happened in the movie theater in Colorado, I penned a pretty lengthy article about this situation. Yet to do so is dangerous, because it questions people in very high places.

What I wrote way back then is still exactly the same. Virtually EVERY instance of mass shootings involves the shooter being ‘on” some form of psychotropic drug.  I’m not talking crack, or pot, or coke, or heroin. You know the kind, they’re called anti-depressants.  This country is so morally bankrupt, so “pushed to the limit” that our three best selling drugs, drugs that create  hundreds of BILLIONS in profits to the big Pharma companies are the following… Anti depressants, Anti Acid, and Erectile dysfunction.  Follow that plot for a moment.

We either eat so horribly, or are so stressed we need to control our stomach acid from belching up our esophagus and burning us out. We think we have so many problems, that anti-depressants are the modern day middle class bon-bons. But, because no matter how much we say we’re fine upstanding moral people, our lust for anything “sex” is so great, we sell billions of pills each year, so that men can get erect and “have sex”.

Let me ask you something. What is the most profitable on-line business? Porn. Yes folks, it is indeed porn.  Sex sells, and has for thousands of years. One look at the wardrobe on display at any Hollywood awards ceremony shows that the greatest buzz comes from the most naked female. And because porn is so explicit, and so in demand, people want to act like the people in the video’s. So, we gobble Viagra and Cialis like candy.  
I’m not talking about the poor chap that has a medical issue and these things help him fulfill his “marriage duty”. I’m saying and this is fact… Viagra is a recreational drug now. Kids on campus eat it looking to make a name for themselves as “studs”. But luckily, the only big side effect to society from these things are a bunch of old fat men sporting erections that they shouldn’t be able to have.

The anti-depressant thing however is a whole different story. The next time you see a TV advert for one of these SSRI compounds, listen to the side effect warning that they blurt out at rapid speed. “thoughts of suicide have been reported”  “Changes in behavior have been reported”.  Ya think? There’s a web site called SSRIstories.org that lists over 6000 times when a death, shooting,suicide, etc has been linked to anti-depressant use.

I’ve seen this up close and personal folks. A truly nice guy I knew for over 5 years, was the nicest guy in the world. Eager to help, always funny, he had trouble quitting smoking. He turned to Chantrix the drug for help in his cravings. One evening out of the clear blue, he slit both wrists and bled out.  Any time you are changing the way the brain functions concerning emotions, you are playing in a very dangerous area. The proof is empirical, for every “X” amount of people they help, “X” amount of people are going to do something ugly.

And so we’ve had tens of dozens of “mass shootings” and each of them by people on these mutant drugs. Remember Columbine? Both kids on AD’s. Kazmierczak killed 5, injured 21 and killed himself at Northern Illinois University. Was on AD’s. On and on it goes. Why wasn’t Adam Lanza’s medical records released? I’ll bet you a cool hundred bucks he was on AD’s.

But we don’t hear about that part of the equation. No, all we hear about is that somehow a gun shot 9 people dead in a Church. Where was the mention of Suboxone? Suboxone is used to treat addiction to opioid drugs such as heroin. It’s adverse effects include anxiety, irritability, depersonalization, confusion, suicidal thoughts and irrational, sometimes violent behavior. He was on it.

Well a gun didn’t shoot those fine folks. A deranged person with a head full of Pharma’s finest cocktails shot those folks. Yet you will NEVER hear the President get on a podium and say “I’ve had to make this sort of statement too many times and I think it is time we asked the pharmaceutical companies to stop making these drugs”.  Sorry won’t happen.

So part one is that like all the others he was on mind altering pharmaceuticals. Part two is that the timing of this incident is awful suspect. Here’s why. This kid Roof had BLACK friends. He would go hang out with black kids at a mobile home park and get wasted with them. But he had told these kids he was going to go shoot up a SCHOOL. Now I ask you this and I’m serious. With the recent mess in Ferguson and Baltimore. With the recent push of the race baiters suggesting that white people are out to just “kill blacks”, is it possible our little deranged lunatic was “persuaded” to change from shooting up a school, to shooting up a black church?  You bet it is.

If a drug has so much power over your emotions that you will hang yourself, slash your wrists, or shoot yourself in the head, isn’t it possible that with a bit of “coaching” you could turn that emotion into killing whomever the coach suggested you should?  You bet it is, and this stinks to high heaven of just that.  

When interviewed, Roof’s black friend said “he never once mentioned not liking black people to me, did you notice, I’m black? He comes here and we hang out, get drunk and stuff. When ever he talked stupid stuff like that school stuff, we’d just take his gun from him.”  I’m sorry folks, but you don’t hang out with your black “home boys” get your party on, and then decide that you hate blacks and want a race war.

Here’s a kid, or at least that’s what we’re told, that had a face book page. Guess when it was created? February of this year. And guess what? Of his supposed “friends” on his FB page, a large portion of them are BLACK. Now what 21 year old only makes a page in 2015, and makes ONE post to it, while having this group of friends, many of whom are black??  

Instantly the media and the politicians are on the whole “Homegrown terrorist” kick. The net is swamped with Left wing whack jobs stating that “right wing hate websites spawn this sort of thing”.  Everything from more spying on people to “prevent this sort of thing” to pushing for rules concerning what can be on a web site are being yelled from the podiums. Karl Rove has already said in public, “the only way to stop this is to rescind the 2nd amendment.”

Follow the plot here folks. What has been the big push for Uncle Sam lately? Gun control, domestic spying to “keep us safe” from lone wolf terrorists, phone tapping, and regulating the net. This particular “shooting” gives them all of that and more as ammunition, doesn’t it? Indeed. Coincidence?  Hardly.

So there’s a lot more to this story than meets the eye. This has set up written all over it, and no I’m not being a conspiracy nut. You do the math, it don’t add up.

Which of course brings up the lunacy of “gun free” zones. Let’s talk some brass tacks here folks, okay? If you don’t’ know my history, I’m not going to write a book here, but I am silent partner in a company that teaches weapons self defense. We train folks for concealed carry permits, and we offer very high level personal protection training. Yet I will say something that usually blows folks away…I with they were never invented. Ever. Bombs, nukes, guns, flame throwers, all of it, I wish man could never conceive.

But they were invented and here in the US it became almost mandatory for everyone to have one. After WWII as millions of GI’s came home they brought their guns home too. In the 50’s most high schools had a “shooting club”. It was a rite of passage to get your first .22 when you were about 12 years old. When I was a kid in a semi rural town, I frankly couldn’t name a family in my neighborhood that didn’t have a shotgun or rifle in the house.

We are a nation of about 350 million people.  Do you care to guess how many guns have been produced and horded away over the last 100 years? According to the statistics, about 320 million. So simple math says that every “household” in the country could have a couple of them at least. Now think about that. You can pass every gun control law you can dream up and guess what? If God himself blessed you, you MIGHT get half of them. What about the other half? Some would stay with constitutional minded folks, some would be in the hands of gangsters.

My point is that they are out there and they will NEVER go away. Ever. So you have a choice. Disarm as many as you can by gun confiscation and clean up the mess as the bad guys shoot the hell out of the good guys knowing they can’t shoot back, or face reality and say… We can never get rid of all the guns, so Good guys should have every right to arm themselves.  As you can guess, that’s my solution.

Forget for one minute any pie in the sky liberal nonsense and answer this question logically. If everyone in that church had a small handgun, 1) would this kid have tried this, and 2) even if he did, how many would have died before he was taken down?  First thought is he probably wouldn’t have tried. But even if he did, even if the drugs had him so completely out of his mind that he did, my guess is that he might have gotten 2 or 3 tops. Then someone would have gotten him.

Why do cops have guns? Because the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Well ask yourself…are you a good guy? If yes, then are you telling me your not as “good” a guy as the cop?  Sorry, that doesn’t flush. If the cops can have guns, normal, good people should have the same right. Oh and back to those insane “gun free” zones. Are you kidding me? You want to advertise to whacked out nutjobs that no one on your premises can shoot back if you go off?  How’d that work at the last college mass shooting? How’d that work in this church?

The ONLY way to either prevent or at least cut short the horror of an active shooter situation is to have ordinary people armed and at least competently trained. Evil is real. Evil exists. Evil will NOT go away. If the evil spirit of someone decides to walk into your workplace tomorrow and start killing as many folks as he can, your odds of survival are nil if you aren’t armed.

I didn’t want to use this shooting as an excuse to get on my soapbox and lecture you all about the necessity of having the right to carry a weapon. But it is these very incidents themselves that prove over and over that there is no other way. I wish it wasn’t so. I wish guns didn’t exist. But they do, and I want the right to protect myself from any scumbag that gets his hands on one. It’s really that simple.

I’ll end with this. This shooting is very suspect in a lot of ways. Too conceived, too perfectly does it fit the recent “whites want blacks dead” meme. Same mind controlled drugs. Same “manifest” mysteriously found ranting about hating blacks, but meanwhile he partied with black kids. Lots to ponder in this mess. But the bottom line is once again the gun didn’t shoot those folks, a deranged lunatic did.

If you’re in the Sarasota Florida area and want to learn world class self defense at ANY level from beginner to full military tactical, send me an email at editor@investyourself.com and put “training” in the subject.  I’ll send you some info.

The Market….

This Greek thing is really getting old, no? Yes. Every day the market seems hostage to the constant on again-off again of Greece and if they have a deal, or no deal.

Monday the market moved up because nothing had blown up over the weekend. Then Tuesday, we were told that a deal was on the table, and it was being accepted and “boom” the market roared higher. But sure enough as the day went on there were more and more hints that no deal had actually been accepted. We ended the day green, but way way off the highs.

Today things changed. We opened soggy, but they were fighting hard to get back into the green. But soon enough the air came out and we started falling pretty quickly. What was the issue? Well 3 things actually. First off, it became evident there was NO deal again, as the creditors didn’t accept Greece’s proposal. Next up the Fed’s were talking tough with a statement to the effect of the “FOMC is not prepared to wait for the market" to be fully on board with a rate hike.  Then to top it off Carl Icahn the well known investor came out to say that the stock market is very overvalued, and had more people said that in 2007, maybe 2008 could have been averted.

The combo platter was enough to knock the market for a bit of a loop. We lost 177 on the DOW, and 15 on the S&P.  So now what?

In the never ending saga of kick the Greek can down the road, the next logical step is that they come out again tomorrow and once again tell us Greece has a deal and all is well. That would probably get us a quick pop higher, but I’m sure they’d all start to question it quickly. Haven’t we heard this like 50 times now, only to be dismissed? Indeed.

So we’re back in that rangebound trading bracket, with 2125 at the top  end of the range and about 2075 at the bottom end. Yes you could make the case that the 50 day at 2106 could be a bottom support, but we’ve crashed through that twice in the last month, so it isn’t nearly as important as the double bottom at the 2075 level.

That’s the problem with range bound trading. When a market is locked in a sideways channel, it can get tossed around inside that channel by anything. One earnings report can send you up 100 DOW points. One scare about rate hikes can send you down 100. The days are completely dominated by news, rumors and rumors of rumors. It is frustrating at best.

We’ve been buying into the rallies when they form and selling out or letting our trailing stops get hit when the music stops. It’s all you can really do. It’s considerably more work than I want to do, but you have to play the hand the market deals you.  So, with today’s S&P close at 2108, the first weak support is 2106, but if that doesn’t hold…2075 is indeed possible again.

Now if they come in with another rumor of Greece being saved, we could easily recover all the days losses in one day. But that only puts us right back into the upper resistance level again and frankly they’re going to need something pretty darned solid to push us up and over that. A rumor isn’t going to make it at this point.

This 6 year bull is showing a lot of signs of running out of gas but they might have that one last gasp in them, in what I’d call a blow off top. So we can’t just short this with impunity or anything wonderful like that. No, we have to play this game until the game changes. It will.

Unless there’s a rumor of a deal, I’d be very cautious about tomorrow. I’ll see you all Sunday in the letter.

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