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11.18.2015 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

“Business is a Boomin”

Before we start our conversation today, I want to pass along a little tip that many of you might not know exists.  Do you do any shopping at Walmart? We do. While we visit our local farm market for our meats and veggies, we do the Walmart thing for paper products, canned goods, etc.  Well, they have a pretty neat thing called a savings catcher. It won’t make you rich, but it’s an interesting idea.

If you go to savingscatcher.walmart.com you can sign up for their free service. What the jist of it is; is this…. Any time you go to WMT and buy something, you take your receipt and at the bottom of it is a  TC# right above the bar code. You enter that into the savings catcher and the date of the receipt.  WMT then compares the items you bought to other stores in the area and if anything you bought could be found for less somewhere else, they give you the difference. You can load it on a gift card, etc.  It’s a neat function. While on say grocery items you might only get back a buck, or two…if you buy say electronics, sporting goods, etc, it can add up. Our gift card is up to 29 dollars, and that’s ONLY on canned goods and paper products since October. When it gets to 50, I’m going to buy some Ammo.  Check it out.

Speaking of Ammo, the Paris shootings have once again been both a horrible event, and another amazing shot in the arm for our local gun dealers and weapons trainers.  Ever since Obama got in office, gun sales have simply soared to historic highs, and every terror event wakes more people up to the idea that they need to be armed.

True story:  The other day there was an incident on my mom’s block. The cops were there with guns drawn. It all ended quietly, but out of the clear blue one of her neighbors who for 40 years has been a staunch “no guns” family, contacted me.  I’ll quote her here:  “with what’s going on… like in Paris and down the street, it’s time for us to consider our first gun”.   Well folks, we’re getting about 25 more calls every day in the same theme.

In fact a line in a recent movie comes to mind…”Bidness is a booomin!”  (for those that don’t know, I’m something of a silent partner in a weapons training company, and thus spend a ton of time around guns, gun dealers and people looking for help)  Well, by Friday night the crowds in the local gun shops made it look like Black Friday at Walmart.  People not swept up in the politically correct nonsense about Islamic theology have decided that being unarmed is being a target.  Well BRAVO! I’m glad you woke up!

Donald Trump is smashing the polls everywhere. The GOP leaders are experiencing exploding heads as they try their best to figure out how to derail him and get their boy Bush back in the run. And as I’ve said, he’s doing it not on perfectly detailed plans, he’s doing it by SAYING the very things that everyone wants to say, but is scared to death to say. Well Right after the incident in Paris he had a lot to say. Lets quote CNN on the point that got the gun industry even more excited….

Donald Trump said Saturday that the terrorist attacks in Paris "would've been a much different situation" if the city had looser gun laws.

"When you look at Paris -- you know the toughest gun laws in the world, Paris -- nobody had guns but the bad guys. Nobody had guns. Nobody," Trump said at a rally here. "They were just shooting them one by one and then they (security forces) broke in and had a big shootout and ultimately killed the terrorists."

"You can say what you want, but if they had guns, if our people had guns, if they were allowed to carry --" Trump said, pausing as the crowd erupted into raucous applause, "-- it would've been a much, much different situation."

Then at that same podium in Texas he said look at Chicago for example. Toughest gun laws in the nation. They have the highest shooting, highest violent crime rates.

Bingo. See folks that is the TRUTH and none of the life time politicians have the stones to say it. Every liberal will say it isn’t true, it’s a distortion of facts, it’s made up. Well to that I say Bullcrap. It is from the FBI’s own data. We’ve been preaching it for a long long time, take guns away and only the bad guys will have them.  Let law abiding citizens carry their weapons once trained on how to use them correctly and crime goes down. Way down. Violent crime plummets.

Paris proved it again. The last remnants of the American public that isn’t yet hypnotized iphone junkies are realizing that 1) all the crap about guns causing the trouble is wrong. Deranged lunatics that want to hurt you are the trouble. 2) they realize that the ONLY thing that stops deranged lunatics from hurting you is someone with a gun 3) they figure the best person to have the gun is THEMSELVES.

Once again world events has me on my soap box. NOT so I can sell more weapons classes, but to show to you all, where ever you live that gun control will NOT work in the US. Not ever.  Look at the following photo….


Do you know what that is? That’s just a small snapshot of over 9000 handguns, rifles and shotguns that police seized from a man on October 26 in South Carolina. It took 4 truckloads to carry it all away, as most of the guns were illegal. They were stolen weapons.  

Ask yourself a question, and if you lean liberal, try and be honest. Do you think this guy was the only one?  If some loser in “nowhere” South Carolina can amass 10K stolen weapons, how many other Bret Nicholson’s are out there with 5k, 10K, 50K stolen weapons; weapons just waiting to hit the black market??  THOUSANDS folks. And that is exactly why you will never be safe if America ever tried some form of forced gun ban. You might follow the law and like a good little obedient slave trek on down and hand in your weapons. Do you suppose this guy would? Or the gangs in Newark, Miami, LA, Detroit, Tampa, Dallas, Spokane, etc?  OF course not.

Lets take a quick peek at some reality for a moment.

Los Angeles police seized nearly 40 stolen guns, methamphetamine, some 1,500 pounds of ammunition and cash this week when they arrested a suspected gang member who detectives believe was going to sell the weapons to other gang members, officials said Thursday

Drug investigation leads to Norfolk gun cache seizure

Los Angeles police investigating a man's death discovered an arsenal of more than 1,200 firearms and approximately two tons of ammunition in his home and garage Monday.

Police on alert as hoard of HIGH-POWER military guns STOLEN from Army base
A STOCKPILE of military weapons have been stolen after an armoury was raided, according to police.

Cave full of weapons discovered by California deputies ...

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A reputed Los Angeles gang member has been arrested after police say he stole 39 guns — including assault rifles and shotguns — and thousands of rounds of ammunition

Shall I go on? No, you get the picture. They’re out there folks, by the multiple tens of thousands. And the only way you can have a chance if you happen to bump into one of these deranged lunatics, is by being armed and being trained.

For years I’ve been inviting people to come to Sarasota and take a full day weapons class with Mike our head trainer. It’s been great as we’ve had people come from all over the country ( and a few from Europe!) to train.  I’ve met great folks and they’ve all gone home with  a much better grasp of how to protect themselves, their loved one’s and their homes.

But I want to ask the Corporate’s out there…have you thought about getting your management team trained?  When all the exec’s are up on the 4th floor and down in the lobby shots are being fired as a disgruntled employee “goes Postal”, do you have a plan of defense, instead of just “run to the safe room?”  You seriously need to consider it folks.

How seriously would your business be hurt if you had an active shooter on your grounds and he was able to take out 3, 4, 6 of your exec’s?  For many it would be devastating, yet they have no more protection than a sign that says “in an emergency, run to the back stairs and evacuate”. Sorry that doesn’t cut it. It is my absolute and firm belief that one of the most justifiable business expenses any  Corporate President, or VP can incur is a weapons training course for his employees,  concerning training for an “active shooter” on company property.  

Anyway the point of this entire letter is very simple folks. Do NOT let Hillary or Socialist Bernie, or anyone else for that matter do one more thing to promote even more gun restrictions against law abiding citizens. They want your guns sooooo bad it makes them squirm, but do not let them do it. You may not like the NRA for various reasons and I understand that. BUT I can guarantee they are the ONLY reason you are still allowed to have personal weapons. If they hadn’t been in the trenches fighting, our rights would be gone.  Pay their  little 25 bucks a year to join.

Arm up folks. Train properly. If you need help, write to me. But in any event, this isn’t playschool any more. While I think a lot of the Paris situation was “expanded” to take advantage of a small situation and make it bigger (false flag)  as they say, “never let a crisis go to waste”…. They won’t. They’ll make more war, more rules. Make sure you know what to do about it.  

The Market…

I had been expecting a counter trend “snap back” rally after the market had puked red for 7 out of 8 days. What I didn’t expect was to see them pour on 235 points in one day, which is exactly what they did Monday. The Paris Terror didn’t bother them, more poor earnings didn’t matter, nothing mattered. They wanted up and by golly up we got.

Tuesday I told our Insiders that I expected them to take the bounce higher. Well we sort of stumbled out of the gate, actually plunging red a few times for the first hour. But soon after, they got their act together and we were up 80 points by noon. But later in the session, the market started falling, as news hit that a soccer match in Hamburg was canceled over a terrorist plot. News outlets were saying that they found an ambulance packed with explosives. From up 108, we were red by 20 DOW points in moments.  When the final bell rang, we lost 3 on the S&P, gained 6 on the DOW.

Today the futures suggested a green open, despite all the anti-terrorist activity plaguing the news all night. We opened green, ran nicely….paused a bit and then pushed even higher. By noon we had gained 135 DOW points and the S&P was up over 15 which put it OVER its 200 day moving average.  But the story of the day was that the FOMC minutes were to be released and every algo-bot on earth would be scanning the release looking for interest rate hints.

Well the memo hit and to no surprise it was filled with the idea of a rate hike in December. Virtually every talking head on CNBC from steve LIES man to their guests said that the minutes really sealed it. Even Hilsenrath said that Dec. is probably a go and that they’ll focus on how slow they’re going to go afterwards.

One might have thought the market would puke on that, but no… we soared higher. Twenty minutes after the announcement the S&P had gained 12 more points, the DOW up to +180.  But it didn’t stop there. By the time the bell rang we were up 247 DOW points. The S&P soared for an incredible 33.

So what’s going on here? One could make the case that the market strength Monday and even Tuesday was because they “put on a brave face” after the Paris event. Don’t laugh, Fed heads have said in the past they’d support markets to show terrorists that they can’t take our financial system down. But today’s 247 points?  That’s certainly a statement, but what kind? Are they really going to now switch from “a rate hike is bad” to “bring on the hikes?”  

The market hasn’t been rational for quite some time. Today puts an exclamation point to that. Considering that the DOW, the S&P and the Russell all went nuts today, I’m going to have to think that there’s more up to come, possibly right back up to the recent topping action we got to on Nov. 3, at 2109.  Crazy? Sure, but so is this market.

We are long COST, AAPL and GE in our short term holds account. So far so good is certainly the word so far. Let’s see where they take this thing. I’ll see you all on Sunday and we’ll chat about it.

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