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5.25.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Got Popcorn?

There’s some things wherein I’m just as mainstream as it gets. I love nothing more than popping up a big old bowl of organic medium white popcorn, and settling down in my recliner for a good movie.  (Sidenote>> the whirly pop popcorn maker is my go to favorite way to make the stuff. )  Well, if you like drama, suspense and a really thick plot line, this upcoming election season should be a blockbuster.

Think about the incredible amount of things that have converged on us for 2016.  First of course is the Trump/Hillary situation which we’ll get to in a bit. But besides that carnival we have a plethora of incredible things going on globally.  First let’s talk about Venezuela. The US news outlets don’t do a very good job of showing the abject horror of what’s happening down there, because frankly they adore the Socialist doctrine and don’t want to show US millennial’s that “hey, this is the outcome of a socialist society”
.But Venezuela is in melt down mode. 5,000 people storm a grocery store. Many are killed, hundreds wounded. Can you imagine what’s happening there? NO you cannot. You go to your local grocery store, and 1) expect it to be full of food and 2) expect to select the items you want, and 3) pay and leave. Your biggest problem might be a parking spot if the day is busy. You’ve NEVER had to fight off 200 other people for a loaf of bread.

Remember those haunting video’s of maniacal shoppers trampling a poor WalMart employee to death on Black Friday, so they could get a lousy TV or game system? Well if folks will riot and trample for a pair of stupid sneakers, or an LCD TV, image what they’ll do if they haven’t eaten for 3 days and they hear of a food truck coming?  We know what they’ll do, they’ll turn into animals. And thus it is so in Venezuela. The people aren’t “bad” people. They’ve been pushed to the brink. A hamburger, if you could find one costs 170 bucks. People lined up for 4 hours for the chance to get ONE onion, and when the onions were gone, the riots broke out. People were hurt, stabbed, etc. Over a freakin onion folks.  There’s riots nightly. It’s madness.

When you see all these “kids” lining up behind Bernie Sanders, who is an admitted socialist, many of you just shake your heads and laugh. You snicker at them. But you’re making a grave mistake. The grand elites, the communist/socialists at the top of the food chain have been working for over 75 years to produce the very mindless “children” you see backing Bernie.  Common sense has never entered their minds. Common Core education and standardized testing has reduced them to memory machines, nothing more.

Why isn’t it evident to people that NO person has ever built a rickety makeshift raft out of twigs and twine, and set out over the open ocean to escape Capitalism?? Yet there are thousands of examples of people escaping socialist nations in any manner they can. Go figure.

Then of course we have the ongoing nightmare that is indeed the Middle East.  A place where modern passenger jets just happen to fall out of the sky, where day after day we have to hear of car bombings, hostages, and ISIS. A little to the North we have Europe. An amalgam of 17 nation-tribes, cobbled into one unit as a “one world”  experiment. Broke, rudderless and being over run by so called “migrants”, they are still printing 85 Billion Euro’s a month to keep their zombie economies alive.  

We also have the US continuing to poke Russia in the eye, moving NATO ever closer to their borders. Thank God Putin understands what the West is doing and has a calm head, because elsewise there’d be a mushroom cloud over a town near you. I am not kidding about that either.

Moving along, we have China. China is building all manner of military bases on Islands they created out to sea. The US and other nations say “hey, what you’re doing is illegal”. China says “What are you going to do about it?”  The answer is of course “nothing”. The US is not going to want to pick a fight with China over some Islands. We tend to like fighting in places that don’t have advanced military equipment.

Economically we’ve got disaster aplenty. Negative interest rates are the norm in a dozen countries. Some 8 TRILLION dollars sits in accounts that has to pay to be parked there. The US debt spirals out of control, and now estimates are for the “official” debt to hit 28 trillion by 2028.  Banks continue to be slapped with fines for manipulation and fraud. The LIBOR lawsuits have been revived against the 16 major banks that were “in on it”.  Deutsche bank has been fined 2.5 BILLION over that little game. ( on top of the 300 million in other fines they’ve been hit with) The CME admits the futures trading was rigged under the “old system”.

(is the popcorn sizzling yet?)

As all of this insanity is playing in the background, on center stage we see Trump and Hillary. Could this get any weirder?  I mean, really?  

First off, let me say this… I despise Hillary Clinton. I want that out in the clear so there’s no confusion. Let me also say that if YOU or I were being “investigated” over these emails, we’d be in orange jumpsuits. But Hillary is a big cog in a series of wheels that continue to turn and they’ve kept her “safe” from the gulag. ( for now)  

I don’t think I need to state all the reasons I dislike this person so much, but just as a “for instance” take a look at the following 13 minute video. This is Hillary, the woman that wants to lead the nation, lying on virtually every topic she’s been quizzed on…


This isn’t just political posturing folks. This is psychopathic lying.  I wouldn’t want this lady in ANY function of Government, let alone the Presidency.  Which brings up Trump.

Something’s going on here folks, and it’s much deeper than “Real estate mogul VS lifetime bureaucrat”.  But what?  I’m still struggling with that. It’s been said that nothing happens in politics that isn’t planned. Elections are generally planned years in advance and they put on a show called an election… for the lumps, to make them think they have a say in things.

You know what I’m talking about. There’s no difference at the top between Republicans and Democrats. They all talk a good talk, but at the end of the day they’re in reality “one party”.  The puppet party.  Obama puts in Obama care. The Reps say they’ll end it. They don’t. On and on it goes. Jawboning baloney.

But this is different, much different. And you need to seriously ask some questions. Where did Trump come from? Am I to believe he was just hanging out at the golf course one day and decided, “yeah, I’ll give this President thing a shot, ya know…maybe I’ll make it”  Really? Is Donald “The Art of the Deal” going to enter politics as a long shot, put his life on parade for millions to see, run around the country day after day doing speeches, on a whim?  Not likely, it’s not his kind of deal. There’s NO way he entered this without some form of assurance that he could win. He has always said, “negotiate from a position of strength”.

Who did he negotiate with??  And what is his purpose supposed to be?  Was Donald Trump “selected” by the puppet masters and skillfully guided along? Don’t laugh folks. Consider the media. Trump gets more media than Hillary and Bernie combined. Sure they say they are running it to show how crass or non PC he is…but think about it. Media costs money, lots of it. Trump has gotten billions, for “free”.  The media isn’t that stupid. Usually when the media disagrees with someone they just shut them down. No interviews, no news spots, no nothing. They just make you go away. Not Donny.

I started smelling something fishy back in November and by early December I suggested that they’re going to yank Hillary late,  and put Biden up in her place. I think they’ll use the Email investigation as the basis, but it could even be her health issues.  I still believe that. But do I believe that because the real power brokers behind the scenes think Hillary can’t beat Trump but Biden can?  Get lost, not a chance. Half the people in this Country have never heard Biden talk, some don’t even know his name.  Hillary is by far the Democrats best chance of getting the White house. If they yank her late in the innings, it means….drum roll please….they WANT Trump in there.

So the question going forward is this…why would the globalist elites want Trump in the White House? Surely they don’t like his “make America great” idea. Surely his stance on everything from building a wall, to making Iran pay, to his views on Muslim terrorists, to  you name it, flies in the face of the globalists.  So why would they do it?

The only thing that comes to mind is… I’ve been talking about a monetary “reset” for a few years now. What has Trump really been good at in his life? Bankruptcies. He’s the king of BK.  Now I know this is convoluted, and sounds too conspiratorial, but go with it for a minute.  What if the “plan” is that we’re indeed going to have a global monetary reset, and debts will be discharged, reworked, re negotiated, and they wanted someone at the top but who is NOT A BANKER. Someone that Joey Sixpack could “trust” to guide us through a really tough patch?  Trump would be the perfect pick.

If we have a monetary reset, if the US loses Global Reserve status, all hell will break loose. Joey sixpack will NOT want to listen to a career politician OR a banker when it comes to navigating through it all. But… Joey would be okay with a Trump. You know…he talks like Joey. He’s rough around the edges. He’s not PC. He tells you his opinion. He’s been in business and knows how to work systems. I’m starting to believe that Trump is actually the elites pick for President, because something ugly is coming and he has the history to work through it.

Crazy? Well maybe, but….get the popcorn, these next few months are going to be quite a show!

The Market…

Speaking of “quite a show” the market has put on its own version of a show over the past couple days. On Monday the market had the blah’s. The volume was low, and after a long uneventful session we ended the day slightly red, with the S&P down about 4.

But Tuesday dawned bright green, and for no apparent reason, ran like mad, ending the day up almost 200 DOW points and 25 on the S&P. What was it all about? Was it great news? No, in fact like most days the news flow was sort of ugly.

Today the momentum just wouldn’t quit. We had big futures in the morning and that did translate into a green open. Soon after we were up another 150 DOW points and 20 more S&P’s.  Surely it had to be because of some form of good news, right? Sorry the good news machine was broken.

Here’s a couple of the things I mentioned to our Insiders Club members that flies in the face of a rip roaring market session…

Oil flirts with 50 while Cushing is full, and oil tanker ships all over the world lay parked full of oil. From Singapore, to the US gulf, they're using tanker ships to store oil, because there's no place to put it.

Service PMI: Business optimism drops to its lowest recorded since the survey began in October 2009

Markit: "A deterioration in the survey data for May deal a blow to hopes that the US economy will rebound in the second quarter

Markit: "The surveys are signalling a non-farm payroll rise of just 128,000 in May

In Today's Layoff News: Microsoft Fires 1,850; Intel Cuts 350; Shell Terminating 2,200
Here’s a few more that I didn’t include….

The CFTC Has Imposed Over $5.08 Billion in Penalties in 17 Actions against Banks and Brokers to Address ISDAFIX, and LIBOR Abuses


Tiffany Shares Slide After Biggest Sales Drop In 6 Quarters, EPS Miss, Guidance Cut

So when you look at just those few lines, would you imagine you’d be seeing that come across your ticker while the DOW was up 172 points??  No, not at all. Yet that’s what we had.  But not only that… the volume on these big up days has been laughable.

So the question becomes…why? Why out of the clear blue on a random Tuesday did they decide to kick the market in the butt and send it soaring? You can’t blame it on fundamentals, so it has to be that central planners want it higher. Again though…why?

The ONLY straw I can grasp at right now is that they want the market up so that they’ve got “headroom” if indeed the Fed’s decide to hike rates in June.  Maybe they want so much space that if the fed’s did announce a hike and the market threw a fit…it still wouldn’t fall enough to trigger correction levels.

So we end today up 145 DOW points and 15 on the S&P. That’s two big up days in a row, so logic tells us that they might need to take a break for a day, if the ultimate goal is to push up and over 2100. So my guess is that we end tomorrow flat. Could they instead actually sell us off? Sure, we’ve had many situations where the market looked like it was finally going to bust out, but quickly faded off instead.   

What about just pushing higher? It’s certainly possible, but I tend to think we need a rest first.   If I put on my conspiracy hat and think like a criminal, I’d keep the market flattish tomorrow and then push it up and over 2100 on Friday so they could go into the 3 day weekend with a big fat green market to gloat over.

Remember folks the market is closed Monday for Memorial day!  I’ll see you Sunday in the letter.

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