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7.24.2016- Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

We just wrapped up the Republican Conventions and it ended with a speech by Donald Trump. The left has gone apoplectic over the things that were said, and ended up calling it “dark” and “doom and gloom”. It was nothing of the sort.

Tom Brokaw had this to say...“Others looking in are going to see someone they will only think as a demagogue of some kind.” George Stephanopoulos, a former Democratic operative, echoed his colleague Chuck Todd: “He [Trump] painted a dark picture of where America stands today.” For emphasis, Stephanopoulos repeated, “And Martha Raddatz, a pretty dark speech.” Chuck Todd labeled, “I thought it was an extraordinarily dark speech.” Republican operative Nicolle Wallace lamented, “We are now represented as a party by a man who believes in protectionism, isolationism and nativism.”
Let me state something right now so you all know where I’m coming from. I detest Hillary Clinton. I personally believe she should have NO right to run for President and in fact, should probably be in jail, fined or both. So that’s my view on her and no it isn’t something I recently came up with. I’ve detested that witch since the Mid 90’s.

Does that mean I think Trump is some God riding in on a white horse to save the world? No it doesn’t. But I am indeed going to vote for the man. I imagine that you can all figure out why...he’s not one of them. He’s telling you things that NO politician in my lifetime has said. He says the system is rigged. He says things that aren’t PC. He calls out lying politicians, he mocks them. He points his finger and his thunder at the things that are wrong with America and lays the blame on the folks that created it.

Many many times in the past 20 years I’ve asked this question. Do you think we went from the world’s biggest creditor to the world’s biggest debtor by accident?? By a series of “oops?” Do you think we went from the manufacturing powerhouse of the world, to losing almost half of our manufacturing by accident? More “oops?” Of course not. What’s happened to America was planned, and executed by people with their own agenda’s. NOT the agenda of making America great.

Trump calls it like he see’s it. NAFTA? A disaster. Our trade deals? Childish and dangerous. He calls out the politicians that voted for things like that. Again, this is a breath of fresh air that I’ve not seen before. Trump has spoken to the forgotten masses. The factory worker in Nowhereville Indiana that just lost his job to Mexico. The equipment builder that just lost his job to Vietnam, or China. The little housewife in Pickatown Vermont that is scared to see 2000 North African “refugees” get bussed into her town, because they’re not vetted as to their identity and ideology. He’s speaking to Middle America. They are listening by the millions.

I’ve mentioned in the past that I don’t believe for a minute that he just woke up one day and said, “yeah, I think I’ll give this President thing a shot and see how it goes”. Sorry I don’t buy it. He might be a great Patriot, he might truly want to make America great again. But to give up his lifestyle, run around the nation having his family dragged through the mud, with the very real possibility of one of the looney left’s mind warped robots trying to kill him? No, I don’t think so. I think he was tapped by some very powerful people, to take the position of President. But why?

My first guess is that they want someone strong at the helm when the wheels fall off this global nightmare of debt, negative interest rates and the global “reset” I’ve mentioned for years. I think that reset might be so close in happening, that they’ve reached out to a business man, a man who hard working Americans can seem to trust as looking out for them, to make the kinds of deals that will be necessary once the reset hits and we “start from scratch”

Consider something for a moment. Maybe, just maybe I’m not as nuts as this sounds. Remember FBI man Comey? Remember how much of a punch in the gut it was when he said “yep she lied, yep she had classified documents on her server. Yep it wasn’t secure. Yep it was probably hacked by “bad guys”. And then didn’t push for prosecution? He said no prosecutor would take the case. Everyone felt betrayed.

Yet something about that whole thing didn’t set well with me. He had to know that it would look like selling out. He had to know that people would boo, and feel like the rule of law had truly vanished from America. Yet he did it anyway. What’s up with that?

What if Comey had an agenda? Follow along.... In a normal investigation, they would have done their investigation work, and then presented it to the Attorney General. They would NOT have told the public what they found. Then, once in the AG’s hand, ALL of their findings would have been locked down as EVIDENCE. You would NOT have heard about the classified emails. You wouldn’t have heard about any of the things he told you.

By doing what he did, he allowed the PUBLIC to see what a lying witch she is. He put it out there for the whole country to see. If he had gone with business as usual, you would not have heard a word of any of that. Lynch would have sealed those records and said nothing to you. Then, by suggesting that “no prosecutor” would have gone forward with it, he HANDED Chris Christie and Rudie Giuliani the PERFECT fodder to go ballistic and say “I was a prosecutor and I SURE WOULD have taken on that case!!”

Look at what Christie did at the convention. He basically held a mini court, asking questions about Hillary’s conduct and then asking the crowd, “so I ask, guilty or not guilty?” And the crowd cheered GUILTY! Then Giuliani looks into the camera and says point blank that as a Prosecutor I couldn’t have had a better case to prosecute than Clinton! They could only say those things, because Comey did what he did.

Comey handed the American people a chance to compare the FACTS, to Hillary’s statements, and see if they still wanted to vote for her. Comey handed the Republicans ALL the firepower they needed to use her lying to us as ammunition to beat on her.

There’s no coincidences. Nothing happens politically that isn’t planned. What looked like the absolute abolishment of rule of law in America, where there’s one law for the elites and another for us peon’s, has instead given the American public a chance to prosecute her.

Next week starts the Democratic convention. With typical pandering to an already
misguided Black nation she’s going to have the mothers of Treyvon Martin, Michael Brown and Eric Garner on stage. The Philadelphia police are really insulted by this. Not one of the grieving families of a fallen officer has been invited ( as of yet, but they’ll probably rush to fix that so they don’t look so ridiculous) Here’s what one had to say...

It is sad that to win an election Mrs. Clinton must pander to the interests of people who do not know all the facts, while the men and women they seek to destroy are outside protecting the political institutions of this country,” said Philadelphia Lodge 5’s president, John McNesby. “Mrs. Clinton, you should be ashamed of yourself if that is possible.

I can’t wait to see their convention. I want to see if the liberal media shows as much bias for Hillary as they showed bias against Trump last week. If none of them question why there were no family members from murdered police on...then the media will have disgusted me even more than I thought they could.

I’m all in for Trump and I have no reservations about it. If you want lying disgusting Hillary, well...I’ll say a prayer for you.

The Market...

For the second week in a row, the market simply went “up”. As has been the case for months untold, it doesn’t matter how bad the economic releases are, it doesn’t matter how low the volume is, it just keeps levitating. As I’ve mentioned many times, this is reminiscent of the 1998/99 bubble.

The choice you have to make in your own head is simply this.... As the market makes these new all time highs, will the underlying economy catch up to it, or in time will the market fall down to it? That’s the question, that’s the choice.

The true economy does not support a 19K DOW, nor a 2200 S&P. Yet we’re very close to both of those numbers. But, since the market is no longer a reflection of the underlying economy and is only where it is at because of the Central banks of the world printing trillions of dollars....dollars that have to go “somewhere”, a lot of it lands in the stock market. Consider Japan. This is what Bloomberg had to say about Japan’s stock buying frenzy....

While the Bank of Japan’s name is nowhere to be found in regulatory filings on major stock investors, the monetary authority’s exchange-traded fund purchases have made it a top 10 shareholder in about 90 percent of the Nikkei 225 Stock Average, according to estimates compiled by Bloomberg from public data. It’s now a major owner of more Japanese blue-chips than both BlackRock Inc., the world’s largest money manager, and Vanguard Group, which oversees more than $3 trillion.

The Swiss; not to be outdone, have been incredibly active here in the US. More from Bloomberg....

The Swiss National Bank increased its stake in Apple Inc., Exxon Mobil Corp. and Johnson & Johnson in the first quarter, taking its U.S. equity holdings to $37.5 billion. According to the SEC filing, the SNB held shares in more than 2,500 U.S.-listed companies, valued at $37.5 billion. A quarter earlier, it held U.S. shares worth $26.7 billion.

So now you know why the market is going up despite lousy economic reports, lousy corporate earnings, etc. The question is...how far can this go? If they’re printing money out of thin air ( they are) and buying stocks with no regard to price paid...will this market do 25K? 30K? Could we see DOW 40K?

I guess theoretically we could. But I tend to think that long before we see anything like that, one of about 100 different black swan events could put an end to all this. Let’s face it, the world has lost control. Every major nation has big debt troubles. War is on the doorstep all around the globe. Somethings going to break, and it won’t be pretty when it does.

All we can do is play around the edges. Lean long, but keep your finger near the sell button. In this game of musical chairs, when the music stops, the dash for that open seat is going to be spectacular. For this coming week, I think they’ll take a pause, maybe do a little backing and filling. We’re already so overstretched that normal comparisons are impossible to make.

No one has ever seen a market like this, because before 2008, central banks weren’t in the market like they are now. Ten years ago the idea of a central bank buying tens of billions worth of US stocks was a laughable concept. You’d be jeered out of town for mentioning it. Yet today it is the reality, and it’s turned the market into something grotesque. Get your popcorn. This show is going to be awful interesting to watch as the next several months unfold.

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