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8.17.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Media Guilty and Should Pay

There’s left leaning people and there’s right leaning people. Rarely is the time when a lefty or righty can drag someone across the line from their camp into their own camp. Most people are pretty rigid about it. While I find it absolutely brain cramping, statements like “I’m a lifelong Democrat ( or Republican) and will vote may party” unfortunately it is indeed true. Many folks don’t care of the issues or the stance. It’s all about their party.

Nowhere is this more blatant than in the main stream media. However it isn’t just their undying love for Hillary and the liberal agenda, it goes much further than that. They will stoop to any level to advance what ever meme their bosses say the masses should accept.

Remember Trayvon Martin? The media rolled out his cute school pictures of him smiling like an Angel, arousing sympathy for him. Not once did CNN or MSNBC roll out his 17 year old gang photo’s, all tattooed up with gang symbols, while raining down cash, and giving the middle finger. See they had an agenda. White boy with a gun murders poor innocent black child.

In Milwaukee, a black man was shot while running away from cops. The cop stopped a suspicious vehicle, two men in it fled, the guy was armed. When Police told him to put down the gun, he refused and was then shot. Instantly the Black lives matter folks went ballistic and started rioting. It didn’t matter that this guy had a lengthy criminal history. It didn’t matter that he wasn’t allowed to have a gun. No, all that mattered was that “cop” shoots “black”. Then they found out the cop that shot him was black. Hmm. Okay, no problem...ignore that and riot anyway.

CNN then goes to grotesque levels to make the rioters seem like Choir children. Consider the way they twisted and Contorted what this punk’s sister had to say. This is from CNN...
Smith's sister, Sherelle Smith, condemned violence carried out in her brother's name, saying the community needs those businesses.

"Don't bring that violence here," Smith said, sobbing as she lamented that she would never be able to again hug her brother.
Another sister, Kimberly Neal, remembered a brother who "kept it real," a high school graduate who played basketball

Wow, that sounds very much like what any sister that just lost her brother might say, and then to add in “don’t bring that violence here” sounds like she really cares about her community and fellow citizens. UNFORTUNATELY that’s NOT what she meant, nor how she said it. This is her real statement....
“Burning down sh*t ain’t gonna help nothin’,” yells Sherelle Smith.
“You’re burnin’ down sh*t we need in our community.”
“Take that sh*t to the suburbs. Burn that sh*t down!” she demands.
“We need our sh*t! We need our weave! I don’t wear it, but we need it!”

Well now. How do you turn what she really said, into some form of call for peace and unity? It’s easy when you’re CNN, the most dishonest bunch of agenda driven scumbags on earth. They will twist anything to fit their agenda. In this instance the agenda is “poor black people seek peace and love, while renegade cops shoot helpless choir boys” It’s sickening. It makes me puke.

CNN could never and I say NEVER come out with an article saying “this black punk, with gang tattoos, flashing illegal guns on social media, should have never been let out of jail in the first place, and should know that pointing a Glock 19 at an officer, while being told to put it down, is a good reason to get yourself shot”. Nope, because that would put the blame on the black punk instead of some perceived police agenda to randomly shoot blacks. ( by a black cop no less)

And so it goes. The media sits in the lap of Hillary Clinton and ignores any and all criticism of her. Just the other day, Trump laid out his plans for selecting Supreme Court nominee’s. In the speech he said he’d consider folks that might have good marks from places like the Heritage Foundation. 

Note> for those that don’t know... Founded in 1973, The Heritage Foundation is a research and educational institution-a think tank-whose mission is to formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.
So, what could be more presidential, more founded in sincerity, more logical than that? Nothing right? Right. So what does the banner say on CNN when they were reporting on this? I kid you not...

Trump to use “Heritage” in vetting for Supreme Court

Now why do you suppose they framed it like that, where it sounds like Trump would use someone’s history, someone’s lineage, some one’s ethnicity? Because that’s exactly the message they want to push out. They want their idiot viewers to think Trump is vetting via race.

How slimy can you get? I mean really....?

Along with twisting the news, the second favorite thing the media does for its “friends” is to ignore things it doesn’t like. Follow along...

Where’s the breathless, outraged media story about the Uranium deal Clinton made? During her time at the State Department, Hillary voted to approve the sale of more than 20 percent of the United States’ uranium production capacity to Rosatom, the Russian atomic energy agency. While the deal was going through, the company behind the uranium sale made four donations to the Clinton Foundation totaling $2.5 million. And shortly before the deal was finalized, Bill Clinton was invited to Moscow, where he was paid $500,000 to give a speech. - Media? Crickets.
What about the Haiti mining connection to her Brother?? If this was Trump, the CNN Folks would have a heart attack from screaming about it so loudly and so animated.   Remember this one point folks... Haiti had a horrible earthquake, killing over 250,000 people. Hillary’s connections got all the building rights, contracts, etc. Haiti had not given a mining contract to a foreigner in OVER FIFTY YEARS. But...

While Hillary was secretary of state, her younger brother, Tony Rodham, was appointed to the advisory board of VCS Mining, a US-based company that received a gold-mining contract in Haiti.At the time, Bill Clinton was the UN special envoy to Haiti, and Hillary had a decisive say over America’s multimillion-dollar relief efforts in that earthquake-ravaged country.

Tony Rodham admitted that he met the chief executive of VCS Mining at a meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative. “I deal through the Clinton Foundation,” Tony told a reporter. “That gets me in touch with the Haitian officials. I hound my brother-in-law, because it’s his fund that we’re going to get our money from.”

Did you hear any long winded discussions about this on ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN? Crickets. What about the Clinton Foundation?? What about her Health concerns? Not a word, just sweep it under the rug.

I truly believe that the media is responsible for a LOT of the ills of our nation. If our main stream media had an iota of honest reporting left in it, this nation would be in considerably better shape. Maybe some of our misguided youth would have a better grasp of reality if the news coming out of the idiot box was honest reporting.

If we get sucked into war concerning NATO and the Ukrainian border, it is the MEDIA’s fault. They’re the one’s that refuse to explain how WE helped stage the Ukrainian coup, how WE have broken the pledge with Russia concerning not moving NATO closer to their borders. And when mom’s cry as their sons and daughters are used for cannon fodder on the lines, you can bet the same satanic media that didn’t warn those mom’s what the US was up to, will be there asking “how do you feel now that your son’s head was blown off in the war?” Because as we all know blood and gore, with crocodile tears sells.

What passes as journalism today is not a joke, as a joke invokes funny. This is not funny. This is elitist enslavement to their agenda’s. You only hear what they want you to hear and you only hear it from “their side”.   There’s a good reason that only 6% of the American people find the media “trustworthy”, and it’s simple. They’re not.

Anything important that you hear from the big media, you should immediately vette through the alternative media. They’re certainly not always right, but you’ll get a lot closer to the facts than some drivel spewing out of Wolf Blitzer.

Finally, if you want to see who’s in bed with whom, and why they’re so “pro Hillary” consider....
NBC Senior Deputy Political Editor Mark Murray is married to Obama appointee Sasha Johnson (who also worked for CNN), who is chief of staff at the FAA.
ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.
CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama's Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications and is an Advisor on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran.
ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney
ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama's Deputy Press Secretary
ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama's Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood
CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton's Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.
Associated but not related:
ABC News Anchor George Stephanopoulos, Clinton’s White House Communications Director and press secretary
PBS Chief of Staff Julie Anbender, Clinton’s Deputy Director of OPA and DOJ
Comcast-ABC Senior VP, Government Affairs Meredith Baker, Bush’s and Obama’s Commissioner, FCC
CNN News correspondent, Yul Kwon, Obama’s Deputy Chief CGAB, FCC
PBS Host, Yul Kwon, Obama’s Deputy Chief CGAB, FCC
CNN Department Assignment Manager, Joe Lockhart, Clinton’s Press Secretary CBS VP, Corporate Communications, Lisa Caputo, Clinton’s Press Secretary, First Lady’s Office.
Just sayin....

The Market...

Sometimes you have to wonder if the elites themselves are making things up as they go. Maybe they're not quite as smart and in control as we think! Consider these statements from one particular Rothschild himself... Courtesy of RT..

Low interest rates, negative yields on government debt and quantitative easing are part of the biggest financial experiment in world history, and the consequences are yet unknown, says RIT Capital Partners Chairman Lord Rothschild.

“The six months under review have seen central bankers continuing what is surely the greatest experiment in monetary policy in the history of the world. We are therefore in uncharted waters and it is impossible to predict the unintended consequences of very low interest rates, with some 30 percent of global government debt at negative yields, combined with quantitative easing on a massive scale,” Rothschild writes in the company's semi-annual financial report.The banker notes this policy has led to a rapid growth of stock markets - US stocks have grown threefold since 2008 - with investments growing and volatility remaining low.
However, the real sector of economy didn’t enjoy such a profit, as “growth remains anemic, with weak demand and deflation in many parts of the developed world,” according to Rothschild.

The billionaire underlined that many risks remain for the global economy with the deteriorating geopolitical situation. Among those risks Rothschild included Britain's vote to leave the European Union, the US presidential election, and China's slowing economic growth. Another risk is global terrorism, which Rothschild says is a consequence of the continuing conflict in the Middle East.

According to a Bank of America Merrill Lynch report in June, interest rates in developed countries, in particular America’s 0.5 percent, are now at the lowest level in 5,000 years. In their battle against deflation, countries such as Sweden, Switzerland or Japan have even turned to negative key lending rates.

Maybe he's playing dumb, and maybe he knows exactly what's planned, but on the surface he's got the same questions everyone has....how does this work itself out?

Last night we learned that CSCO is going to lay off 20% of their entire workforce, some 14K people. Then we learned that HD, and LOW were pretty disappointing. Then we saw that SPLS didn’t do so well. This morning we saw mortgage applications fall. Target missed top and bottom line and warned for the rest of the year. Naturally you’d figure the market would take it on the chin, right? Well after a sharp 80 point drop at the open, by 2 pm the S&P was down 1, the DOW off just 11.

That’s when we got the minutes from the last Fed meeting. Was there anything in there? Not really. Some want to hike rates “sooner” while others wanted more confidence on inflation, while some worried about Brexit, etc. Same things we hear every meeting. At 2:09 the DOW went green. Go figure.

I had told the insiders that because yesterday was red, today we’d probably close green and sure enough we did. It’s becoming an online joke now, as you can see the algo-bots taking the market red and green alternately.

So, for the last 9 sessions we’ve been trapped between 2175 and 2190 on a closing basis. Considering we ended today at 2182, we’re pretty much right in the middle. So we could go higher or lower tomorrow and still be inside that overall bracket.

This is a bizarre market folks. Be cautious of it. Maybe consider these words ....
Carl Icahn Turns Apocalyptic: "I Am More Hedged Than Ever, A Day Of Reckoning Is Coming
Keep your positions small and take your profits quickly. We’re in uncharted territory. Take care and I’ll see you all on Sunday.

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