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9.7.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Us and Them 
In 1973, the bank Pink Floyd released the album "Dark Side of the Moon". For many, myself included, it was one of the greatest albums ever released. I was still in high school and a lot of the words in those songs reverberated with me and my peers. One in particular, "Us and Them" was loosely composed around the horror of war, and how regular people wouldn't choose to ever go to war.

But there is an "us" and a "them". Call it however you'd like, whether the 1%, the elites, the "machine", the establishment, etc. There's always been an us and a them.
Today I want to post up a letter penned by a friend of mine. T.C. is typical of so many folks that know "something" was wrong, but couldn't put their finger on it until they started digging under the surface, ignoring main stream media and doing their own research. The following is something of an introduction that T.C. created for friends of his that simply don't understand how things work. I thought it was worth sharing with all of you, as many newer readers simply don't understand some of the things we say.   Take a read....
This election is NOT about Democrats vs. Republicans.
This election is NOT about Hillary vs. TRUMP.
This election is about the ESTABLISHMENT vs. Non-ESTABLISHMENT!
The ESTABLISHMENT  (Oligarchy) a relatively small group of people that have control over the US government (which includes law enforcement as proven by James Comey and Loretta Lynch) irrespective of the wishes of the people.  The Big BANKS, Military Industrial Complex, Big MED, Big PHARMA, Mainstream Media (MSM), and Multinational companies are all part of The ESTABLISHMENT and control our government.

The ESTABLISHMENT is a "REVERSE ROBIN HOOD"- stealing from the poor and giving to the rich! They are responsible for bankrupting the USA ($19T Debt and $103T Unfunded Liabilities) the US Dollar has lost approximately 98% of its purchasing power vs. gold since the origination of the FED in 1913 and approximately 97% of its purchasing power vs. gold since closing the Gold window in 1971.

They are also responsible for the murders of hundreds of thousands of US soldiers and millions of civilians worldwide. Since the Spanish American War (1898) the USA has not been involved in any legitimate war where we were attacked unprovoked! (Ex.- Spanish-American War - sinking of the Maine was a false flag event, WW1- sinking of the Lusitania was an instigated false flag event, WW2 Pearl Harbor was instigated false flag event, Vietnam War -  Gulf of Tonkin was a fake false flag event, War on Terror 9/11 false flag event, and WW3 (forthcoming) - we are currently instigating Russia & China.)

Wars = Debt = Death

Winners - ESTABLISHMENT BANKS, Military Industrial Complex, and Globalists.
Losers - The People.

 Democratic and Republican Parties - are controlled by the ESTABLISHMENT. Therefore the ESTABLISHMENT does not care which party wins - as long as it is one of their ESTABLISHMENT "puppets". Their election campaign promises may differ - but once in office they promote the same Establishment Globalist Agenda.

Mainstream Media (MSM) is controlled by the ESTABLISHMENT. Six major corporations control most of MSM - including FOX News owned by News Corp controlled by Rupert Murdoch.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4Ocd8jr5v4&feature=em-uploademail

MSM have evolved into propaganda promoting organizations for the Establishment Globalist Agenda.  The ESTABLISHMENT also controls most of the POLLS! Their current agenda is to make it appear that Hillary is way ahead to discourage Trump voters from voting and encourage more Hillary/Democratic political donations. Keep in mind that TRUMP supporters get turned away at TRUMP rallies than Hillary supporters show up to see Hillary!

What is the ESTABLISHMENT GLOBALIST Agenda? -  to control the world by creating a one world government with the ESTABLISHMENT in charge.  The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Group of 30, Trilateral Commission, and Bilderberg Group are the primary ESTABLISHMENT organizations that create Globalist policy and promote their Globalist Agenda via Politicians, MSM, Academia, and Hollywood.

What is the ESTABLISHMENT doing to achieve its GLOBALIST AGENDA?
  1. By making conditions so bad that countries will seek the ESTABLISHMENT as their solution by destroying nationalism, the economy, and currencies.  Also by creating and instigating Racial Tension, Poverty, Chaos, Fear, and War.
  2. Herding - there are 196 countries. Start by "herding" countries into small groups with the goal of globalization. ex. European Union, North American Union.
  3. Destroy Nationalism  by allowing unrestricted illegal immigration and by removing borders.  (Throwing a Turd into the punchbowl).
  4. Destroy Currencies and Economies by massive currency debasement (inflation) and exponential debt that is mathematically impossible to repay.
  5. Enslave Citizens Government housing, food stamps, and entitlements to control minorities and capture votes. (Urban Plantations)
  6. Destroy the Rule of Law separate laws for the ESTABLISHMENT vs. everyone else.
  7. Instigate WW3 by surrounding Russia and China with military installations and weapons systems. Also, create and weaponize ISIS to do the "dirty work" of the Elite, while concurrently supporting the BIG BANKS and Military Industrial Complex.
How is it possible for a Community Organizer or a Criminal to become POTUS?    Because Obama and the Clinton(s)  were the "chosen" ESTABLISHMENT puppets!

Why is Hillary NOT in jail?    As their "chosen" puppet she is protected by the ESTABLISHMENT!

Why do you think that MSM is so biased against TRUMP?   MSM is NOT controlled by the ESTABLISHMENT which wants their "chosen" ESTABLISHMENT puppet to maintain power!

Why do you think the Big Banks were bailed out in 2008 by BUSH after they created the financial meltdown?   The BIG BANKS are integral part of and protected by the ESTABLISHMENT by their puppet Bush(s)!

Why have no bankers jailed under OBAMA?  The BIG BANKS are an integral part of the ESTABLISHMENT and their executives were protected by its puppet Obama!

Why do think CNBC, FOX Business, and Bloomberg NEVER mention that the FED is a private corporation owned by the BIG BANKS? Viewers might figure out the real reason BIG BANKS were bailed out was cover for the ESTABLISHMENT to enrich themselves at the expense of the USA citizens.

Do you have any doubt that the #1 purpose of the FED is to enrich its shareholders? It's obvious because the creators of the 2008 financial meltdown were the only ones that benefited from the meltdown at the expense of the taxpayers!

Why do you think the USA is continually engaging in Wars worldwide? To benefit Big BANKS (Wars = Debt) and the Military Industrial Complex that makes a fortune selling weapons, planes, machinery, equipment, etc. Also, world destruction will expedite the ESTABLISHMENT achieving its globalization agenda.

Why is the Obama/Clinton administration provoking PUTIN and CHINA? The ESTABLISHMENT GLOBALIST agenda is to instigate WW3. Society destruction will be the fastest way to an ESTABLISHMENT Globalist world.

Many believe that the USA indirectly created ISIS by weaponizing the Taliban via Benghazi to overthrow and murder Gaddafi.

Why don't we win wars? The ESTABLISHMENT GLOBALIST agenda is to perpetuate Wars to benefit the BIG BANKS and Military Industrial Complex ultimately leading to society destruction and an ESTABLISHMENT Globalist controlled world.

Was the purpose of Hillary's personal email server to hide the fact that Benghazi was a weaponizing operation or to hide the criminality of the Clinton Foundation?
Were Obama and Hillary hoping to destroy the weaponizing operation evidence by hanging Christopher Stevens, his staff, and protectors out to dry?

PUTIN tells the truth about ISIS that you will NOT hear from MSM
  Why are some prominent Republicans either not or begrudgingly committing to TRUMP ex. Cruz, Kasich, Gingrich, McCain, Bush(s), Ryan, Romney, Rove, etc.?   They are signifying that their loyalty is to the ESTABLISHMENT instead of the USA, Republican Party, and Constituents they are suppose to represent! 
Why are many Billionaires and Corporate Titans ex. Bloomberg, Buffet, Koch(s), Gates, Whitman, Cuban, Cook, etc. not supporting TRUMP?  They are signifying that they are also committed to the ESTABLISHMENT Globalist Agenda!

Does the ESTABLISHMENT have regard for human life? A psychopath has no conscious.  How many millions of people died in unnecessary wars over the last 120 years to enrich the ESTABLISHMENT?

 Only psychopaths could instigate the murders 3000 military/Hawaiian citizens at Pearl Harbor and 3000 office/rescue workers on 9/11.

Why does the Libertarian Party have an anti-gun VP candidate who was a former Chairman of the CFR? In addition to the Democratic and Republican Parties - the Libertarian Party is also controlled by the Establishment - The Libertarian Party has "sold out" to the ESTABLISHMENT! http://www.thedailysheeple.com/libertarian-vp-candidate-william-weld-ar-15s-can-be-weapons-of-mass-destruction-and-handguns-are-even-worse_082016

 Why does the USA make such lousy trade deals? The ESTABLISHMENT GLOBALIST agenda is the destruction of economies- ultimately leading to an ESTABLISHMENT controlled world. 

Finally, Why would the USA citizens ever want to be part of an ESTABLISHMENT Globalist world if everything was wonderful?
Thank you for reading this,
 I'd say that's a pretty good "starter kit" to understand why so many things just don't seem to make sense on the surface, but become clear once you dig in. Thanks T, good job!

The Market...

On Tuesday ( which was the first trading day of the week because of the Holiday Monday) the market was pretty static for most of the day and then in the late afternoon it made a push higher. But as it has been for the past two months, it was well contained in the trading range that’s been in place. For some 40 days the S&P hasn’t moved up or down over 1%, and the range has been 2157 to 2190.

After yesterday’s jump higher, for most of today’s action, the market gave it all back. By 1 pm we had the DOW down 55 and the S&P off 6, pretty much giving back exactly what we gained yesterday. But we still had AAPL’s release of their new phone, and the Fed’s Beige book to look forward to.
The AAPL event didn’t seem to really thrill anyone at first. In fact the stock was slightly red for a while. Then at 2 we got the Fed’s Beige book and of course they talked of moderate growth, and blah blah blah. I find it interesting they talked about the election and even the zika virus. After the release, we still had the S&P down 3 and the DOW down about 35.
Today seemed to be all about just “holding up”. For instance, 105 stocks suddenly jumped at 12:05:38 and 46 of those moved 1% or more. That was obviously a big basket program trade that hit the market at the same time.

Speaking of propping up the market, once again we had a day where at certain parts of the day we were down 6+ S&P points and looking ugly, only to see them once again work their magic in the late afternoon and bring us back up. When the final bell rang, we were down just 0.32 on the S&P. 11 on the DOW. Amazing eh?

I keep asking and answering the same question. What now? For two months we’ve been in a range box with the top of the range 2190 and the bottom at 2157. Until either of them are forcefully broken...we’ll continue to wiggle inside the box. With today’s close at 2186, maybe they’re going to go gunning for the breakout.

While I can give you every reason on earth why fundamentally the market belongs much lower, the fact is they keep buying it up. It’s almost like a stealth rally. When we looked at the internals yesterday there was 310 new 52 week highs versus just 10 new lows on the NYSE. There were 278 highs and 27 lows on the NASDAQ. That suggests “up” no matter how bad the economic news is.

So it “looks” like they’re going to try their best to bust out of this sideways range we’ve been in for two months. But until they DO it, remain cautious. We’d need at least two good closes over 2190 for any reasonable person to think it isn’t a fake breakout. Play accordingly.  

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