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9.25.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

The Super Bowl

Before I go off on today’s rant, I want to start with something that will tie in quite perfectly with what I’m about to say today.   See, come Monday night at 9 pm, some ONE HUNDRED MILLION people are going to tune in to watch Donald Trump face off against Hillary Clinton.  The most views that a Super Bowl ever got was 114 million. So this event, this spectacle is going to be as large as the most popular sporting game ever played.  It’s that big.

But again before I talk about that event, I have a video that I want you all to watch. Folks, this is one of the most eye opening video’s concerning Syria and the true objectives of the US that you will ever see. Why? Because it isn’t some conspiracy nut in his basement talking trash. It isn’t some wacked out “right wing alternative media” laying it out. No, it’s the US Peace Counsil.

Okay, who are they? The US Peace Council is a multi-racial, pro-working class, anti-imperialist organization committed to peace, economic and social justice and to international solidarity with the peoples of the world. The U.S. Peace Council was founded in 1979 in the major Cities. It is affiliated with the World Peace Council, the world’s largest peace organization and an NGO member of the United Nations.

In this video, which is just 40 minutes long, you’re going to learn how these 7 members went to Syria, brainwashed as everyone in the US is, believing that Assad is bad, he’s a murdering freak abusing his people and must be gone. Inside of ONE week, they realized that all of it is complete and utter BullS**t. They learned the truth about how the people love him. How medical care is free. How college is free. How they are an open democratic society. But also how Assad stands in the way of “nation toppling and building” that the US is famous for.

These people are saying things that will probably get them killed by some Government agency. But it is indeed the truth.  Please folks, I implore you to watch the following video.


Now, if you’ve watched that video, the rest of what I’m about to say becomes more palatable.  See, come Monday night we’re going to watch the Superbowl of political square offs. In one corner we will have Donald Trump. In the other, Hillary Clinton.  Depending on how well either of them do, very well sets up the future of the entire US.

I came out last December with a prediction. My prediction was that Trump would win the primaries. But I also had another. That one said that Hillary was in much poorer health than most realize, and that her health would be on display in the coming year. Well both of those came true. Trump is the nominee and Hillary is being propped up. She’s got medical issues folks, serious ones.  But I made another statement too. That statement was that “if Hillary puts on a poor showing in the first debate, the DNC is going to pull her. They’ll say she’s had some form of pneumonia relapse, and it’s looking like it has complications or some such. I still believe that.

Now for the “out there crazy crap”.  I showed you all just the other day how badly we’re trying to pull Russia into a war. The US didn’t make a mistake bombing the Assad forces. Sorry. We broke the cease  fire and lit up Assad forces, hoping against all odds that one of Putins fighters would show up and engage.  It was a win win for the evil that pervades our war mongers. See, by firing on Assad’s forces, it let Isis move in closer to Assad. Then if by chance the Russians stepped in to stop it, we could declare war on Russia, and at that point all hell could break loose. Don’t forget, in a time of war, the standing President has the ability to remain in office until hostilities are under control.

So my point is that if Hillary doesn’t fare well Monday night, could there be an “October surprise?”  Could we see them once again do something desperate to spark an “event” so big that Hillary’s poor performance is instantly ignored and our attention is drawn somewhere else?  It is certainly possible.

Don’t you find it somewhat odd, that Trump is winning in the polls that aren’t skewed toward Hillary, Trump packs stadiums with 12K people, but Hillary struggles to fill a high school gym...and yet...all 5 of the living past Presidents say they endorse Hillary? Do all five past Presidents that are still living think half the country is Deplorable too? You bet they do. See, the Trump people aren’t drinking the main line kool aid. You’re not supposed to want to change Washington! You’re not supposed to question the Federal Reserve! You’re not supposed to love the Second amendment! You’re supposed to be a worthless mindless zombie that does what ever Hillary says is right for you.  The Establishment demands it.
The establishment is freaking out. Their pick for the throne is in huge trouble. They’ve thrown the media at her feet, it isn’t working. They trot out old Presidents, it isn’t working. CNN comes out and admits they’ve done everything in their power for her, it isn’t working. So like a cornered rat, they’re getting desperate. They need something to happen, something big.

So Monday night is indeed one of the most important nights in US history. If she has a coughing fit, or her eyes start going in different directions, or she can’t handle Trump hitting her over Bill Clinton raping women while she defended him, or her emails or Behghazi, SOMETHING is going to happen shortly after.  Something big.  There will be some kind of October surprise.
Now let’s be fair.  If she holds her own, and Trump stumbles, she could indeed gain some momentum. Sure she’s going to try and play the same crap all liberals do and call him a sexist, racist, homophobe, blah blah blah. But everyone’s heard all that before. So she’s going to have to hit him in places where he’s not going to be terribly versed, simply because he’s never been there before.  You can bet the moderators have been peppered with questions to ask, that Hillary will have had experience with that Trump hasn’t.

The bottom line is this folks. I hope you watch the video I posted. Because the so called woman taking stage Monday night is part and parcel in that Fraud situation in Syria. Just like Libya. The US took the most progressive nation on the African continent and turned it into a craphole. She was for it, she helped design it and then laughed hysterically when Gaddafi was murdered.  You might think Trumps got all kinds of flaws, and like most of us he does. But I cannot for a moment think he’d be the type of person that would do the types of things Hillary revels in.

Bring your popcorn and a stiff drink. The US Superbowl kicks off Monday night.

The Market...

More insane volatility. This week the feckless Fed’s decided not to hike rates, despite telling us that all the ingredients for a hike were there. Go figure. Those same Fed’s that say they’re not political, just showed you all that indeed they are not going to rock the boat ahead of Obama’s so called legacy.

That caused a two day romp higher, taking the S&P from about 2140 to a high of 2180. Then on Friday, some of the air hissed out of the balloon and we faded back down by 12 points, closing at 2164.

So now what? The “high” is 2190. The recent low was the 4 intra-day lows at 2120.  Are they going to come in and push us up and threaten the high? Or is the euphoria over the Fed’s doing nothing again going to fade and we sink back down?  The jury is out.

When markets get volatile, you stop looking for trends ( because there are none) and you simply look at “levels”.  With a close at 2164, we’re above a pretty important level....that being 2160. I think that if they don’t let 2160 get away, they’re going to try and inch us back up near the top of the range. But if we close under 2160, there’s really no reason we couldn’t sink right back down to the 2140 level quickly.

The other level is 2169. That’s the 50 day moving average. If we claw back over that for a close, it lends credence to the idea they’re going to shoot for the high.  But of course a lot is going to depend on what happens Monday night. If Trump does really well in the debate and Hillary doesn’t, it might set some nervous nellies on the path to “less risk” and sell some stock. Wall street and the establishment, doesn’t like Trump and they won’t enjoy seeing their “appointed” woman do poorly.

I guess what this all boils down to is that we’re going to have a lot more chop. There is no real trend out there folks. After trading sideways for almost 3 months, all that has happened is that the trading range of the sidways action has expanded.  For 40 days the range was 2160 to 2190. Then it widened to 2120 and looked frail before they rescued us and got us back up over 2160 on Wednesday.

With the election looming,  and with the very dangerous situation in Syria, expect more up and down chop.  Keep your position sizes low, and don’t be afraid to take profits. Until we break out of the range, each day could go either way. Take care and enjoy the Debate folks. It ought to be interesting.

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