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9.28.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

The Machine
On Monday night the Superbowl of debates took place. I’ll be the first to say that Trump didn’t do as well as I’d have liked. It’s hard to look good against a 30 year criminal politician, that’s been trained to the core on how to deflect, duck, change topics, ridicule, etc. Her handlers had shined her up well. No coughing fits, no mysterious eye movement and she smiled a lot. Quite unlike the nasty glare she generally displays.

I’m glad it’s over, however there are more to come and the media madness will continue each and every day. So I ask you, have you ever in your entire lifetimes seen the type of bias being put forth from every corner? The media’s on her side, the elitists are on her side, all the living past Presidents, the Fed’s the banking industry, the war industry, the insurance industry, it goes on and on.

But it’s now being taken to an extreme NO ONE has ever seen.   Before you go off thinking I’m beating a dead horse here, please ask yourself ONE question. How can the entirety of the establishment be so violently against this man, while half the country’s “average folks” think he’s our only hope? That’s a pretty big disparity, no? Yes. I call it the machine. The machine grinds forward for their appointed Queen and NOTHING will stop them. Not lies, not murders ( three people have been mysteriously murdered that questioned the DNC situation) not anything.

Many of you have heard of Michael Savage. He’s a conservative talk radio host. The Savage Nation is broadcast on the Westwood One radio network and is syndicated over some 400 stations nationwide. The show reportedly has an audience of over 20 million listeners. Savage is ranked as the seventh most listened to talk show hosts in the nation on the Talkers Magazine Heavy Hundred list.

Well, on Monday Michael was talking about Hillary’s fragile health and how some of her actions lately compare with folks suffering from Parkinson’s disease. He was talking about certain pharmaceuticals and the reactions they can induce. In the middle of his talk, he was SHUT DOWN and replaced on air by Curtis Sliwa and his cohort Kuby. Savage wasn’t notified about this; he was simply talking into the microphone when he went dark. Then his syndicated networkof 400 stations replaced him with an older recorded show.

Think about that for a minute folks. The 7th most listened to talk show host in the nation means he has listeners. Many of them. Maybe 20 million of them. Maybe more. And they became listeners because they like what Michael stands for. Well he stands for Trump as being our last great hope for America. Evidently “the machine” doesn’t want people hearing that. They don’t want people hearing of Hillary’s shortcomings and troubles. What could be more in your face than yanking a radio host in mid session, and replacing him?

Shutting down opposing views is nothing for this “machine”. They will stop at nothing to further their agenda. Facebook and Twitter and Google have all been found complicit in shutting down conservative messages, while promoting Hillary’s liberal agenda. This has always been one of my biggest fears. Since the “machine” owns the major media, and thus feeds us only their views, slants and agenda’s, our only hope is the Internet. Well FB, TWTR and GOOG have all shown that they have no regard for conservative truth.

But there’s another issue and it is actually more sinister. I’d like you all to go to this site....
 It bills itself as follows...

Baltimore Gazette is Baltimore's oldest news source and one of the longest running daily newspapers published in the United States. With a focus on local content, the Gazette thrives to maintain a non-partisan newsroom making our content the most reliable source available in print and across the web.

Well here’s the issue. The Baltimore Gazette went out of business over one hundred years ago. The site is FAKE. Yes it looks real, but it is not. It’s a site put up solely to create division. Race problems. Lunatic agenda’s. Featured so called articles such as “Atlanta Officer Kills Black Woman, Injures Child, Following Breastfeeding Argument” or Black man shot by cops for smoking marijuana cigarette come across as legit articles. They are nothing of the sort. It’s fake. Didn’t happen.

Here’s another one, the Boston Tribune....

This seemingly normal web site looks legit too. But no, it too is a fake news outlet designed to get the less informed to buy into stupid crap. Here’s the title of one of their stupid fake articles.

New Federal Gun Law Prevents Open Carry In All 50 States

Of course the article is fake. The site is fake. Yet like the Baltimore Gazette is made to look real. To suck in people looking for news, and then feed them BS that they can go out and get riled up about. It’s disgusting and there’s hundreds of them. Like wise there’s thousands of trolls that are paid to do nothing but scour conservative sites and use the comment section to cause issues. Or how about Amazon’s little trick with Hillary’s book?

Hillary and her running mate put out a book. Not exactly a best seller The book, co-authored by Clinton's running mate, Tim Kaine, sold just 2,912 copies in its first week on sale, according to Nielsen BookScan. And the online ratings have been abysmal, with 81 percent one-star ratings and an average of only 1.7 on Amazon.com after it hit book shelves on Sept 6. People simply thought it sucked.

So Amazon, which is part of the great “machine for Hillary” decided to fix it and make it look better. First they started deleting bad reviews. Then when that didn’t work because they kept coming in, they decided to add more positive reviews. No matter that the book was a total flop and the comments were decidedly negative. Hey, anything to help the machine, right?

Let me end with this little oddity. Sometimes things are so in your face you don’t know what to think about it. I have a little exercise for you all, and I think it’s important that you do it.

At the top right of the page there’s a donate box. Move your mouse into the white space, just to the left of that box. When your mouse is in the white “blank” area, right click your mouse and scroll down to “view page source”. Then hit that.

What do you see at the top of the page in green? You see this...

Git out the vote!   Join the only 18 month, nationally televised hackathon.   

Yes folks, in bright green that’s what it says. What exactly do they mean by “hackathon??” Is that code or something suggesting they’re hacking the votes? Was this some programmer’s idea of a sick joke? Is this an invitation to watch a nationally televised “hacking operation?”

You can all make up your own minds. All I know is that “the machine” is in high gear to get Queen Hillary appointed to the throne, and it looks like they’ll stop at nothing to make it happen. Next week Obama hands the last of our Internet control over to a “non profit” organization, which then hopes to be regulated and overseen by several international Sovereigns. I don’t like this idea one bit.

The bottom line is this. The last remaining freedom you have is the ability to search out the truth and thus prepare yourselves as necessary. If the left gets to shut down opposing views, as it has done, is doing and says they’ll do more of...we are now worse than North Korea. I don’t want to live in North Korea. The fight is getting deeper wider and nastier. Stay true to the fight.
The Market...
On Tuesday they were celebrating what many thought was a Hillary win on Monday night and that had Wall Street breathing easier. So for no really good reason we gained 130 DOW points and the S&P followed right along. Was there any fundamental economic reason for the ramp? Not a one. Just what they perceived to be the “stability” of a Clinton win.

Today however they were a lot more undecided. Yes there was Yellen who’d be speaking to Capitol hill at 10 am. But there was also five more Fed heads scheduled to chat AND a meeting in Algere’s concerning oil output in the Middle East. It was a lot to chew on and the market couldn’t figure out what it wanted to do. After starting off slightly green, an hour into the session we went red across the board. Not big red... but red.

Then it got worse. For hour after hour,each time I glanced at the ticker, the DOW was up 12, the S&P flat. That is...until about 2:15 when out of the blue, we gained like 90 DOW points and 8 S&P’s. What was that about? Well supposedly OPEC has agreed to limit oil production to 32 million barrels a day. This is supposed to start in November. So oil bounced and the market loved it.

Granted however this is all coming from “sources” , probably the same ones that floated that balloon in the past. So it remains to be seen if any of these nations are really going to cut anything. But hey the market loved the news, as they were all damn near asleep and needed something to kickstart them.

So this so called source says that they’re going to cut production, and the market bought it to the tune of a 113 point “DOW” gain and a pretty hefty 11 point S&P romp. That’s pretty big stuff considering that at 2 pm the DOW was up 11 and the S&P was red by 1.

This puts the market in a very interesting place. Instead of being below its 50 day moving average as it was at 1 pm, it got above it. That also means we’re only 20 S&P points from an all time high. Just ten sessions ago we were bouncing around the 2120 level and the panic on the Street was that if it failed, we would be down to 2100 and possibly lower. Now we’re within a day and change of an all time high. All on “sources” suggesting that the Saud’s and everyone else are actually going to come up with a plan by November and they’re all going to stick to it. Yeah Right. Youbet.

Isn’t it funny how these rumors, and “sources” and deals just happen to take place at times where the fundamentals of the market stink, our Fed’s are lost beyond hope, our FBI sells out to Hillary again, and the market really “wanted” to fade to black? It’s not funny it’s disgusting. But it is...what it is.

They’ll probably get another up day out of this scam. But I’m still having a hard time believing we’re going to punch to new highs. We could, they have the Central bank money to do it for sure....it’s just that for the last couple months they seem just happy at keeping the market level and “sideways” instead of climbing to new highs every other day.

Yet make NO mistake. This market is being held together with bubble gum, zip ties, and band aid’s. Just like the Fed’s punting on a rate hike, they cannot let the market meaningfully fade heading into Obama’s last hurrah. Criminal? Sure. But then what isn’t in America 2016?

Trade this market, don’t marry it. Next stop on the upside is about 2180 but....It’s never been as dangerous as it is right now, no matter how hard they try and keep it together. Take care folks and be safe out there.

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