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11.13.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Muddy Water
Trying to predict the future is an exercise in being wrong a lot. Yet the future has an interesting way of showing up in our lives. So trying to connect the dots, and create some form of landscape of what the future could/should bring, at least makes sense.  
So before we get too far down this rabbit hole, let me say this. IF Hillary had stolen the election, I had a very clear and precise idea of what our future was going to look like.  It was easy, too easy. All we had to do was take the 8 years of Obama’s admin, look at what they did and how, and project that into the next 4 years.  But Hillary didn’t win. Trump did.

Which brings up a very interesting set of problems. First off...Why is Donald Trump in the White house? Let me get this straight... a flamboyant man of wealth, very used to a lavish life style, a mover and a shaker, always married to models of impressive beauty, who calls all the shots as he sees fit......gives all that up.  He lets his name, his wife, his family get dragged through the mud. He agrees to live in a White House that is a far cry from the Gold gilded splendor of Mar-a-Lago, or Trump Tower.  
And I’m supposed to believe that he’s done this, because he’s a Patriot that loves his Country and wants to make it great again?  Hey, I guess it could be...if you look back to things he’s said 10, 15, even 25 years ago...he’s made the case that he would only run for President if the Country was going down the tubes. So we have to wonder if there’s some percentage of truth to the “patriot for the people” thing going on.
Then there’s the angle of the ultimate Narcissist. There are some who believe that he’s got such an ego, that after building his empire, wedding the beauties, raising good kids, and prancing around the world as the ultimate tycoon, he couldn’t stop himself from the ultimate achievement: The Presidency of the United States.  I have a problem with that one. If he lost, this ultimate Narcissist would have been embarrassed beyond his imagination. He’d have to deal with a monumental loss of stature, influence and self-importance.  That’s a lot to wager. I’d say no on that one.
 Maybe I could make the case for combining some of number 1, with some of number 2?  Maybe. Maybe he’s so high on himself, had so much good fortune, that he does believe he’s the knight on the white horse that can save us.
Or maybe someone else did. 
One thing about putting out these letters in print, they don’t go away. You can always go back and look at what I’ve said. I said from day 1, that this guy didn’t just wake up one day and say  “I’m going to leave all this behind, and run against a perfectly oiled machine, because the little man in the street is not doing well.”   Sorry. I didn’t believe it then, I don’t believe it now.  What I’ve suggested is that he was “tapped” for a purpose. Some very big “Deep State” people, must have focused on him for a reason. But therein lies the problem. What is that reason? What was Donald Trump selected for by the people that let him win this? What is the game being played out here?
There’s an old saying that goes:  “if elections really mattered, they wouldn’t let us vote”. Yet despite the most well oiled political machine ever to exist in the US, they didn’t block him...they didn’t set all the machines to flip to Hillary. The vote count aggregator, didn’t suppress the Trump wins in State after State.  They didn’t shut down Wikileaks! Are you trying to tell me that the biggest Military on Earth couldn’t have shut down Wikileaks and Project Veritas, and Assange? But they didn’t. They allowed the emails to be exposed. They either LET HIM or MADE him win. ( I’m hoping they simply let him)
But it still begs the question. Why? What is his real purpose? For 60+ years the globalists, the Soros’s, the banking elites, the communists, the Central planners have been waging war against the US. The communist manifesto released in 1960 laid it all out. Take over the Press... check. Take over education...check.  #19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack....check, etc. etc.  With 85% of their goals within reach, they then let some “man of the people” in the White house, a man who says he’s willing to stop every single line item in their manifesto??  Really?
I suspect that if  “someone” didn’t want this guy to come to power, something truly horrible would have happened to Mr. Trump if they sensed the slightest chance he could win an honest election. I’m not talking about the one sided Media attacks, he actually used them to his advantage. I’m not talking about the vulgar language tape, Rappers say far worse every day and get invited to the current White House. I’m talking about one of his kids being kidnapped or killed. I’m talking someone sniping him. I’m talking his plane crashes, etc.  American politics is littered with suspicious deaths.
Allow me my tin foil hat for a moment. Let’s just suppose I’m right about this, and Donald was Tapped for a reason. Well what’s the reason? Is it to truly put America on top again? Could there be enough “good guys” in the Deep State that they finally pushed in a man who will do something right for the Country for a change? I guess that’s possible.  But it sure flies in the face of what we’ve been given for the last 25 years.
But as I alluded to not only in the letter a few days ahead of the election, but in past letters where this circus wasn’t making too much sense to me.... I keep coming back to one talking point. I have said for years that there’s going to be a reset. A global monetary reset. The world is awash in over 500 Trillion in debt and a few QUADRILLION in derivatives. Debt that can’t be paid, won’t be paid folks. Thus it has to be expunged.
I think Trump was tapped for one of TWO choices. In him they got a man that the “Average Joe” could believe in as being “good for him”. He said all the right things and certainly got half the country to believe he’s only there for YOU. So, is it possible that since Trump has navigated many bankruptcies in his past, they picked him to navigate a global currency reset, and the lumps and bumps that will bring?  I think that’s certainly possible. Why? Because if this reset hits and it all goes to hell in a handbag, they certainly would NOT want one of their chosen Leftists in Office. Remember, Democrats can’t ever take the blame for anything.
So choice one in  my mind has been that they pinched Trump because in the near future some major league financial changes have to occur and  they’re hoping that by having an “outsider” in the office, if things go wrong, they don’t have to take any of the blame on the left. Don’t forget folks, the right now will hold the Presidency, the House AND the Senate.
Which brings up choice 2, and it is considerably darker and more sinister. I’m talking real deep state, satanic like evil.
There are deranged evil people everywhere. Look at some of the recent Tweets by the so called “tolerant” left. The head of Grub Hub put out a letter to his employees saying that if they support Donald Trump they should leave their employment. I kid you not. But that’s nothing compared to the tweets to  “kill trump”  or “It’s time folks, he needs to be assassinated” that are so prevalent. Not to mention the savage animals that beat a white Chicago man and dragged him down the street for supporting Trump.  Do you suppose that there’s that level of evil anywhere in some of the folks at the UN, Brussels, the perverted banking system, etc? You bet there is.
So,  what if Trump has been tapped to be the patsy? What if... since they are soooo close to their remaining goals in completely taking over the US... that they’ve planted Trump in power, WITH the house and Senate with the ultimate goal of pulling the rug out from under him?  What if the Central bankers decide “no more” QE. No more low rates. It’s time to clean house.  I’ll tell you what happens... the world implodes economically.  
Wouldn’t the left just LOVE to have a Republican President, a Republican House and a Republican Senate all in session as the world plunges into a depression? Not only would they like it, they’d be orgasmic. They would point to all the Trump voters and say “See what you did you little people?!! You blew up the world with your nationalist ideas and your silly concepts of freedom. You picked the wrong party and now the world is a mess!”
Any of you who’ve been with me for any length of time knows that one of my constant themes has been that the elites have been looking for an “excuse” to blame our ills on. They’ve tried and tried to use Russia as that excuse, pushing Putin to lash out and start a war, but Putin didn’t bite.  But now they have Donald J. Trump.  I have a feeling that Mr. Trump has been tapped to be the “excuse” they’ve been looking for for the past 4 years.  I think they’re going to let him try and institute some of the things he wants to do, I think they’ll sabotage it at every turn, and then they pull the plug on the global economy.

Trump and the right will get ALL the blame. The Fed’s can point to him and say “Everything was going great, until Trump tried his NAFTA stuff, his trade stuff, his “over the top” borrowing stuff. It’s HIS fault we’re in trouble!”

God I hope I’m wrong about that. I want to believe he was tapped by the “good” that’s still left in the system to make America Strong again and heal the divides our Nation is suffering. I truly want to believe that, and I am actually praying for it.  It’s a monumental task, since the financial system is so completely screwed up.
But just like Rust never sleeps, the Globalists never stop.  If Trump was picked to truly be the good guy, the guy that reverses our slide to third world status, he’s got the fight of his life in front of him. But if instead he was picked to be the fall guy...the next few years are going to be incredibly brutal.
The Market...

Well that was interesting. Every single thing the experts told us about what would happen in a Trump win, was completely wrong. AND to be frank, I missed the rally. I missed the whole darned thing.  
It isn’t because I listen to the silly so called experts. I simply thought they’d want to send a message to those “little people” that voted Trump and push the market down as punishment. Well they started to do that, as on Election night the Futures were down 800 points!  But then the Narrative changed. In the course of just 6 hours, we went from lock limit down, to going green and then put on the biggest run up since 2005.

Interesting, isn’t it?  Indeed. And guess what this big run up gives them? It gives them the green light to hike rates in December and yes indeed they’re going to do just that. Will it matter?

If you read the commentary above you know that I think there’s a good chance the globalists are going to set Trump up for a fall. I pray I’m wrong, but the dots connect. So nothing fits better than having the market really good and strong for the end of the so called Obama “legacy” than being so strong that the Fed’s can hike rates for just the second time in TEN years.

It fits the narrative of “Things were going so well before Trump that even the Fed’s had to hike rates to keep us from overheating”. 
While the move was impressive and there’s probably more to come, All we can do is hope that earnings and economic activity will improve enough to match these lofty levels. Because right this moment the market is very short term extended. I have to think that we’re looking at a bit of a pull back this week, but the pull back will probably be a short term buying opportunity.
Don’t forget, we are in the seasonally strongest time of the year. With Obama wanting to go out on a high note, and the seasonality, I could see them attaining more all time highs before Trump gets sworn in. After that, all hell might break loose. 

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