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11.16.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Death Of a Movement
On Monday November 7th  I was sitting in a radio studio when I said the words: “no matter what happens tomorrow, this isn’t over.” Since Donald Trump won the election, it appears that prognostication has proven to be quite true.
We have riots in the streets. We have violence. We have the Media still trying to shred Trump as a madman, a womanizer, a racist, a hate monger, etc. We have leftists trying to get electors to throw their vote to Hillary. We’ve got it all.

That’s the visible things. That’s the every day, ho-hum reaction one could expect from the sore losers. But to be honest with you, none ( repeat) NONE of that is what I was talking about. All that stuff, was simply to be expected. However what I was speaking of is much deeper. Much darker.
The Trump win has been a dichotomy not seen in my life. The “winners” have celebrated with an all time high stock market. The losers have staged cry-ins at college. The Winners are feeling more optimistic about America than I can remember, while the losers stage protests and connive retaliation as I’ve never seen.

But last week I wrote an article that suggested the globalists aren’t just going to go away. I truly don’t think enough of you understand the scope of what we’re dealing with folks.  Globalist elites have a different time frame than you and I do. They don’t measure their success in matters of days, weeks or months. They are quite happy with decades. Their approach is slow and easy, like the proverbial boiling frog. A little here, a little there, until one day you wake up and somehow you live in a socialist/communist state.

Yes the Hillary loss was a dent in their schedule. The globalists aren’t perfect in their evil and they misunderstood the simmering of the white middle class American. First, through their own actions, they’ve decimated that demographic to where they didn’t think there was enough of them to make a difference any more. Secondly, the White Middle class American woman...while liking feminist rights and all that goes along with it...realized that all this is wonderful, but there was an issue. They were paying for their kids 25K a year college tuition, but realizing that there’s no jobs for them when they graduate. They might leave college diversified, racially acceptable, Muslim loving, touchy feely wonderful people...but they’d be living in mom’s basement. So, they too tossed the elitist a curve ball and voted Trump to a large degree.
So the socialist/elitist/globalists took a bit of a punch in the nose. So does that mean that’s it? They simply say “we’ve done our best to take over the US since the founding of the Federal Reserve in 1913 and now that Trump won, we’re quitting!”   Is that remotely possible? Of course not. They’ve had their schedule pushed back a bit, and to them all that means is that they’ve got to step up their game, revise some plans and push back even harder.
Many label me a conspiracy nut. Some think I’m what they’d call the alternative Media. Some say I’m the best outlet of truth they’ve ever found. Some say I’m nuts. Hey I get it. Every person that reads my pages must ponder for him or herself, if I’m blowing steam, or I’m making sense. When you’re talking about issues as scary and “freaky sounding” as globalist elites trying to take over the world, some will indeed figure you’re crazy. That’s simply because the Main Stream media says none of that exists. It’s tin foil hat stuff. Don’t listen to them, they say, ONLY listen to us...because we’re the good guys.
Well the elites know darned well that what put Trump in the drivers seat, instead of Hillary...was the Alternative Media. The WikiLeaks proved hundreds of times that the DNC was doing criminal things. The Project Veritas films showed the criminal actions. The Alex Jones shows laid out story after story, video after video of the lies, corruption, etc.  The alternative media was the single biggest factor in Hillary’s fall.  The elites know it... and they’re going to “fix that problem”.
There is an attack on alternative news sites going on right now and let me tell you it is just in its infancy and it’s going to get ugly. But it’s going to come in waves. See, you have to break down alternative news sites into at least two categories. Those that are self financed via donations, memberships and paid advertising....and those that eek out a living via Google “adsense” ads, Facebook and You tube views, etc.  There’s a big difference.
If you take a site like Info-wars, which is Alex Jone’s baby...He’s completely self funded. He sells products, he has advertisers that pay big money to put ads on his pages, and it is very hard for the elites to shut him down ( YET!!!  Do NOT FORGET WE GAVE UP SOVEREIGNTY OF THE INTERNET WHEN ICANN WAS HANDED OVER TO BE GOVERNED BY A PARTICIPATING GROUP OF NATIONS.  IN CHINA, THEY HAVE JUST BEGUN TO PASS A RULE THAT YOU HAVE TO BE REGISTERED WITH THE GOVERNMENT, TO USE THE INTERNET.  DON’T THINK THEY DON’T WANT THAT HERE)
On the other hand...there’s hundreds of little guys out there just trying to report the truth as they stumble on it. So, let’s say you’re the “antiglobalist revolution organization”. ( you’re really just Joe and Bill in a basement, but that’s fine.)  You do good work and you only put up things you can verify. So, what do you do to get your word out? Well you go to YouTube and put up a video. But there’s a problem see... Google owns Youtube. And Google is a globalist, elitist outfit. They HATE the idea that Joe and Bill can put up a video that goes against the Main Stream brain washing scheme. So, they’re about to knock off Joe and Bill.

Let’s start with You tube. Recently You tube has rolled out a program called “you tube heroes”  ( I kid you not)  So what you do is sign up to be a hero, and they give you a hero dashboard. Then they train you about how to be a troll ( a snitch) always on the hunt for “offensive” videos. Anything that supposedly doesn’t follow the Youtube guidelines. The problem of course is how do you determine those guidelines. For instance here’s some of their rules for flagging content... Controversial or sensitive subjects and events, including subjects related to war, political conflicts, and even natural disasters. Violence, inappropriate language and sexual humor....
Political Conflicts? So If I post a video about Hillary melting down during a campaign speech, if I was a Youtube Hero, I could flag that for removal?? Yep. Just as I could flag a Trump video which suggests he’s going to make America Great again, because you know... that’s offensive to some.
Okay so now you’re a Youtube hero and you start to get Points for shutting down video’s. As you gain more points you climb the you tube snitch ladder and get invited to more and more “cool” things.  When you get enough points to make level 5, you get to test out new products and even become “moderators” in comment sections, deleting what you find offensive or simply wrong.
Okay, so what’s you tube’s point behind this? They know that sites that get lots of hits, can make a good buck from Youtube, because you tube pays them a small fee for inserting advertising in the video. If the You tube hero’s flag your video, it is NO LONGER ELIGIBLE for youtube ad dollars. Poor Joe and Bill... nice guys, spreading the truth so that people can learn and make value decisions...doomed. Without the ad revenue, they’re  going under.

What about their parent, google? Same thing. They’ve just come out with a program to not allow their ads on “fake news” sites. Well once again I ask, who gets to decide if the news is fake? I assure you, it isn’t you. It’s them. So if they too see a site that they don’t like the content on... they will halt all “adsense” advertising on your site. 
What about Zucker and his facebook? Same thing, maybe even worse. He’s got a track record of pulling the plug on anything he doesn’t like.  This is from the “Telegraph”...Facebook and Google have pledged to ban websites that peddle fake news from their advertising services after the world’s two most popular websites were accused of spreading false and incendiary articles about the US presidential election.Facebook, which has faced a storm of criticism in the last week over its role in Donald Trump’s victory, added fake news websites to its list of banned adverts, which also prohibits ads for guns, gambling and spy cameras, on Monday night.
What about Twitter? Same thing folks. This is from the Daily Caller:

Twitter has initiated a major purge of prominent accounts associated with the alt-right exactly a week after GOP President-elect Donald Trump’s stunning electoral victory.One of the first and most prominent accounts caught up in the deletion is Richard Spencer, president and director of the National Policy Institute, an alt-right think tank focused on white identity and related policy issues.

Twitter removed Spencer’s verified account, formerly available at @RichardBSpencer, Tuesday evening.“This is corporate Stalinism,” Richard Spencer told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Twitter is trying to airbrush the Alt Right out of existence. They’re clearly afraid. Twitter went on to banish the accounts of over 2 dozen well known alternative media members.

So folks, there you have it. The elites have figured out that the alternative space has grown to the point where it can put up resistance to the Globalist creep toward world domination, and they are NOT going to let that stand. Facebook, Twitter,Google and Youtube will eventually squash out every non left leaning site there is. If you don’t toe the line and repeat the vomit spewed out of the Main Stream Media, you will be cut off. And guess what? There’s not a damned thing you can do about it.
Sure there’s going to be other sites that pop up to try and circumvent the problem. But unfortunately the only ones that will be on those sites, is the same people that already understand the globalist plans. The beauty of being on a youtube, or twitter is that you could present your views to anyone that might take the time to view it. If you’re all herded into a few “protected” alternative sites, then the word isn’t getting spread. The Main Stream will continue to dominate with their lies.
The globalists will NOT take this loss laying down. They got over confident and let Trump slip through the cracks. Now they’ll double their efforts. I mentioned to you all that I was getting involved in Short Wave Radio, since that is the only way to communicate effectively if they do a clamp down on the internet.
Let me leave you with this thought. It’s not a pleasant one. We’ve all pondered what would happen if an EMP attack took place. We’ve all thought of the “grid going down” and what would happen. Well, consider this....
The other day I came home and my computer was doing an “automatic update”. It basically told me you can’t stop this, and it’s going to do it without your help.  That got me thinking... what if inside all these window’s 10’s they made us buy there was a “hidden kill switch”, where one day all your computers locked down automatically. How would you communicate? Many of us couldn’t do business. The Nation would grind to a halt in hours.

 I don’t know why it didn’t dawn on me before, I guess I was looking at the “big stuff” like EMPs and what have you as a true horror show. But with the flick of a switch, if they could shut down all operating systems.... Wow. 

And all we’d have....is the stupid main stream media blaring out of our TV’s, “telling” us what to do.  I know, pretty dramatic... but wow, what a wake up call. You see the evidence... you see facebook, google, Youtube and twitter. Am I to think they don’t have more tricks up their sleeve?  I’m hoping they don’t, but fearful they do.  As I said last Monday... This isn’t over.  How sad.
The Market...

After the insane blistering run up of last week, some air has leaked out of the balloon and we’ve had a pause to digest some of it. The question always boils down to....is the run over, or is it just a pause? Well for that, the only thing we can do is look at data and charts.

For a few days I was telling my “insiders” members that 2172 was an important level to get through. Well, yesterday they banged on it and banged on it but it wouldn’t budge. Then in the afternoon it squeaked through and powered up to our “next” level, which was 2180. 
Today we opened sort of soggy and it was my guess that as long as they held us above that magic 2172 level, we’ll be okay. Well we ended at 2176, well in the clear.
Okay so what’s next? It’s my guess that we see them try and push us higher once again. If the S&P can get past 2180, then there’s a free shot at trying to surpass the all time closing high of 2190.  I think they want it. Who’s they? Wall street and the financial boys. As banks are scrambling to amass more and more reserves, they like the idea of a tall market, it helps cushion the cross party collateral that is written against equities.
As we go forward however, one of just two things have to happen. Earnings and economic activity have to rise to the point that the market becomes “fairly priced”  OR... stocks eventually have to come down. For the past week they’ve been siding with the idea that Trump Tax cuts, infrastructure rebuilding and better trade deals will give companies the way to improve their bottom lines. But there’s been some really goofy reactions to this.
DRYS is a bankrupt shipping company that was like 90% shorted. Just 6 sessions ago it was 4 bucks. This morning it hit 102.  That’s not a misprint folks. The shorts started to cover and it snowballed on the idea that somehow everything’s going to be wonderful.  That’s.... not logical.
But for right now we’re in the seasonally strongest time of the year, we’ve got a lot of momentum and optimism, so I can see one last hurrah higher.   Enjoy the run, because...I don’t suppose it’s going to last much more than year end...if that.  

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