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12.7.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

The Wars of 2017
They’re everywhere, but most don’t see them. As I’m writing this, there are countless wars being raged around the world. But not all wars are the same. Generally when you think of war, you picture GI Joe with his rifle charging towards an enemy whom also has his weapon drawn. You think of bombs and tanks and jets screaming overhead.  But there are other forms of war, it simply isn’t recognized as such.

For a few years now, we’ve commented about the war on cash. I think I first wrote about it back in maybe 2010, and at the time I said that there was no immediate danger, but as time goes on, the elites will indeed continue to try and force everyone into a digital world. A world where your every move is traced, where your every purchase is tracked, where your taxes will be yanked out of your account automatically.
The Scandinavian nations have come a long way toward a cashless society. In May, the reserve bank of Denmark announced plans to stop printing paper money and minting coins by the end of 2016. The Danish government also drafted a law that would allow gas stations, restaurants, and small shops to refuse to accept cash as payment. A recent MasterCard analysis identified Denmark, Belgium, France, Sweden, Iceland, Singapore, and Canada as being well on their way to going completely cashless.
These changes have been happening gradually enough that Americans either haven’t noticed, or have embraced them as progressive and convenient. Most consumers, who are already effectively living in a cashless economy, don’t seem worried.  But they should take a look at India and the hell it’s causing there.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday urged the nation's small traders and daily wage earners to embrace digital payment channels, as a cash crunch following the government's surprise ban on high-value bank notes drags on.  Modi, speaking in his monthly address on national radio, said the government understands that millions have been affected by the ban on 500-rupee and 1000-rupees notes, but defended the action.
"I want to tell my small merchant brothers and sisters, this is the chance for you to enter the digital world," Modi said speaking in Hindi, urging them to use mobile banking applications and credit-card swipe machines.
"It's correct that a 100 percent cashless society is not possible. But why don't we make a beginning for a less-cash society in India?," Modi said. "We can gradually move from a less-cash society to a cashless society."
The fallout from Modi’s move to take large notes ( 500 and 1000 Rupees) out of circulation has caused intense pain for the Indian people. Folks have lined up at ATM’s for hours and hours to get the smaller bills, since once the new year comes around, the large denomination bills will be “worthless”. You have to exchange them now.  People have really been jacked around over this.
Not only does a cashless society help them track every aspect of your life, it also forces you into their world of banking. If you want to buy something you have to have your digital money. Every single transaction will come with a transaction “fee”. Not only that, but where you store your digital money will help them force negative interest rates on you if they wish. Let’s say you turn in all your paper money for digital money at the bank. They are “storing” it for you like a bitcoin wallet. Then one day they say...we’re no longer paying an interest rate on this. In fact, you have to pay us for the privilege of storing your digital money with us.
Worse however, as the people who look at digital money as the mark of the beast...think how easy it would be for them to force you into compliance for any scheme they want. If you don’t go along with it, they simply turn off your digital money supply.  This is truly frightening stuff.
This is coming here. I have no idea if under a Trump presidency, he and the Republicans are going to try and stop it or not. But one thing is certain, the elites HATE the idea of us being “free” to buy and sell things without them knowing it. They hate the idea of not knowing every single thing about your life.  So there is most certainly a war on cash being waged and that war is going to end up on the shores of the US in time. There have already been trial balloons about doing away with the 100 dollar bill.  I suggest we fight back.
Next up is the war on freedom of speech. Once the elites realized that it was the alternative media that was really the reason that Hillary lost, and that the peon’s no longer had to listen to their main stream media BS... they have gone all out to try and shut down anything that isn’t “approved” news. How many times in the last few weeks have you heard the words “fake news?”  Quite a few. The old line media, owned by just 6 Corporations have an agenda about what you should see, hear and believe.
This is a very dangerous war folks. They are advancing the idea that you should get your news ONLY from them. They have put up a list of 200 or so web sites that they say are pushing Russian propaganda and fake news. Names like Drudge report, Alex Jones info wars, etc. etc. is on that list and you can bet they want them shut down. The EU has asked Facebook and twitter to shut down censor a list of so called “fake news”.  Russian propaganda? Prove it. They’re fulla crap and everyone knows it.
Recently the House passed bill HR6393. Inside that bill they talk about “propaganda” and the ways they’re going to sniff it out and stop it. Folks, I’m not being an alarmist here, but “they” don’t like the idea that you can use the Internet and find the truth about things. It disrupts their little globalism games. So, first in October we gave up control of the Internet. Now they’re in full court press mode to embarrass and erase websites and authors that publish things that go against their grain.  Anything that they don’t like will be listed as “fake, conspiracy, tin foil hat” stuff.
Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and youtube have all announced plans to monitor for “fake” news and delete it. Well who decides what’s fake?? They do. And thus, hundreds of twitter accounts and you tube video’s have already been scrubbed. Many more will come.  They want to shut you up, keep you in the dark. Oh sure they don’t mind if you’re on Facebook showing the world what an awesome breakfast you just made, or some other such worthless drivel. But go on there with a full explanation about the real how’s and why’s about Benghazi and you’re flagged.
2017 is going to be a year of warfare. The war on cash will continue, the war on freedom of speech will continue. The war against ISIS is going to go into hyper drive. There’s going to be social wars, shooting wars and let’s all just pray there’s no nuclear wars.
As much as Donald Trump might want to make America Great Again, there’s a long long list of globalist elites that will fight him tooth and nail on every step of the way. They’re not going to give up what they’ve been working on for years just because some guy with funny hair got the lumps all fired up about being great again.  Yes folks, 2017 has the looks of a very interesting year.
The Market....
Last week, the S&P drifted from a high of 2213 all the way down to 2191 for the close Friday.  Starting Monday of this week, the market started bouncing back, with a close of 2204 on Monday, and a close of 2212 on Tuesday.  But that was nothing at all compared to today.
My theory was that the resistance at 2213 might hold for a day or two as a ceiling. HA!! It held them up for the first hour of the day and then about the time Europe was closing...up we went. How up? 297 DOW points and 29 S&P’s.  It was incredible.
Once again it didn’t matter that the non farm payroll report stunk. It didn’t matter that the Italian vote went “NO” which ultimately could lead to the break up of the EU. It didn’t matter that in just one week, we’re going to see the Fed’s hike interest rates for the second time in 10 years.  Nothing matters.
But let me make something painfully clear to you all. The pundits try to make the market seem like the all seeing, all knowing Wizard of Oz. If you talk to a Wall Street hack, they tell you the market "looks forward" and prices in things 6 - 12 months ahead.  Well that's all fine talk. But let me ask this... In November of 2007 the S&P and the DOW put in fresh all time highs.  Five Months later it was down 2000 DOW points.  Just 10 months after that “All time high”  Lehman Brothers went Bankrupt resulting in a fall to 6600.  So, the forward looking market, which they credit for knowing all things...didn't see a fall from 14K to 6K.
My point of course is that while this run up is breathtaking and fun and being in it feels good, the wheels could easily come off of this thing. I’m not trying to be a Debbie Downer here folks. I do not know how far this can go and yes you want to be in it.  But don’t throw caution to the wind.
Tomorrow the ECB meets to discuss their economic policy. Will Draghi extend their QE program out several more months? Was today’s action because “someone knows” that he’s not going to taper the QE in March and is instead going to keep pouring it on? Maybe. What if he doesn’t? Or worse, what if he suggests that QE has to end?  Then next Wednesday we’re going to see our second rate hike in 10 years. Is that truly baked in the cake already? 
This is quite the interesting market folks. It is way out over its ski’s, and it wouldn’t take much of a hiccup to yank it sharply lower. There’s no more overhead resistance, so how far it runs from here is anyone’s guess. But the last remaining sane brain cell I have says we will probably be somewhat red tomorrow no matter what Draghi does.  Buy the rumor and sell the news comes to mind.  Wow what a crazy time. 

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