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12.14.2016- Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

They Won’t Stop
As I talked about recently, the Elites found out quite brutally that just because they own the Main Stream Media, they thought they could dictate their version of the truth to people... it was the alternative media that took down Hillary. People aren’t stupid, they realize when they’re being conned and during the Hillary campaign, it was readily apparent to folks that there’s one set of laws for the elites and another set for us “common folk”.
Realizing that the power of the Internet, and what amounts to a few billion “on the spot” reporters via facebook, twitter, you-tube, insta-gram, etc.... was now so big that they can’t fool the masses with their main stream propaganda, the war against free speech is now in full bloom.

This frightens me to the core. For a month now, a lot of the alternative news sites have been branded “fake” news and now Uncle Sam is setting up a department to sift through and determine what is “fake” and what is not. This is straight out of the Marxist handbook folks. When the elite filter what you can hear, you get the main Stream media. You get their agenda. You get their view on what is real and what is not.
Below is a guest article from my friend Doug Gibbs. He wrote this about a week ago, before the news broke of Uncle Sam’s new department of truth. But you’ll find it quite accurate anyway......
Desperate Leftism To Restrict Freedom of Speech
By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host
Brexit. The Election of Donald Trump. Italy's defeat of Renzi's political mess - forcing him to resign. Is Germany next? France?
We the People, which goes way beyond Americans seeking liberty, are challenging the leftist socialist plans of the world elites, and so they have issued an edict. It's time to strangle free speech. Political Correctness, control of the media, and hate speech laws are not enough. It is time to shut up the opposition so that the people cannot do any more damage.
"The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism." -- Karl Marx
Now, according to Reuters, in response to the dictates issued by the leftist ruling class, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft will intensify their efforts to remove “extreme content” from their websites by creating a common database.
To make it seem okay to the public, they are calling the move a simple targeting of terrorism and fake news.
What is "extreme content"?
Whatever the elites say it is. They have the power of creating definitions. They have been telling us what is or isn't constitutional since we can remember, they have been telling us what the definition of marriage is, and they have been dictating through pluralism and relativism the definitions of right and wrong, or the lack of a definition in the first place, thereof. They tell you that the invading hordes of Islam are not invading, but are poor misplaced refugees, and we believe them even as the terrorists turned refugees shoot up our cities and neighborhoods, rape and molest our women and children, and slowly move the West towards accepting sharia law.
Reuters, now, says that real news will be assigned digital fingerprints, and any "fake news" will be blackballed, and removed in a manner that makes McCarthyism seem tame and friendly.
The social media will be devoid of what they define as being non-conforming ideas and speech. The public discussion will talk about the things they want us to talk about in a manner they want us to talk about it, or the public discussion will not happen at all.
Any offensive material that negatively portrays or impacts their control of their subjects, the serfs, which means individuals in the mainstream of society who previously believed they were allowed to exercise free will and make their own decisions, will be eliminated. Not allowed. You are entitled to free speech as long as your speech agrees with them.
We already know that the leftist establishment is lying to us, as is their media accomplices.
But don't worry, they are trying to protect us from terrorism. . . or at least that's the stated ruse.
“We hope this collaboration will lead to greater efficiency as we continue to enforce our policies to help curb the pressing global issue of terrorist content online.”
What is truly their definition of terrorist content? Could the terrorists be the Bible-thumping, gun-toting conservatives who believe in the true rule of law and limited government as put forth by the principles and philosophies of the United States Constitution?
In the end it is all simply censorship, masked by illusions, smoke and mirrors, and various other smokescreens. The truth has become a radical idea, and a danger to the plans of the leftist establishment. They fabricate everything, and seek to silence all opposition. As with a magician, you are not allowed to see the truth. Sleight of hand and misdirection is the order of the day. The truth is out there, but you are not allowed to see it, recognize it, or talk about it. And if you do? You will be censored.
But, the uninformed public will be fine with it, because for all they know, what the conservatives do is nothing more than fake news. Then, they will turn back to the real fake news on their devices, orchestrated by an establishment more powerful than they could possibly imagine.
Scary times folks...
The Market...
Okay so today was Fed day. Today wrapped up a two day FOMC meeting and they were to tell us if we were to get the second rate hike in TEN years. Coming into this day, the market has put on an incredible show. Since the election, we have made “all time new highs” 17 times. We were closing in on DOW 20K.
It has been my guess for months that they would indeed hike rates by a quarter point. Don’t forget according to these so called wizards of finance, they were going to hike rates 4 times in 2016. Then it was just 2. Then.. it was “maybe”. Well my guess was that just to save face, they’d do one.

So, we got it. For only the second time in 10 years the Fed's hiked interest rates by a quarter of one percent. That means their median target for rates is 0.50 - 0.75 percent. In the statement they say they think there will be 3 more hikes in 2017 ( take that with a grain of salt, they predicted 4 for 2016) and that job growth is solid. They say the economy is expanding at a moderate pace.

I think you could have canned that statement from any of the last 20 Fed statements. The immediate reaction was for the market to jump up to new all time highs. Then the air came out and we fell quite a ways.  This is pretty normal "knee jerk" movement after a meeting like this. It would be interesting to see how they were going to react to Yellen's Q&A.

So, yellen made her live statement and then took questions. I found it interesting how many times she mentioned being "non political", since she knows Trump isn't her best buddy.  The S&P was up 6, down 10 ...up and down like the proverbial yo-yo since the initial statement.

So the question is... is the top in? Are we looking at the age old buy the rumor/sell the news?  We could be, but as I've mentioned a few times, this rally was so overdone, so ahead of itself, that I tend to think they will try for the last hurrah instead of selling us out.

Don't get me wrong, we don't deserve to be flirting with DOW 20K...not at all. We are simply thinking that they will still want their DOW 20K hat.
After Yellen’s Q&A period, the market was in a foul mood. While they were perfectly ready for the rate hike....they knew that was coming. What they weren’t ready for was the “hawkish” tone she held during the entire Q&A. She made the case that the FOMC was going to move forward with hikes at a moderate pace, and she also said that she might even have to hike MORE if Trumps policies really get the market moving. THAT was the nail in the coffin. When she said that, the S&P plunged down almost 20 points.
We bounced hard, with the DOW moving from - 162 to down just 45. The S&P bounced from - 20 to down just 7. But then in the last half hour of trading the air came out once more and when the bell rang, we lost 117 on the DOW and 19 on the S&P.

I didn’t sell out on this. My hunch is that tomorrow we might another attempt at getting the points back. But trust me on this one... today we came within about 35 points of DOW 20K, and if we get to it tomorrow, I might just take my gains off the table. This market is so terribly stretched that it makes no sense. The only reason we could go higher is the fact that MANY funds didn’t get into the Trump rally and they might just try and jump on this dip, so that they look smart to their investors....like they were in the whole thing.

Whether it’s tomorrow, or January 20th or what have you, the bottom line is that in the not too far future, we’ll probably be taking on shorts instead of hunting longs. Take care all!

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