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2.12.2017 -Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Get This Today! Really.
Okay folks. I mentioned on Wednesday that for only the second time ever I might offer up a lifetime subscription again, for just 600 bucks. Well,  I got just the right amount of feedback.  I AM going to do this. 

Now please understand something. This deal ends up costing me money. By the time we're a few years down the road, administration and Bulk Email costs catch up. But that's okay.  As I said, I see things coming down the road that might put people in a position where they can't afford to stay with us, and I don't want that to happen.  I want to be able to communicate with you all for years, because as I stated, we are RIGHT NOW in the single most important times of our lives.  And if things don't work out right, there's going to be hell to pay.

This isn't Drama, this isn't fear porn.  I mentioned to you all that I'm going to release a letter to my members in the near future, and it is going to be epic.  It's going to be way way too long, but in it I'm going to explain a lot of the things that the average person has NO idea about. I'm going to discuss the real things happening at the highest levels. The clash between the establishment, and a group that's been selected to try and stop their globalist agenda.  Brexit was no fluke. The rise of Marine Lepen in France is no fluke. Donald Trump was no fluke. But that's just the tip of a very large iceberg.
The next 4 years determines if the US starts a return to "normalcy" or if the Globalists have finally conquered us. See all these protests in the streets over Trump or anyone that supports him? Do you think that's organic? Do you think a bunch of idiot college kids taking "social studies" just happened to turn militant? That's a plan that's been in place for many years.  Notice the Muslim invasion of Europe? Do you really think they're refugee's? And if so, why are they refugee's? Are we bombing their homelands to make democracy flourish, or are WE creating the opportunity to HAVE refugee's to spread across the globe??  Interesting question, eh?
Anyway, back to the deal. I don't mean to sound harsh, but as I said, this will end up costing me money in the long run, so there are rules involved.  IF you are not already a monthly or yearly member, Please remember this... there will be no refunds. No cancellations. It's 600 bucks and you get my Insiders Club until I croak.  However there will NOT be anyone calling up 2 years from now saying they want to cancel, and get a credit. Sorry, won't happen.  Most don't understand why we have a no refund policy. The answer is this: We sell information. We can't get it back.  In our history we've seen many many times when someone would sign up for the Insiders Club because we had mentioned in the free letter we'd be putting out a big play. They'd sign up, get the play and then cancel back out.  No thanks, that's a sand box I will not play in.
I know that sounds harsh, but the fact is that I have to make specific plans with the subscription money wherein I'm budgeting for possibly 20+ years of publishing to you.  Refunds don't make it.
The biggest question someone might have if they've never been a member is "How do I know if this is right for me?"  You don't.  I understand that. The only thing you can do is think about the free newsletters. In the free investing newsletters, we usually talk "big picture" items. In the actual Insiders Club we mainly talk about the day to day of the markets.   So let me set that stage for you...
Every day we start the day off with a premarket outlook on things. We talk about economic releases, Government reports, the stock futures, etc.  We talk about what stocks we're carrying and what stops we might have on them. We often put out a list of stocks on our "radar". We might talk about a particular sector that we're looking at such as materials, or the semi-conductors and why.  Here's a couple lines out of a pre market morning update from a week or so ago...

So what happens now? Often after a breakout, the market surges a bit the next day, but then pulls back and "tests" the breakout. In other words DOW 20K was resistance, now they'll see if it can function as support. So I would expect that at some point we fade back a bit and see if 20K is going to hold.
In the here and now, we've come into the morning carrying a few short term positions....
200 NVDA at 106.47 Stop at 106.50
200 INTC at 37.37 Stop at Entry
100 DIAs at 198.41
200 SCCO at 35.84
We don't trade the first hour. We let the market go through its gyrations and then settle down. At about 10:40 we put out our next update. In that we'll talk about exact entry levels we see in the stocks we're looking at. We'll talk about what the market did in that first hour, what sectors were getting inflows, etc.  It might look something like this...

The morning went pretty much by the script, and we're seeing the DOW up 38 and the S&P up 3. It feels like they're willing to move it higher, and we always like to enter a stock in a flat to rising market. However the volume is still bothering me.
So what can we buy in this sluggish market? I think AMD is in play.
AMD over 12.45 would work for me.
And so on and so forth......
Then in the afternoon, usually around 2 we put out one more, which is an accumulation of anything we've bought, sold, where the market is, etc.  We do this every day, Monday - Friday. It's pretty diverse. We might talk about gold and silver. We might talk about the ETF's. We might talk about 401K's. We might talk about longer term holds. We might talk about an options play. 
It's all about trying our best to help you guys make money and/or save the money you have.

Is that for you? Only you know. But judging by the amount of current members that replied that they "definitely want in on that,  Bob!", it works for many. We've been doing it since 1994. We launched IY in 1997. Until I did the first lifetime deal when Sandy screwed up all our folks on the East Coast, we had subscribers that had been with us 16, 17 years. ( they hopped on the lifer deal) 
One note... If you buy a lifetime membership and down the road you think it would serve someone else that you know better, we do allow you to end your membership and gift the balance of it to someone else.

Oh and final note on this... I've been doing this for a long long time and have absolute intentions to do it until I croak. But of course you do risk that I get hit by a bus, or fall off a cliff or what have you. I hope not to, but hey... it's always possible. Unless I'm physically or mentally unable to, I will run IY and the Insiders Club.  It's what I do.

So that's it folks. Take advantage of this now. This will be like the last time, I am only keeping this offer up for about 10 days or so, and then it's gone. And again, that's not sales pressure. When I closed it in 2011 it was closed. Period. Until now. So if you want a real bargain,  sign up now. It will go away.
Over the last two publications, I have been talking about the push for a cashless society. Well, I got an Email from someone that I know for a fact has "inside baseball" information. I asked if he'd allow me to publish it and after a bit of "cleaning up, and taking out some names" he said yes.  So check this out...
You are over the target.  Be careful. 
 Google Sam Pitroda. Sam has held several key positions in the India Government and is the "Bill Gates" of India.  His previous positions included Advisor to the Prime Minister of India.  He ran the Public Information Infrastructure and Innovations Government of India. Brilliant man. He and Mehul Desai started C-SAM, Inc. which was headquartered in Oakbrook, Illinois.  It was sold to MasterCard.  C-SAM has a patent on the "MoMobile Wallet.  Check it out.  Any 16 digit transfer  of money via your mobile phone.  That sound like credit cards to you?
 Reportedly, C-SAM licensed their technology to most of the large banks around the world.  C-SAM also has participated as an advisor to the Federal Reserve for some time regarding secure mobile payment and money transfer.  In addition to banks, C-SAM has licensed their technology to major retailers.  By the way, these licenses are in the $$$ millions plus lifetime royalty on each transaction.  See where this is going?
 The C-SAM patent allows for totally secure Near Field Communications (NFC)  transactions.  NFC is a close proximity transfer technology that is in all of the latest cell phones.  Apple came out with it about 2 years ago and use it on their Apple Pay. Over 90% of the NFC chips are produced by NXP, a Dutch semiconductor manufacturer that now controls over 90% of the cellphone secure identification technology. 
 NXP contracted with all of the Carriers in the U.S. 5 years ago to provide this technology. The Carriers tried to corner the market and allowed no one (including the retailers) to access this secure technology that is on the phone without a contract that provided TRANSACTION REVENUE for the Carrier.  T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon invested over $3B into this venture and named it ISIS.  Not kidding. It later changed its name to Softcard for obvious reasons. It no longer exists.  Estimates now exceed $4B down the drain. Google bought their technology.
 Bottom line - All of the retailers have installed the check-out technology to use the phone to make a secure payment or they are in the final process of launching.  The Carriers are all in line with the technology, the manufacturers are all on board with the NFC technology.  The software for merchants, banks, carriers and the U.S. government is ready to launch. 
 Adoption rate has been slow because of the greed of these groups thinking they would corner the market. Merchants failed with a top 30 consortium. None of the retailers wanted to share information in order to develop a standard transaction platform.  The Carriers failed because they have never been successful with anything outside of voice and data.  They had poor implementation of their own software and the last thing a retailer wanted was to have another mouth to feed in the payment transaction process.
 Now the government will not have any of these problems.  Think about it; social security payment, payroll, food stamps (SNAP), welfare payments, FEMA assistance, Aide to foreign citizens in the U.S. and the list goes on.  All of these will be launching a new and improved delivery of Cash to the recipient's cellphone.  .  Incentives for the adoption of this new and exciting program.  The recipients can then walk up to an ATM and get cash OR spend it at the merchants right from their phone and have a record of the transactions OR their approved family member can get restricted access anywhere in the world.  Think about that one for a few seconds (Remittance). Each transaction has a fee associated with it.  More for remittance and less for FEMA assistance. The government creates revenue streams 24x7x365 and absolutely no paperwork, no social workers, no check printing, no bank reporting (they are the bank), no mailing, no case workers.  Just look at the success of the Obama phone.
 The adoption rate will determine the when they pull the plug on cash.  Can't see it taking more than a few years. Most millennials use credit cards or debit cards.  Over 50% of the population of the U,S. does not have a bank account today and remittance payment fees in place today by private companies is outrageously high, so the immigrants would change to the government App in less than a week. They would love to pay 5% for a secure payment back home.
 Yes, you are most certainly over the target.
There you have it folks.  There's only two reasons for this push for cashless. Tracking/Control of you and Trillions of dollars.  Who'da thunk it?
The Market...

For more than a month you'd hear me say the same old tired line. "my theory was that we'd get to DOW 20K ( we did) we'd struggle with it a bit ( we did) but they'd ultimately push us higher into one last orgasmic hurrah rush higher".  Well, we seem to be in orgasmo land as we speak.
On Thursday,  two things happened. One was that Trump announced he was going to unveil a "tremendous" tax plan in two weeks.  But more importantly ( I think) the Fed head Bullard made a headline by stating "shrinking the balance sheet may allow Policy space for future QE".  Well there it was, the holy grail of a manipulated market. The possibility of future QE. From the moment of his statement the market started to rise. And it just didn't stop. Not even Friday.
We busted back over DOW 20K on Thursday and Friday they simply poured on another 100.  We ended at 20,269.  Wowsa. So is it perfect? NOPE. We're still just getting less than decent volume on this push. When you cross a major milestone like DOW 20K the SPY shouldn't be trading 65 million shares like it did Friday. Remember the day after Trump was elected?  We did 265 Million shares that day. Now that is a confirmation volume. 65 mill is... not everyone's on board with this.
Yet up is up and you need to be in it to win it.  Let me tell you something, this two day romp wasn't nearly as easy to latch onto as you'd think. Many stocks would pop in the morning and then fade off. Most of the moves were coming on stocks announcing earnings, popping for 5, 6 even 7 dollars and then flatlining the rest of the session.  As I mentioned in my final update of the day, I lamented about the fact that in a 100 point up market, somehow I had managed to be in the 4 stocks that didn't want to participate in the rally.
But it was like that all over.  I was messaged by a very good trader late in the session... this is what he had to say "never seen so many 1 - 2 day wonders ever, it's all over the place. it's tough man, a lot of them are following the same patterns yours are"  meaning you get in them, they run for a bit and then fade back to flat.
IF this is my vaunted last hurrah run up, they'd best get some real participation working soon. Or this is going to peter out pretty quickly and roll over. I thought very hard about selling off my 4 open short term positions and coming into Monday empty and see where to look. I opted to hold over the weekend and see if they bring us a gap up Monday. I hope that wasn't stupid.
Have a great Sunday, and once again... if you want the lifer deal, please move fast. Once I close it, it will be gone, possibly for ever.

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