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2.22.2017 Records Galore! Bookmark

So this week we're talking about the incredible, unstoppable bubble that is indeed our stock market. People want to know if it's safe to buy in at these levels, and that's a great discussion. So, our free investment newsletter this week is about that very topic. What do you do with your 401K at a time like this? What do you do if you're sitting on some cash and watching the market run away?  

Are we overbought? Unmercifully. Even some of the grand old masters like Art Cashin has stated we're fabulously overbought. Only to become more overbought the next day. It's times like this that truly "try" you. As Benjamin Graham observed decades ago, "Speculators often prosper through ignorance; it is a cliche that in a roaring bull market, knowledge is superfluous and experience is a handicap. But the typical experience of the speculator is one of temporary profit and ultimate loss."


That's right. If you're fat, dumb and happy and just went with the flow, you're doing very well. If you looked at the fundamentals, the overvaluations, the spreads, the lousy earnings... you'd be smart, and you'd be sitting on your hands as the market keeps moving higher.   So, take a peek at this Wednesday's free investing newsletter, it's posted on the site now. 

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