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4.8.2017 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

NOTE>>>Things are moving really quickly. I wrote the following piece at 5 PM Thursday, just about 6 hours before the US sent Tomahawk missiles into Syria. Naturally a lot has changed since then. But instead of scrubbing this article, I think for those who only get to see the Main Stream Media’s views on things, this might be worth reading. At the end of this piece, I go on to offer a couple ideas about what might be going on from here out.
On Wednesday I posted an article in which I said that we were probably going to war with N. Korea and fairly soon. I laid out all the how’s and why’s I thought that true....and I still do. But then this Syria thing happened and this gets really deep.

It is very hard to condense the entire Syria thing down to a newsletter length article, but let’s give a reader’s digest attempt.
The US has been on a government toppling agenda for years.  We toppled Gadhafi in Libya, and turned Libya into a cess pool. What was his offense? He had developed the most advanced nation on the African continent, and then decided he’d sell his oil in Euro’s and Gold instead of dollars.  That’s a big no-no. Then it was Saddam’s turn. Although there were NO weapons of mass destruction, that didn’t stop the Neocon’s the warmongers and the media from telling us he did.
We ruined that country and of course, we offed him. Although Saddam was not a nice guy, he had kept something of the peace there for years, and like Gadhafi decided to sell his oil for Euro’s.  Nope, that’s a no-no.  Then we fomented a coup in Ukraine and installed a puppet President.
Next up was Syria and Assad. Obama sought congressional approval to go in and take out the Syrian army forces but was rejected. Whilst the UK parliament voted 285 to 272 not to attack Syria as Prime Minister David Cameron had wanted to do.
With no luck in removing the Syrian government an offshoot of al Qaeda was created called ISIS and moved into Syria to fight against Assad. To which we now know that ISIS was created as a proxy army to do the bidding for where the west was unable to go in overtly. So what’s the issue with Assad anyway? Like always, at the end of the day the reasons always are the same: money, geopolitics, sphere of influence and control.
Syria supports Iran, Iran and Russia supports Syria and it undermines US dominance in the region. Another reason why the US wants Assad to be gone is a gas pipeline from the Gulf States to the Europe, which Assad is opposed to.

But then the big one again....Syria switched the primary hard currency it uses for foreign goods and services from the US dollar to the euro. But we couldn’t just go in and blow him up, no...we needed to fund someone to do it. Thus was born ISIS.
This is why ISIS is in Syria. It was created by the US, funded by Saudi Arabia and supported by Turkey. ISIS is basically a pet raised by the US, which had gone out of control. If the US would have chosen to eliminate ISIS for good it would take 30 days to do so, tops. But they are not inclined to do it because ISIS fights Assad in Syria, which the US wants to be removed. That's why when Russia showed up to help Assad, they started beating the hell out of ISIS in the region. Something the US couldn't do in 2 years.
So what’s the US stance on why he has to go?  The normal ones...Abuse of human rights and claims of genocide. Were there political uprisings in Syria? Certainly. Was there really the barrel bombs, and the Genocide that the West says Assad’s Government was using? Not according to the people that lived there. Just the separatists that wanted to overthrow him.
Then in 2013 there was evidence of Chemical weapons used against civilians. Instantly Assad was blamed, and we had all that business about crossing red lines, etc.  But soon enough it became evident that Assad didn’t do it. Not a single shred of proof was exposed. Despite Kerry laying out a very detailed story about how Assad’s military used the gas, here’s what the famously left wing Washington Post had to say...

While unusually detailed, the assessment does not include photographs, recordings or other hard evidence to support its claims. Nor does it offer proof to back up the administration’s assertion that top-ranking Syrian officials - possibly including President Bashar al-Assad - were complicit in the attack.

Do enough digging on Alternative news sites and you’ll find that the Rebels themselves did this dirty deed, and made it look like Syrian forces did it. It worked, the world bought it.
Now we’ve got the SAME replay going on.  We are being told that Assad has once again used Chemical weapons. But think about this for a minute. REALLY THINK.  Just 10 days back the US changed its tune about Assad. Instead of ASSAD MUST GO... The word out of the Trump admin was that it was up to the Syrian people if they want to keep Assad. He didn’t have to go.
So 1) Assad hears the best news he’s heard in 7 years... the US wasn’t going to force him out. Then 2) ISIS is on its last legs. They’re very close to closing the show on ISIS in Syria.   Are you to tell me that with both of those positives, Assad is going to throw that all in the dump and let loose chemicals? Something he knows would put the entire world against him??  Really? 
Okay, so on the surface that makes NO sense. But it’s worse than that. Where did they get the chemicals? According to Our own John Kerry they didn’t have any. Take a look...
"We struck a deal where we got 100 percent of the chemical weapons out," Kerry said.
In this fact-check, we decided to take a closer look at that claim about Syria. That country’s civil war dominated the foreign policy debate last summer and the use of shells loaded with chemical agents galvanized the international response. With key help from Russia, Syria agreed to rid itself of all chemical weapons by the end of June 2014.
It was an ambitious goal, particularly in the middle of a civil war. And in large measure, it was met.
The U.S. State Department pointed us to this statement from Ahmet Üzümcü, director general of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, the United Nations body in charge of inspections and disposal. On June 24, 2014, Üzümcü declared a major benchmark had been cleared.
"The last of the remaining chemicals identified for removal from Syria were loaded this afternoon aboard the Danish ship Ark Futura," Üzümcü said.
So problem one with this is that according to the UN... Syria has no chemical weapons. Are there more problems?  You bet.
The first people on the scene were the “white helmets”.  Who are they? Well according to themselves they are impartial, non-Governmental organization campaigning for Syrians. But despite the name, the white helmets weren’t created in Syria. Interesting. In fact the founder, is part of British military. That’s odd enough but it gets way worse. You only find these people in Rebel held areas.
There’s video I’m going to share with you, where known “White helmet” members are shouting Allah Akbar with ISIS troops. Yet these same WH’s are the ones that produced the “movies” taken concerning the so called chemical attacks. Oh and wait, somehow this helmet group got full hazmat suits a month before the attack and British gas masks, 3 days before. 
Wait it gets better. Watch the clips of the dead children and the people supposedly hosing them off. Sarin is so deadly it gets in right through your skin. But they aren’t wearing gloves or even masks as they wipe down the bodies. Then look at the bodies. Poisoning by chemical is a horrible thing. But it doesn’t cause blunt force trauma, something these kids appear to have. Many look beaten up.

Here’s a short video about these “White Helmet” people.  PLEASE WATCH.

So you tell me...Do you really believe Assad did this? I don’t. In fact one of the few people in Government that I actually like, Doctor Ron Paul has said it best...”no way Assad did this”.  I agree Doc, completely.
Has Trump been sold a line of fake BS, that Assad gassed his own people, and because Trump is hearing it from his own State dept. it “must” be true and we’re going to war?  Looks like it. 
My only hope here is that he’s smart enough to know that this is an in your face false flag, and was simply using the Bravado talk to establish himself as strong for the world stage. Especially since he was meeting with Chinese leader Xi. By having Tillerson and Trump talk tough about possible military action in Syria, it would be a display of “strength” to the visiting Chinese President. But that’s my only hope.   Continue to pray for calmer heads folks. We’re going to need them.

NOTE>>> I signed off this letter at 7 pm Thursday night, BEFORE the missile strikes. Naturally everything has changed and we did go in. But I think I’ll put out a couple more video’s for you all to see why the idea of Assad gassing his own folks is nuts.
Here’s the Former Brittish Ambassador to Syria....he thinks the whole damn thing is  “fake news”

Here’s one from Syriana Analysis, suggesting the same and then some...

Okay, now it’s Friday. We’ve launched missiles into Syria.  What happens now? Boy that’s a good question. First we have to ask about Trump and Tillerson.
There’s only a few ways this makes sense. One is that the “deep state” has presented Trump and the State dept with a bogus claim of proof that Assad did this, and both Tillerson and Trump were hoodwinked into this. The Neocons have wanted a big hot shooting war for 3 years now....could they have fabricated enough “fake proof” to con Trump into war?  Could be, I guess.  If it isn’t that, then what else could be in play here?
Trump could be a war hawk and lied to the American people about not wanting to be involved in wars overseas just to get elected. Maybe he knows this attack is a false flag, but is using it to roll out his military agenda. If so, that’s pretty scumy. But....

What if Trump and Tillerson know it’s baloney, but decided to play a political game of chess? Trumps ratings are puking. The left will NOT let up on the ridiculous claims that he’s a Putin agent. Here’s one take on it from an anonymous source..... The neoconservatives have been trying to politically assassinate Trump. They are supposed to be all excited and think they’ve won. Trump has just defeated them and pulled their “Trumps a traitor, he’s Putin’s puppet rug out from under them.”
 How much longer can McCain and Rubio credibly continue their stupid Russia investigation? Trump has wiped out Assad’s chemical attack debts phony or not by taking out a few planes so Assad is now safe from the neocons. Plus now Tillerson and Putin can get work done in Moscow next week because the public sees Team Trump as tough on Putin.  Before this everything would have been seen as traitorous. China also got proof that Trumps threats about North Korea are credible.
I am NOT trying to kiss Trump butt here. When I woke up Friday am, I was pretty mad. But when I sit back and think through the whole event, I am thinking that maybe, just maybe this wasn’t as bad as I feared. What did he really do? Other than falsely blaming Assad for gassing his people, which I find deplorable? But maybe in the big scheme...it’s not that bad.  Consider this...

He called the Russians and told them he was coming in to blow up an airfield. They cleared the area. It wasn’t a civilian out post, it wasn’t a Syrian army barracks. It was for all intents a deserted air base.  In doing so, instantly Rubio, McCaine and even the liberal media is now saying he’s acting Presidential and he did the right thing. All they care about is seeing bombs fall, they don’t care where.
Instantly it does put a dent in the “he’s a Russian agent/putin puppet” Meme. Next, it shows China that indeed he’s not bluffing about North Korea, and they’d best do something about that nut.  
So politically, even if he knows Assad didn’t do it, he comes out looking good. But now is when it gets “real”. As long as we don’t do another thing....I tend to think this calms down. The Russians have already dissolved the agreement they had with the US to not shoot down missiles/planes and drones over Syria. Which means if we are stupid enough to do another attack, Russia’s S400 batteries will shoot them down and then we’re in a war with our nuclear neighbors.  That’s bad.
However, if we don’t do anything else, and Tillerson meets with Putin next week, chances are good that tensions de-escalate. And  WHAT IF...over time enough real evidence comes out to show it was indeed the Rebels behind the gas...what’s the damage? Right now just some pot holes in an old air strip. Assad could even be proven innocent and end up staying.
I’m hoping Trump hasn’t given into the war lords. I'm hoping he wasn't lying to us all about not wanting to meddle in other nations.  I’m hoping he wasn’t duped into this by his own military intelligence. I’m hoping they used this fake attack  to make a statement of strength, without doing too much real harm.   That’s a lot of hoping and I’m not convinced of anything yet. All I do know is that the world is in a very dangerous place right this second, and mistakes happen.
Let us Pray. 

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