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3.21.2018 - Free Investment Newsletter Bookmark

Unspoil Me
There are things that make me go “Hmmmm?” and then there’s things that make me go “What the Hell???” This is one of them.
This world gets creepier all the time. Not just the weird perversions, not the “deep state” and their machinations, not just the elitist agenda for the world. No, it’s deeper than that. You’ve got Satanists, you’ve got weird sects, you’ve got all manner of strange things.
Well, I have another one for you to chalk up to “pretty weird”. First off, let’s start off with this:
One of the best selling gadgets is Alexa from amazon. I’m sure you’re familiar with it, it’s a little gadget that you can ask questions to, and it answers you. It is capable of voice interaction, music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, and providing weather, traffic, and other real-time information, such as news. Alexa can also control several smart devices using itself as a home automation system. Users can extend the Alexa capabilities by installing "skills" (additional functionality developed by third-party vendors, in other settings more commonly called apps).
Okay, so that right there is a bit too much “weird” for an old dinosaur like me. Having some “thing” connected back to Amazon, or Google, listening in on virtually everything you say, is just not my idea of privacy. Not to mention the fact that Alexa has been reported at times to burst out into laughter. Now how creepy is that?
But wait this is going to get better. Remember a few years back, Samsung was getting blasted because their new line of smart TV’s actually had microphones in them that were sending your living room conversations back to the company and sold to third parties? Yes that happened. In fact, there’s more to that story.
In 2015, Samsung drew criticism for its always-on voice detection privacy policy that stated, "Please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party." Most Samsung smart TVs require users to press a microphone button before using voice commands, but the mic is always listening on models like the PN60F8500, which have voice recognition ("Hi TV"), as well as a built-in microphone and camera.
Speaking of creepy, right? But here’s the real kick, they weren’t doing this on their own. Let’s see this from CNBC in late 2015:
Today's WikiLeaks release revealed that Samsung smart TV owners are particularly vulnerable to spying. Newly published documents detail a program called "Weeping Angel," an attack designed by the CIA and United Kingdom's MI5/BTSS that makes Samsung smart TVs look like they're turned off when, in fact, they're not.
Take note of that folks. The CIA was working with Samsung on that program, and when asked about it, they said they’d never use it to spy on American’s. Then they said that Samsung TV’s are sold all over the world and there’s bad people everywhere. ( yeah, right, cough cough)
Okay, so we have a history of the CIA spying on people through Samsung TV’s, and we have all this crap going on about Facebook releasing the personal data on about 50 million people. We have Alexa “listening” to the spoken word in your home. Could it get any stranger?
Yep. Enter Samsung again. They have a new program called “unspoil” me. The way they’re selling it is this: Suppose you have a favorite TV show you really liked, but because you know how it ends, it’s just not as great as seeing it the first time. Okay, no problem. You can now go to their website, and they will hypnotize you and REMOVE the memory of that show’s ending. Then you can watch the movie as if you’ve never seen it before. They’re calling it “Unspoil Me”. ( kind of an eerie name to start with I’d say)
I kid you not. When I first heard of this a couple weeks back, I figured it had to be a hoax, but apparently it is not. Here’s a paragraph from their website:
How does the hypnosis work?
You decide what TV series you’d like to forget. Then you’ll be guided through self hypnosis in a digital audio experience, led by a certified hypnotist.
The experience lasts for about 23 minutes and has to be experienced
without interruption in order to work. Therefore, we recommend you to use headphones and make sure you’re in a place where you won't be disturbed.
Once you’ve completed the hypnosis it’s recommended that you get one
night's sleep, before you watch you favorite TV series for the first time again.
In order for your brain to integrate the hypnosis with the rest of your body.

Then there's a disclaimer that reads:
I’m over 18 years old, aware that the hypnosis can have real effect, I’m mentally healthy and approve the terms and conditions.
You can find the web site here:

Creepy has hit a new high. This outfit, that’s worked with the CIA in the past, wants to crawl around in your head and help you “forget” things? Are you kidding me? They say it will only remove what you want to remove, like a TV show or a movie. Yeah. Right. You bet.
I can think of a lot of things that they might want you to forget. Non -Nefarious things such as your religious bent, or your political bent. What other “memories” can you think of that “someone” might want to erase from your head?? I can think of many.
This might just be an over reaction by me. It could be. But something tells me that there’s more to this than just wanting to let you see TV shows as if they’re new to you. Maybe I’m just an old conspiracy nut. Maybe. You decide.
The Market:
Today was Fed day. Yes, today was the day we were to hear the decision about rate hikes from the FOMC meeting. But more important was what the new FOMC chairman Mr. Powell had to say about hikes going forward. See, the market was braced for 3 hikes this year, they feared he might mention 4.
We got the decision at 2 pm and it was a hike of 25 basis points, a quarter of one percent. On that release the DOW surged about 235 points for a while. But then it faded back down and as Powell began his question and answers, the DOW and the S&P went red by a bit.
As he was wrapping up, the indexes went soaring again, with the DOW up 125 and the S&P up 11. But that didn’t hold and we cruised into the close red across the board. The DOW down 44, the S&P down 5 and the NASDAQ down 19.
Pure Chop, and that’s exactly what we told our paying members we were going to see. We suggested that the best play would be no play, as up and down wicked movement would be normal. We got just that.
But I also told them that we probably won’t know where the market is really heading until late Thursday. The reason is because tomorrow am, we might open blood red, but then they shake it all off and pile back in and send up up a couple hundred points. Or... we might pop higher out of the box tomorrow am, only to see it all evaporate and we go red. (er) So just like today, tomorrow’s safest play is probably going to be to be cautious. The market has NO trend right now. It’s floundering around, desperate.
I will say this again. In any normal market, my call would be really easy. I’d say the top was in, and we’re headed lower. The hang up is that this is NOT a normal market. It all changed when the Central banks decided to buy stocks for their balance sheets. Hell, the Swiss National bank is actually proud of the 90 billion in stocks they own and suggested they might buy more.
Central banks print money. One moment “no money” the next moment “a billion money’s” You can move stock markets when you can just print money and buy real assets. So, while this market is cooked, done, ready to roll over, it could soar to new all time highs.
How sad is that? Very sad folks. I hate it. But that’s just the reality of it all. If the CB’s don’t want to let the market fall, it will not fall. But, if they’re “okay” with trying to let it fall, but in a manageable fashion, then we could be in for a long period of sideways and down. Slow is key.
I think that they would be okay with a lower market, if it doesn’t spiral out of control. If they think they can manage it lower, they’ll let it. But they’ll be quick to prop it up if it starts sliding too fast.

Right this second, I don’t know what they want, but as of the close today, we’re more like looking lower than we are higher. However that could change in a heartbeat. Or a money print if you get my drift.
It will be interesting to see what they do. Have a great evening folks.

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