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Our free letter goes out to several thousands of folks. We’ve been putting it out for free, going on 22 years now. Between the people that simply like to read the letter, and those that take the next step and become a “paying” member to our daily stock and options updates, I’ve become very good friends with several subscribers.



Recently my Mom, who’s 89, had to go into the hospital for a leg infection. When I got her out, the change in her was almost unbelievable. The gal I put in there, could scoot around the house with her walker, go get the mail, make her lunch, cook dinner, and basically be 100% self-reliant.


The woman that came home, couldn’t do anything. She couldn’t stand, she couldn’t walk, she couldn’t dress herself, nothing. Despite having wound care nurses and Physical therapists visiting the house, it wasn’t working. The consensus was that by being immobilized for 7 days, and not “scooting around” had atrophied her muscles, and degraded her already compromised breathing.  She needed to be in rehab.


So, Late Friday a spot opened in what I think is the best rehab in town, and I got her logged in. She’s to stay there from 12 – 15 days and exercise 3 hours per day, and try and get back to her “old self”.  I’m quite hopeful it will happen.


As I was relating this saga both in the “Insiders Club”  ( our pay for market service) and Wednesday night in the free newsletter,  I was humbled by the number of well wishes that came in. People I’d never met were “Praying for your mom to be healed”.  One person, I’ll call Joe, wrote in and said “Bob, I’ve been enjoying your letters for several years and your mom’s story sounded much like what I went through with my dad. I just donated 50 bucks via your paypal link. When your mom gets better, use that to take her to lunch on me!’ 


Thanks “Joe” and thank you all who have taken the time to express well wishes.


What these last 5 days did for me however, was truly open my eyes to the amount of “work” it takes to care for someone that’s truly disabled.  You know how it goes, the way things are, is the way you figure it’s going to be. So, for years it was just common knowledge that “Mom” was always going to be fiercely independent and able to take care of herself. Uhm, wrong. And let me tell you something, if you’re in a situation where one day you might be your parents’ caretaker, get prepared NOW.


I was not prepared. While “of course” we knew that as she’s tickling 90, she’d constantly be slowing down, and that “one day” we’d need to step in and help her considerably more, the speed of her degradation, was mind numbing.


For instance, in December she was still driving. She actually got approved by her doctors and the State of FL, in late December to continue to operate a vehicle.  While she decided on her own, to give up driving in January because she was having trouble “really feeling the pedals” (  a bit of neuropathy) she was still crazy active. Bingo 3 times a week, trips to Beal’s store, and Walmart, etc.


Sure over the years she went from straight walking to using a cane, and then a “walker” but there was NO outright signals that “hey, we’d best line up wheel chairs, and other equipment”.  She simply didn’t need any of it. (Yet)


But after just 7 days in the hospital, she went from total independence to absolute dependence. I wasn’t prepared for that. I didn’t have a Wheel chair, so I pulled her around in one of the kitchen chairs that has wheels. With no ability to get herself up and go to the bathroom at night, “Depends” and waterproof bedcovers were necessary.  It only took me one 24 hour cycle to realize that we needed “stuff” in a hurry.


The nurses and physical therapy gals, worked quickly to arrange getting her into a rehab, and she was “accepted” on Thursday, but there was no room available. So, from Monday afternoon when I got her from the hospital, to Friday afternoon when there was a spot at rehab for her, I was pretty much the 24 hour a day on call nurse. 


I’m just laying this out there for you all. Some of you have gone through this and some of you “will” be going through it. But that stretch from Mon – Friday was some of the hardest “work” I’ve done in a long time. Even a “little old lady” gets pretty heavy when you’re holding her up with one arm, while sponging her clean with the other.


If any of you have a parent ( or two) in a similar situation, where they appear fine, but age is working against you, please do a better job of planning than I did. Locate a wheel chair and store it somewhere. You’ll need it one day. Make sure to put up grab bars in the shower, LONG before you need them. Get some mattress protectors and store them up. Make a list of the med’s he/she might take, and know which one she gets, when and where they are.


I feel pretty confident that a couple weeks in this particular rehab is going to get her back to “close” to her old self. I had seen pretty good improvement in her, just by what I was doing with her. But my eyes are now open, and I know that no matter how good she is when I get her back, there’s more of this sort of thing in my future.  One day she might need an assisted living, and I’ll start working on that now. But I figure any amount of time we can give her in her own house, is time well spent. I’ll be prepared this time.


Again, I want to thank all of you for such nice prayers and well wishes. With all the “crap” that goes on in this world, it’s so nice to see some people still wonderful.


The Market:


It’s September. While the biggest crashes have hit in October, history shows us that it’s September that often is the worst month of the year. Is this September going to break the mold? It could, but if it does, it’s probably not for the right reasons.


3 Sessions ago, the S&P put in a new all-time high. Then it faded off a bit and we’re about 15 points off that high.  Was that just the pause that refreshes, or are they getting ready for a September swoon?  It’s hard to say, but we were/are a bit over bought in here.


With earnings basically over, and a Fed rate hike coming at us, it makes “sense” that we could see a bit of backing and filling coming at us. If we add in the tariffs, and any of a dozen other “ill” playing with us, I could see them taking a break in here.


On Friday, knowing I had another big day with mom coming up in the afternoon, I did go ahead and make one change. I had come into the day with 100 IWM and  200 CELG in the short term account. Seeing CELG open so nicely, I decided to sell half that position, picking up 2.50 a share in profit. I left the other half in play.


Now that Mom’s in rehab for the coming week, I’ll be more aggressive in the market, but I won’t be shy about selling things if it looks like they’re going to put in a profit taking fade.  Just remember that the market is closed for the Labor day holiday.


Please enjoy your holiday folks. I hope you spend it with friends and family and have a wonderful time!

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